Our Cheat Sheet to the 2015 Oscar Nominees


The 2015 Oscar nominees have been revealed!

Earlier today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 60 nominees for the 87th annual academy awards ceremony that will take place on Sunday, February 22th. Don’t miss a single film! Below for your viewing pleasure we’ve taken the time to rejigger their list to sort in alphabetical order by movie title, with nomination information and film descriptions for each. We’re also providing a downloadable PDF version if you’d like a handy, printable paper copy that you use to track what you’ve seen and mark up with your own notes. Congratulations to all of the nominees!

American Sniper
Nominated for:
Actor in a Leading Role (Bradley Cooper)
Best Picture (Clint Eastwood, Robert Lorenz, Andrew Lazar, Bradley Cooper and Peter Morgan)
Film Editing (Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach)
Sound Editing (Alan Robert Murray and Bub Asman)
Sound Mixing (John Reitz, Gregg Rudloff and Walt Martin)
Writing—Adapted Screenplay (Written by Jason Hall)
Already skilled with a rifle before he joins the Navy SEALS and departs for Iraq, Chris Kyle becomes one of the most skilled snipers in U.S. military history. As he rotates through four tours of duty, however, Kyle must deal with the high levels of stress and the toll on his personal life that are an unavoidable part of his harrowing work.

Nominated for:
Short Film—Live Action (Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis)
A young woman waiting at an airport has an unexpected encounter with an arriving passenger.

Begin Again
Nominated for:
Music—Original Song (Lost Stars; Music and Lyric by Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois)
On the day Dan is fired from the company he helped create, the music industry executive seeks solace in a New York bar where Greta, an English songwriter, is performing one of her songs. Recognizing her talent, Dan tries to persuade the wary young woman, who has recently had her heart broken by her musician boyfriend, to let him manage her career.

Beyond the Lights
Nominated for:
Music—Original Song (Grateful; Music and Lyric by Diane Warren)
Pushed toward success from early childhood by her ambitious mother, British singer Noni appears on the verge of a breakthrough success with the release of her first album. Behind the glamorous image that those around her promote, however, is an emotionally fragile young woman battling suicidal despair.

The Bigger Picture
Nominated for:
Short Film—Animated (Daisy Jacobs and Christopher Hees)
Tensions arise between two brothers as their elderly mother requires more care.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
Nominated for:
Actor in a Leading Role (Michael Keaton)
Actor in a Supporting Role (Edward Norton)
Actress in a Supporting Role (Emma Stone)
Best Picture (Alejandro G. Iñárritu, John Lesher and James W. Skotchdopole)
Cinematography (Emmanuel)
Directing (Alejandro G. Iñárritu)
Sound Editing (Martin Hernández and Aaron Glascock)
Sound Mixing (Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montaño and Thomas Varga)
Writing—Original Screenplay (Written by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr. & Armando Bo)
Best known to the public as Birdman, the superhero he once played in a series of films, Riggan Thomson hopes to reestablish himself as a serious actor by mounting his own dramatic production on Broadway. With his self-doubt hindering the project, Thomson also finds himself threatened by the presence of a high-profile, egotistical movie star in his cast.

Big Hero 6
Nominated for:
Animated Feature Film (Don Hall, Chris Williams and Roy Conli)
Fourteen-year-old science prodigy Hiro spends his time developing fighting robots for underground competitions until his older brother introduces him to an eccentric group of young inventors. When the talented misfits band together to fight a dangerous villain, they gain an unlikely ally: a gentle healthcare bot named Baymax.

Boogaloo and Graham
Nominated for:
Short Film—Live Action (Michael Lennox and Ronan Blaney)
Jamesy and Malachy are presented with two baby chicks to raise by their soft-hearted father.

The Boxtrolls
Nominated for:
Animated Feature Film (Anthony Stacchi, Graham Annable and Travis Knight)
In the city of Cheesebridge, a community of shy trolls lives in hiding, emerging only at night to scavenge anything the humans have left outdoors. When they take a human baby and raise him as one of their own, his disappearance gives ammunition to the sinister Archibald Snatcher, who plans to advance his position in the town by eradicating the trolls.

Nominated for:
Actor in a Supporting Role (Ethan Hawke)
Actress in a Supporting Role (Patricia Arquette)
Best Picture (Richard Linklater and Cathleen Sutherland)
Directing (Richard Linklater)
Film Editing (Sandra Adair)
Writing—Original Screenplay (Written by Richard Linklater)
Over the course of 12 years, a young boy named Mason experiences the joys and difficulties of childhood. The child of divorced parents, both of whom are facing their own set of challenges, Mason, along with his sister Samantha, learns to navigate through a world in which the strengths and frailties of the adults around him have a profound impact on his own life.

