Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones


…if this life is constantly ending, then it’s constantly beginning

From the author of Daniel Fights a Hurricane and Light Boxes, Crystal Eaters is another dark and deeply metaphorical tale that explores death, fear, obsession, and the consequences of modernity.  In an unnamed village on the outskirts of a metropolis, the inhabitants believe that life is be measured by the number of “crystals” one possesses.  Born with 100, crystals diminish over time through aging, illness, and injury.  Obsessed with a finding a way to increase their crystal count and extend life, the villagers consume crystal rocks that are locally mined.

They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes – and some are crystals believed to be more valuable than others.  Red and yellow are most common, but some believe in the existence of black crystals – the most rare and powerful crystal of all, which may contain the ability to raise one’s internal crystal count.  At the center of this curious backdrop is Remy, a young girl with a very sick mother, a depressed father, and an incarcerated older brother.

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