Our Cheat Sheet to the 2015 Oscar Nominees


The 2015 Oscar nominees have been revealed!

Earlier today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 60 nominees for the 87th annual academy awards ceremony that will take place on Sunday, February 22th. Don’t miss a single film! Below for your viewing pleasure we’ve taken the time to rejigger their list to sort in alphabetical order by movie title, with nomination information and film descriptions for each. We’re also providing a downloadable PDF version if you’d like a handy, printable paper copy that you use to track what you’ve seen and mark up with your own notes. Congratulations to all of the nominees!

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Introducing the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction

Introducing the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Literature

Anyone who reads this site knows one thing: around here we love translated literature. Whether it’s our Typographical Translation Preview highlighting the best books that you need to get your hands on, our (now) monthly New in Translation series showcasing the latest in translated fiction, our shelves dedicated to calling attention to reviews of translated literature, or the Typographical Translation Award, where you get to tell us what the best translation of the year was—we’re always looking for new ways to publicize the amazing wealth of world literature out there just waiting to be enjoyed. Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest effort to promote the awareness and discovery of translated fiction: The 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction.

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Giveaway!: Predicting the Best Translated Book Award Shortlist


ABOUT: The 2014 Best Translated Book Award shortlist will be announced on Tuesday, April 15 and we want to know which 10 books YOU think will be on it.

The person who predicts the highest number of correct books that appear on the list will be crowned our winner and will receive one free translation from 2013 of their choice, in any available format, courtesy of us.  In addition they’ll also earn super translation nerd bragging rights. That part should go without saying really. Read on for all the specifics.

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Giveaway!: A Fairy Tale by Jonas T. Bengtsson


WINNER: Congratulations to Joy!  Please contact us with your shipping information and we’ll get the book out to you ASAP!

ABOUT: We’ve got one copy of Jonas T. Bengtsson’s English language debut (published by Other Press) to pass along to a lucky winner:

It’s 1986, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme has just been assassinated, and a young boy and his father are on the move again.  As the two of them travel from Sweden to the outskirts of Denmark and into the heart of Copenhagen, the boy receives an unconventional education from his anarchistic father, intended to reverse the teachings he received from of his own father, a small-town preacher.  The pair’s adventure takes a shockingly dark turn when the father’s political beliefs manifest in a horrifying act of violence.  Ten years later, bearing a false name, working a monotonous job, and left without his father to guide him, the boy struggles to adjust to life in the modern world and make the transition into adulthood. At an inimitable crossroads, the boy is forced to confront unanswered questions about his father’s murky past and come to terms with the painful facts of his family’s history in order to make his own way forward.

You can read our review of the novel by clicking here.

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Giveaway!: Pillar of Salt by Salvador Novo


WINNERS: Congratulations to our three winners, Marla Cividin Taylor, Patricia Sheppard Franz,Jen @ The Well Read Fish.  Please contact us with your shipping information ASAP and we’ll make sure your copy gets to you!

ABOUT: Our friends from the University of Texas Press have provided us with three copies of their newly published translation of Salvador Novo’s autobiography Pillar of Salt.  Novo is an under-appreciated 20th century Mexican writer who is probably best known for his satirical fares, War of the Fatties. The autobiography tells the story of his tragic childhood during the Mexican revolution, his embattled life as an openly gay man in early 20th century Mexico, and of his eventual triumph as a public intellectual and leader of the Mexican avante garde. He has been compared favorably to the Cuban poet, memoirist, and revolutionary, Reinaldo Arenas. 

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