Butter Lamp (La Lampe au Beurre de Yak)
Nominated for:
Short Film—Live Action (Hu Wei and Julien Féret)
A photographer and his assistant photograph the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Nominated for:
Visual Effects (Dan DeLeeuw, Russell Earl, Bryan Grill and Dan Sudick)
Steve Rogers, better known as the powerful super-soldier Captain America, finds himself facing a dangerous threat close to home: a U.S.-developed secret weapons system known as Project Insight. Alarmed by the weapon’s ability to identify potential threats before they develop, S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury calls Rogers in to investigate.

Nominated for:
Documentary Feature (Laura Poitras, Mathilde Bonnefoy and Dirk Wilutzky)
In 2013, computer analyst Edward Snowden leaked classified documents he had obtained from the National Security Agency detailing the extent of government surveillance of U.S. citizens. After going into hiding to avoid extradition and arrest, Snowden himself became a news story that threatened to eclipse the implications of the information he had revealed.

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1
Nominated for:
Documentary Short Subject (Ellen Goosenberg Kent and Dana Perry)
Each month, the Veterans Crisis Line receives over 22,000 calls from military veterans, who account for 20% of all suicides in the U.S. each year.

The Dam Keeper
Nominated for:
Short Film—Animated (Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi)
A lonely little pig in charge of maintaining the town dam is cruelly bullied by his classmates.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Nominated for:
Visual Effects (Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, Daniel Barrett and Erik Winquist)
With most of the population wiped out by the virulent simian flu, a few remaining bands of humans live in harsh circumstances and uneasy proximity to the apes who are now the planet’s leading species. In an effort to restore electricity to their community, husband and wife Malcolm and Ellie attempt to negotiate with primate leader Caesar, but individuals on both sides oppose any efforts at peaceful coexistence.

Nominated for:
Short Film—Animated (Patrick and Kristina Reed)
The story of the relationship between a young man and the stray puppy he takes in is told through the food the dog receives.

Finding Vivian Maier
Nominated for:
Documentary Feature (John Maloof and Charlie Siskel)
Throughout her life, photographer Vivian Maier worked as a nanny and kept her photographs hidden from the world. After acquiring thousands of her negatives in an auction, John Maloof set out to discover more about the enigmatic woman whose affinity for outsiders and the disenfranchised is reflected in her work.

Nominated for:
Actor in a Leading Role (Steve Carell)
Actor in a Supporting Role (Mark Ruffalo)
Directing (Bennett Miller)
Makeup and Hairstyling (Bill Corso and Dennis Liddiard)
Writing—Original Screenplay (Written by E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman)
As John du Pont, Steve Carell plays an eccentric millionaire who invites an Olympic wrestler to live and train at his estate.

Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me
Nominated for:
Music—Original Song (I’m Not Gonna Miss You; Music and Lyric by Glen Campbell and Julian Raymond)
Prior to the start of his 2011 tour, the family of country singing legend Glen Campbell announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Although his memory and comprehension were deteriorating quickly, Campbell was still able to perform, and the joy it seemed to bring him led his family to decide that the tour would go forward.

Gone Girl
Nominated for:
Actress in a Leading Role (Rosamund Pike)
Rosamund Pike plays Amy Dunne, a young wife whose disappearance causes suspicion to fall on her husband.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Nominated for:
Best Picture (Wes Anderson, Scott Rudin, Steven Rales and Jeremy Dawson)
Cinematography (Robert Yeoman)
Costume Design (Milena Canonero)
Directing (Wes Anderson)
Film Editing (Barney Pilling)
Makeup and Hairstyling (Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier)
Music—Original Score (Alexandre Desplat)
Production Design (Adam Stockhausen (Production Design); Anna Pinnock (Set Decoration))
Writing—Original Screenplay (Screenplay by Wes Anderson; Story by Wes Anderson & Hugo Guinness)
As the owner of a once-luxurious Alpine hotel relates its history to a visiting writer, he describes his youth as a lobby boy at the Grand Budapest, where he was the protégé of the hotel’s concierge, Monsieur Gustave. Gustave runs the five-star establishment with panache and an iron fist, while also offering his services as a lover to the older, wealthy women guests.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Nominated for:
Makeup and Hairstyling (Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou and David White)
Visual Effects (Stephane Ceretti, Nicolas Aithadi, Jonathan Fawkner and Paul Corbould)
Led by the laid-back human Quill, a group of misfit aliens reluctantly bands together to keep a powerful silver orb out of the hands of Ronan the Accuser, a villainous thug determined to use the orb’s power to carry out his deadly plans and destroy the planet Xandar.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Nominated for:
Sound Editing (Brent Burge and Jason Canovas)
As the saga of hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his adventures with the dwarf warriors fighting to reclaim their homeland comes to a close, the defeat of the fearsome dragon Smaug fails to bring the joy and prosperity to Erebor that its captive citizens had anticipated. As the dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield yields to a lust for wealth, warring bands of dwarves and elves seek power for themselves in the wake of the dragon’s demise.

