5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Literary Couples


Valentine’s Day is a very controversial time of year.  Some revel in the romance and sensuality, and others are disgusted by everything that Valentine’s Day represents.  If you’re like most people, you fall somewhere in between, and while you’re probably not purchasing an outrageously expensive gift for your significant other, you may still want to celebrate with a modest, meaningful gift.  Well Typographical Era is here to help!  If your Valentine is a book lover, consider these literary gift ideas before you purchase that heart-shaped box of chocolates.  Ok… maybe consider these as an accompaniment to that chocolate box.  You will make the bibliophile in your life very happy!

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4 Books to Help You Understand Anxiety


Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in life.  Whether it be sleepless nights, sweaty palms, or a full-blown panic attack, anxiety is a powerful emotion with far-reaching roots.  But while many people can successfully manage it with pharmaceuticals, prayer, or a day at the spa, for others, anxiety can be a constant threat to one’s mental and physical well-being.  And because there are so many different ways to experience anxiety (fear, paranoia, depression, physical pain, hysteria), there’s no simple technique for chronic sufferers.  So to illustrate the vast spectrum of anxiety that people may encounter, here are 4 books to help you understand the complexities of the condition.

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