5 Books to Deter Your Gluttonous Tendencies This Holiday Season


The Holidays are supposed to be a time of Thanksgiving, gratefulness, quiet reflection, and family fun, but sometimes it feels like the Holiday season has been overtaken by gluttony.  Think about it: We want more food, more presents, more parties, and more shopping.  More more more!!  Need proof?  Just keep in mind that Black Friday shopping now begins on Thanksgiving Day.  So if your family members are absent from the dinner table this Thanksgiving, they might be trampling old ladies down at the Wal Mart for a chance to get that new HDTV for 90% off.

It’s true.  There are some amazing Black Friday deals out there, but there are also some amazing moments with friends and family that are being sacrificed in the name of gluttony.  So this season, before you reach for that 5th turkey leg and before your eyes glaze over with visions of coupons and bargains in your head, let’s remember that gluttony comes in many forms, and it isn’t just for the dinner table.  But if you need a few reminders along the way, here are 5 books to deter your gluttonous tendencies:

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