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Nominated for:
Animated Feature Film (Dean DeBlois and Bonnie Arnold)
Viking dragon tamer Hiccup is now a young man, but he retains his longing for new experiences and his bond with his beloved dragon, Toothless. After Hiccup and his girlfriend Astrid uncover a hidden dragon paradise and the secret behind a family tragedy, all the Vikings must band together to protect the dragons against ruthless hunter Drago.

Nominated for:
Cinematography (Lukasz Zal and Ryszard Lenczewski)
Foreign Language Film (Poland; Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski)
A young woman preparing to become a nun is sent from her convent home into the secular world to spend several days with her only relative. The trip will bring Anna into contact with experiences outside her sheltered world, and will lead her to knowledge that may shake her sense of her own identity.

The Imitation Game
Nominated for:
Actor in a Leading Role (Benedict Cumberbatch)
Actress in a Supporting Role (Keira Knightley)
Best Picture (Nora Grossman, Ido Ostrowsky and Teddy Schwarzman)
Directing (Morten Tyldum)
Film Editing (William Goldenberg)
Music—Original Score (Alexandre Desplat)
Production Design (Maria Djurkovic (Production Design); Tatiana Macdonald (Set Decoration))
Writing—Adapted Screenplay (Written by Graham Moore)
As World War II engulfs Europe, a group of English mathematicians are assembled at Bletchley Park to work in secret on cracking the code of a captured German Enigma encryption machine. With England’s fate hanging in the balance, the group’s leader, the brilliant, eccentric Alan Turing, must hide his homosexuality or risk arrest and persecution by the country he is fighting to save.

Inherent Vice
Nominated for:
Costume Design (Mark Bridges)
Writing—Adapted Screenplay (Written for the screen by Paul Thomas Anderson)
Larry “Doc” Sportello, a pot-smoking private eye living in a California beach town in 1970, finds himself pulled into a web of crime and deception when his former girlfriend asks for his help and then disappears. His investigation leads him to the widow of a musician who insists her husband is still alive, a police detective who works as a television extra, and a cocaine-snorting dentist.

Nominated for:
Music—Original Score (Hans Zimmer)
Production Design (Nathan Crowley (Production Design); Gary Fettis (Set Decoration))
Sound Editing (Richard King)
Sound Mixing (Gary A. Rizzo, Gregg Landaker and Mark Weingarten)
Visual Effects (Paul Franklin, Andrew Lockley, Ian Hunter and Scott Fisher)
With the people of Earth facing extinction from famine and drought, NASA launches a secret mission to find another planet that can sustain human life. Former test pilot Cooper, now a farmer raising two children, is recruited for the mission, and accepts against the wishes of his brilliant daughter, who insists that she is receiving poltergeist-like communications telling him not to go.

Into the Woods
Nominated for:
Actress in a Supporting Role (Meryl Streep)
Costume Design (Colleen Atwood)
Production Design (Dennis Gassner (Production Design); Anna Pinnock (Set Decoration))
Meryl Streep plays the Witch, a powerful sorceress who has placed a curse on a baker’s family, yet cares tenderly for the child she once stole and keeps locked in a tower.

Nominated for:
Documentary Short Subject (Aneta Kopacz)
As she faces a terminal illness, the mother of a young son writes a blog in which she tries to leave a record of what she hopes to teach him.

The Judge
Nominated for:
Actor in a Supporting Role (Robert Duvall)
As Joseph Palmer, Robert Duvall plays a self-righteous judge who finds he needs the help of his son, a ruthless defense attorney.

Last Days in Vietnam
Nominated for:
Documentary Feature (Rory Kennedy and Keven McAlester)
As the Vietnam War drew to a close, the U.S. government’s refusal to acknowledge or plan for the approaching final days led to chaos in the last hours of Saigon’s fall. As U.S. personnel and members of the South Vietnamese army were hurriedly evacuated, South Vietnamese citizens who had aided the losing side learned that they would be left behind.

