5 Truly Awful Book Covers


We know that you should never judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest.  Everyone does it.

Having really great jacket art can make or break a book when it comes time to market it to potential readers.  Right or wrong, it’s the first thing that they’ll see when they pick up the book.  Does it look professional?  Is it appealing to the eye?  Does it properly represent the contents of the story contained within?  Does it make you want to read the book?

Having an awful book cover can spell certain doom, but often times they come about purely by accident.  Surely someone had those questions above in mind when they designed it, no?  At one point they must have convinced themselves that it was a great idea.

Sometimes a bad one can be so bad that it actually becomes good.  Well, maybe we shouldn’t go quite that far, but they are certainly worth the laughs involved.  We’ll let these speak for themselves.  Wait, no we won’t.  We couldn’t resist captioning them.  Enjoy!

A_Girl_Named_Helen_KellerBeing deaf, dumb, and blind is NOT a valid excuse for inappropriate touching…or is it?

File_M_For_MurderKitty has just discovered what Marcellus Wallace keeps in his man bag.

God_Is_aIn_The_PancakesGot lazy eye?  Albino pancakes make the best patches! Plus they smell really great and make a tasty snack.

Satan_BurgerWhere’s the beef?!  Never mind, here it comes…


The_Clan_Of_The_Mancats_Book_OneThundercats, HO!

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