The First Bad Man by Miranda July


I keep getting born to the wrong people

Miranda July has always been unapologetic in her exploration of the human spirit and psyche.  Her characters are both tender and urgent in their search for truth, importance, and intimacy within one another, yet the scenery is always slightly askew.  Maybe we’re looking into the story through a macro lens, or maybe it’s some sort of utopia that we don’t recognize.  Either way, there is something inherently unique about Miranda July, and her work has resonated with the literary and film communities for over a decade.

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New in Translation: February 2015


According to the Visual Guide to Translated Fiction there are 41 new works being published in February. If you want to check out the full list go here, and then click on February. I can’t possibly talk about all 41 in one sitting, but as always I’ll spend a bit of time below taking a closer look at the titles that I’m most looking forward to getting lost in over the next 28 days.

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Happy are the Happy by Yasmina Reza


Clap Your Hands

It’s odd talking about happiness as if it’s somehow this attainable thing always just beyond our reach when the truth is, as soon as we finally realize that one burning desire that we’ve carried for so long, the moment of actual enjoyment is a fleeting one, and then another goal quickly rises to the surface to take it’s place. We’re forever chasing what we think will make us happy, but when that person, that thing, that job, that object of our endless yearning, finally becomes our ours?  We’re never quite satisfied by it, not completely.

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