The LEGO Movie
Nominated for:
Music—Original Song (Everything is Awesome; Music and Lyric by Shawn Patterson)
In the town of Bricksburg, the Lego people lead lives of conformity and consumerism, disrupted occasionally by the seemingly random actions of a giant hand from above, known as “the Man Upstairs.” When the powerful Lord Business takes steps to maintain the status quo by making change impossible, the rebellious Wyldstyle enlists the help of a naïve construction worker named Emmet to stop him.

Nominated for:
Foreign Language Film (Russia; Directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev)
On the Kola Peninsula, Kolya and his family find themselves facing the loss of their house and land when the corrupt mayor of their small town lays claim to it through eminent domain. Determined to regain control of his home, Kolya enlists an old friend from Moscow, a lawyer who has his own agenda.

Nominated for:
Costume Design (Anna B. Sheppard and Jane Clive)
Despite the often hostile relationship between humans and magical creatures, a kind young fairy named Maleficent forms a friendship that later turns to love with Stefan, a farm boy who wanders into the woods. Stefan’s desire for power leads him to betray Maleficent, however, prompting her to cast a spiteful curse and incite a war.

Me and My Moulton
Nominated for:
Short Film—Animated (Torill Kove)
Three sisters growing up in an unconventional Norwegian family ask their parents for a bicycle.

Mr. Turner
Nominated for:
Cinematography (Dick Pope)
Costume Design (Jacqueline Durran)
Music—Original Score (Gary Yershon)
Production Design (Suzie Davies (Production Design); Charlotte Watts (Set Decoration))
English painter J.M.W. Turner, whose use of light and color would help lay the groundwork for the Impressionist movement, devotes his life to his work and relies on his father and a series of mistresses to provide for his daily needs. But the iconoclastic artist often finds himself at variance with his fellow painters as his work begins to break with accepted artistic conventions.

Nominated for:
Writing—Original Screenplay (Written by Dan Gilroy)
Louis Bloom haunts the streets of Los Angeles at night, using a police radio scanner to locate unfolding crime scenes, and then selling the footage he records to a local news station. As the demand increases for the violent and exploitative images he captures, the lines that Louis will cross to achieve his ends become increasingly blurred.

Our Curse
Nominated for:
Documentary Short Subject (Tomasz Śliwiński and Maciej Ślesicki)
A mother and father face the difficulties of caring for a baby who has been born with a life-threatening congenital breathing disorder known as Ondine’s curse.

Nominated for:
Short Film—Live Action (Talkhon Hamzavi and Stefan Eichenberger)
An Afghan teenager living in a refugee center in Switzerland encounters difficulties wiring money to her family and asks a young Swiss woman for help.

The Phone Call
Nominated for:
Short Film—Live Action (Mat Kirkby and James Lucas)
A woman working for a crisis center phone line receives a call from a suicidal older man.

The Reaper (La Parka)
Nominated for:
Documentary Short Subject (Gabriel Serra Arguello)
For the past 25 years, Efrain has worked in a slaughterhouse, where he has developed an intimate relationship with both death and what one must sometimes do to live.

The Salt of the Earth
Nominated for:
Documentary Feature (Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and David Rosie)
Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado has traveled the world creating images of great visual beauty from captured moments of human hardship and suffering. Often working in conjunction with Doctors Without Borders, Salgado has turned his lens on many of the modern world’s most desperate and forgotten inhabitants.

Nominated for:
Best Picture (Christian Colson, Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner)
Music—Original Song (Glory; Music and Lyric by John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn)
The life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. is examined through the dramatic events surrounding the historic 1965 freedom marches from Selma to Montgomery. Determined to fight the injustice and discrimination that African Americans continue to face in southern states despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964, King chooses Selma as the starting point for the peaceful protest marches that will focus the world’s attention on the city and its response.

A Single Life
Nominated for:
Short Film—Animated (Joris Oprins)
A mysterious vinyl single gives a young woman the power to move back and forth through the years of her life.

Still Alice
Nominated for:
Actress in a Leading Role (Julianne Moore)
As Alice Howland, Julianne Moore plays a college professor who learns that she is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Song of the Sea
Nominated for:
Animated Feature Film (Tomm Moore and Paul Young)
Saoirse and Ben live with their father, a lighthouse keeper, on a small island. Ben, who blames his sister for their mother’s death, is unaware that Saoirse, like their mother, is a mythical sea creature known as a Selkie and is now the last of her kind.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Nominated for:
Animated Feature Film (Isao Takahata and Yoshiaki Nishimura)
When a bamboo cutter named Okina finds a miniature infant inside a cane stalk, he brings her home to his wife, Ona, and she grows immediately to the size of a human baby. Called Princess by her adoptive parents, the magical child leads an idyllic life until her father finds riches hidden in the forest that he believes are her celestial dowry.

