Forbrydelsen Vs. The Killing: Week Five


We’re baaaack!  With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation.  They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.  

Whether  you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable.  Enjoy!

With Rosie finally laid to rest the police intensify their investigation into teacher Bennet Ahmed while Darren Richmond’s campaign suffers yet another setback.

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TerryThis week on The Killing the Larsen family finally said goodbye to Rosie. After the funeral they had people back to their house for a reception and it was there that we learned that something funky is/was going on between Jasper’s father Michael and Mitch’s sister Terry. Terry excitedly smiles at Michael and says “hi” and in return he gives her a quick once over and look in the eye that says “bitch, please!” After taking it out on Belko, Terry retreats to Rosie’s room, puts on a Neko Case record, and sobs to herself as she slowly collapses down the side of the closet door. Good taste in music, bad taste in men?

I’m not sure quite what to think about this development. I thought we were all done with the Jasper/Kris angle. This strange moment between Terry and Jasper’s dad does not occur during the first nine episodes of Forbrydelsen. On the AMC website Terry is described as:

…Mitch’s younger, party girl sister who spends her nights hanging out in bars and clubs. While the Larsens mourn Rosie’s death, Terry picks up the slack around the house, including looking after her two young nephews. Even though she means well, she often says all the wrong things. Terry is close to her sister and knows a hidden side to Mitch: She once wanted a bigger and better life than the one she has now. Terry may have once had aspirations of her own: In the receiving line at Rosie’s wake, her face brightens at the sight of the wealthy Michael Ames, but she becomes crestfallen after he eyes her coldly and walks away.

Rosie has a record player in her room and access to a Super 8 camera. For a teenager, the girl is living one hell of a retro life. Most kids her age would have a smart phone that plays mp3 and records digital video, but not our Rosie.

There’s also still the question of the expensive shoes she had in her closet. Could Jasper’s father, Michael Ames, have given them to her? He certainly seems like a wealthy man. Was Rosie somehow involved with him? Was Terry involved with him in the past? Just how weathy does one have to be in order to afford nice shoes? I guess time will tell.

On the campaign side of things, Jamie’s back at work in the office and Gwen has launched the new ad campaign….there’s just one tiny problem….the new ads feature number one murder suspect and Seattle All-Star teacher Bennet (apparently the proper spelling is with one ‘t’, I apologize for my past mistakes) Ahmed. After learning about this from the school’s principal the campaign quickly pulls the ads. Later, after attending a meeting with Gwen’s father that was arranged by Jamie, Darren Richmond takes part in a live televised debate with the mayor that turns ugly when the mayor reveals that he knows that one of Darren’s Seattle All-Star program teachers is a suspect in Rosie’s death. This series of events meshes well with what took place on the original Forbrydelsen.

Speaking of Bennet, the investigation into his whereabouts the night of Rosie’s disappearance continues with a police canvas of his neighborhood. It turns out that a peeping Tom with a well placed porch and high powered telescope saw Bennet and what could have been his wife moving a small motionless, body-like looking thing into a black car in the dead of night. And then watched as they promptly sped off.

The detectives question Bennet about his whereabouts again and he finally admits that Rosie did turn up at his place, late, after the dance, but he claims that she only wanted to return a book. The police ask him which book it was and he becomes flustered. They ask to see the book and he tells them “not without a search warrant.”

Holder later interviews Bennet’s wife (Amber)’s sister who claims that Amber has recently been fighting with her husband, that the entire family never liked Bennet, and that they hardly see her anymore since the two got married.

Bennet later attends Rosie’s funeral and reception. At the reception Belko tells Stan that his inside man at the school knows that the police are investigating Bennet. Later, when he’s about to call his wife for a ride, Stan offers to give Bennet a ride home instead, and as the episode comes to a close we watch the pair speed by Bennet’s exit on the expressway.

This series of events pretty closely mirrors what happened in the original series, though in Forbrydelsen it was not the wife seen helping Bennet, but a close friend of his. I’ll say no more as to not spoil any upcoming events. Needless to say, at this point, Bennet still looks fairly guilty not only in the eyes of the police, but also Rosie’s father Stan as well.

Speaking of the police, at the beginning of this week’s episode everybody’s favorite pirate/social worker Reggie showed up at the precinct with Jack in tow to badger Sara about getting on that plane and starting her new life in California. Sara ends up bettings Jack $15,000,000 that they will be on a plane out of town that night.  We all know Jack’s gonna be one rich boy.

On Forbrydelsen, they do get on the plane, but they get off before it leaves the runway. I only mention this because the event that pulls them off the plane is Theis (Stan) driving Rama (Bennet) home from the reception. That event is taking place prior to any airport visit on The Killing. So the question is, will something else pull Sara and Jack off the flight, or will they simply miss it because Sara is too busy trying to locate Stan and Bennet.

On the Holder side, we get to see more of his interactions with the mysterious man who gave him a bag of money last week. It looks like the guy is also a cop and may be Holder’s sponsor. He informs Holder that Stan used to work as muscle for the Polish mob years ago and that he may have killed a man. Holder later relays this to Linden, and then of course we’re back to the closing moments as they frantically try to locate Stan and Bennet.

I wish there was more to report/compare on the Forbrydelsen side, but nine episodes in it’s still a little bit further along that it’s American counterpart and they’re aren’t many more differences I can mention without revealing information that could be potentially spoilerific.

What do folks think the deal is with Terry and Jasper’s dad? How does the mayor know about Bennet being a suspect in the police investigation when that information hasn’t yet reached the media?

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