Nominated for:
Foreign Language Film (Estonia; Directed by Zaza Urushadze)
As the Soviet Union collapses, the conflict nears a community of ethnic Estonians living in the province of Abkhazia, many of whom flee in terror. Remaining behind, however, is a carpenter named Ivo, who decides to help his neighbor harvest his tangerine crop before the fighting reaches them.

The Theory of Everything
Nominated for:
Actor in a Leading Role (Eddie Redmayne)
Actress in a Leading Role (Felicity Jones)
Best Picture (Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Lisa Bruce and Anthony McCarten)
Music—Original Score (Jóhann Jóhannsson)
Writing—Adapted Screenplay (Screenplay by Anthony McCarten)
Stephen Hawking is a brilliant Cambridge graduate student when he learns that he has a progressive motor neuron disease and may die within two years. For Jane Wilde, Stephen’s fellow student and future wife, the prognosis represents not a certainty but a challenge that her faith and Stephen’s passionate determination can overcome.

Nominated for:
Foreign Language Film (Mauritania; Directed by Abderrahmane Sissako)
As jihadists arrive in northern Mali in 2012, the peaceful lives of the local inhabitants are shattered by the intolerance and religious demands of the invaders. For cattle farmer Kidane and his wife Satima, the presence of the new regime means choosing between remaining in their home or following their neighbors into exile.

Two Days, One Night
Nominated for:
Actress in a Leading Role (Marion Cotillard)
As Sandra, Marion Cotillard portrays a factory worker who has two days to convince her colleagues to forgo their bonuses so that she can keep her job.

Nominated for:
Cinematography (Roger Deakins)
Sound Editing (Becky Sullivan and Andrew DeCristofaro)
Sound Mixing (Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montaño and David Lee)
Young Louie Zamperini’s talent as a runner takes him to the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but the Second World War cuts short his dream of competing four years later in Tokyo. Joining the fighting as a U.S. Navy bombardier, Zamperini soon finds himself facing hardships that will test the will and determination that have been the driving forces of his earlier life.

Nominated for:
Documentary Feature (Orlando von Einsiedel and Joanna Natasegara)
In eastern Congo, the World Heritage site Virunga National Park serves as the home and ostensible refuge for groups of endangered mountain gorillas. But years of civil war, poachers, tremendous instability in the region and the discovery of oil beneath the park have combined to threaten both the gorillas and the dedicated wildlife conservationists who fight to protect them.

Nominated for:
Actor in a Supporting Role (J.K. Simmons)
Best Picture (Jason Blum, Helen Estabrook and David Lancaster)
Film Editing (Tom Cross)
Sound Mixing (Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins and Thomas Curley)
Writing—Adapted Screenplay (Written by Damien Chazelle)
Andrew is a 19-year-old music conservatory student who is determined to become a great jazz drummer. His talent and fierce passion draw the attention of the school’s most intimidating teacher, Terence Fletcher, who believes that students excel not through praise and encouragement, but through relentless humiliation and fear.

White Earth
Nominated for:
Documentary Short Subject (J. Christian Jensen)
Three children and an immigrant mother face a long and difficult winter in North Dakota, which has attracted many people seeking work during an oil boom.

Nominated for:
Actress in a Leading Role (Reese Witherspoon)
Actress in a Supporting Role (Laura Dern)
Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl, a young woman who attempts to reclaim control of her life by undertaking a thousand-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Wild Tales
Nominated for:
Foreign Language Film (Argentina; Directed by Damián Szifron)
Six tales of revenge play out in a series of unrelated stories that take their characters’ already heightened emotions to outrageous extremes. Murder, violence, betrayal and unchecked rage mark the actions of a wide variety of individuals as they respond to situations that bring out the worst in them.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Nominated for:
Visual Effects (Richard Stammers, Lou Pecora, Tim Crosbie and Cameron Waldbauer)
With the X-Men and their human allies under attack by a government-developed group of robots known as the Sentinels, Professor Xavier and Magneto send Wolverine into the past using Kitty Pryde’s temporal telekinetic powers. His mission is to change the events that took place in 1973 and stop the Sentinel program before it begins.

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