Forbrydelsen Vs. The Killing: Week Nine


We’re baaaack!  With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation.  They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.  

Whether  you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable.  Enjoy!

While still flawed, episode ten of The Killing saw the show turn toward a much better direction.  The American remake of Forbrydelsen continues to separate itself from the original series when it comes to telling the tale of who murdered Rosie / Nanna Larsen.  Read on below as we play our weekly game of spot the differences.

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Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: The episode opens with Stan returning home with bruised and bloody fists to find a worried Mitch in the middle of blowing up his cell phone with yet another frantic voicemail.  One would think that he would have taken the time to clean his hands before getting behind the wheel of his van, especially since it was raining, but apparently not.  Mitch shows him that she found Rosie’s shirt, the one believed to have been found in the room where Aisha was being hidden by Bennet and Mohammad, in their dryer.  Stan looks stunned.  Cut to police headquarters where Linden and Holder learn that Bennet has been rushed to Seattle General and is in critical condition (no update as to the well being of the rock Belko repeatedly punched is given) from injuries sustained during a beating.  They explain to their boss, Lieutenant Oakes, that Bennet is innocent when it comes to the murder of Rosie and that he was hiding a young girl (Aisha) in order to keep her from being mutilated.  They claim they never saw the girl, even though we know they did, presumably so she can successfully flee to Canada where she supposedly has relatives waiting to shelter her.  Later, Linden gets upset about Bennet’s current situation and Holder talks her down, claiming that he was a good suspect, that it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t lied to them from the start, and that he’s not going to lose any sleep over it and neither should she.  It is almost midnight, and the two are just about to leave Linden’s office when they receive a phone call stating the Stan Larson has turned himself in.

Forbrydelsen: In episode nine, Theis (Stan) and Vagn (Belko) kidnap Rama (Bennet) and transport him by van to an abandoned warehouse that the moving company used to use as storage space.  While Theis (Stan) is beating Rama (Bennet) with a lead pipe, Lund (Linden) and additional backup officers begin to arrive.  Hearing police sirens, Theis (Stan) tells Vagn (Belko) to flee and he is able to escape the scene of the crime undetected.  Theis (Stan) has a standoff with the police who are shouting at him to drop the weapon.  He finally complies when Pernille (Mitch) appears on the scene.

The Killing: Linden pays a visit to Councilman Darren Richmond’s apartment.  When he opens the door she apologizes for stopping by so late and claims that his office told her that he had left for the day.  Exactly who is being paid to answer the phones at city hall around midnight?  Seems like a waste of the taxpayers money if you ask me.  Richmond invites Linden in, they drink some scotch, and she explains that Bennet is no longer a suspect, but that he’s also been badly beaten.  Richmond offers her another drink, but she declines and promptly leaves.  Linden then returns to the houseboat where Regi is waiting to confront her about her son Jack.  She tells Linden that when she arrived home earlier she found Jack “and three of his little buds, hanging out alone on the boat, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.”  She goes on to tell Linden that Jack called her a “stupid lesbo.”  Thank you Jack!  I was starting to think that I was the only person who affectionately referred to Regi as a “lesbian pirate.”  Anyway, Linden apologizes and then Regi lays a bunch of guilt on her for not being around, pretending that she didn’t understand the stress of Linden’s job, or the fact that Jack’s father was completely out of the picture before she offered to take them in.  Linden wakes Jack up, packs up their stuff, and moves them into a motel.

Forbrydelsen: Thankfully, there is no Regi character.Instead, Lund (Linden) and Mark (Jack) move in with Lund’s (Linden) mother after her wedding plans fall through.  For her part, Lund’s (Linden) mother is annoyed with the way she chooses to raise Mark (Jack) and at times eludes to the fact that they’re overstaying their welcome and that she’d like her life back.  Mark (Jack) doesn’t drink and smoke in his grandmother’s house.  Instead he skips school, mostly because he’s been put in the awkward position of having said goodbye to all of his friends only to have to return and explain to them all why he hasn’t moved.  As a direct result of skipping school, it’s decided that Mark (Jack) will temporarily move in with his father, who is in the picture, where he can be more closely supervised.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: Richmond holds a press conference bright and early the next morning, stating his intent to reestablish the Seattle All-Stars program that Mayor Adams had shut down as a direct result of the belief that Bennet had something to do with Rosie’s murder.  Thanks to the fact that Richmond always stood by Bennet he’s now seen as a candidate of integrity.  He promises to both clean up the city and help those who have suffered at the hands of vigilantes.  What else does Richmond decide to do now that the polls have swung in his favor?  He wants to propose a 10% funding cut for all city council members.  Gwen and Jamie warn his that he’ll be burning bridges.  He doesn’t care.  He wants to send a message to the members of city council that there will be no more free lunches.  I’m not sure how proposing a pay cut works, but I’m assuming that once proposed it has to go to vote, where it can then be overwhelmingly rejected, which will just serve to end up making him look like an ass for all his trouble, but what do I know?

Forbrydelsen: In episode nine Hartmann’s (Richmond) political party finally turns on him for not distancing himself from Rama (Bennet).  They call for a vote on whether or not to remove him as the party’s candidate in the election.  Before they can take a vote however, Hartmann (Richmond) announces his intent to resign.  Just as he does so, Rie (Gwen) interrupts the meeting to pull Hartmann (Richmond) aside.  She informs him that the police have new evidence that clears Rama (Bennet) as a suspect.  Together they reenter the meeting and inform everyone about the breaking news in the case.  All present agree to cancel the proceedings to remove Hartmann (Richmond) from the campaign.  This is the turning point for Hartmann (Richmond) where he goes on the attack, cleaning house within his own political party by removing those who were against him as well as forcing the resignation of some members of allied parties who were also opposing him.

The Killing: Linden and Holder begin reexamining the evidence as Linden chows down on a bacon maple donut.  They still have the mysterious key (the FBI somehow took every shred of evidence related to the murder with them except this?) as well as the question of how Rosie got home from Bennet’s place on the night of the crime.  Linden tells Holder that she’s called all of the local cab companies to see if anyone picked up a fare near Bennet’s home on the night in question.  Linden then goes to see Stan Larsen in jail where she asks him about his days in the mob and if there’s anyone from his past who may want revenge.  She also asks him if he has a gambling problem.  All we really learn from this conversation is that Stan was the one who placed the 911 call that, for now, saved Bennet’s life.  At the same time this is occurring Holder pays a visit to Belko at work (aka the Larsen’s garage) to ask him a similar set of questions about his mob days.  Belko replies that it was a long time ago and that once Stan rescued him from that life he never looked back.  During the entire exchange Belko keeps one hand hidden in his jacket.  Later, as detective Linden and his family look on, Stan tries to plead guilty in court for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Bennet, but his lawyer overrides him and enters a plea of non guilty on his behalf.

Forbrydelsen: After being arrested, Theis (Stan) meets with a public defender assigned to his case named Lis Gamborg.  Theis (Stan) asks how Rama (Bennet) is doing and he’s told that he will recover and that he will not press charges.  This is good news for Theis (Stan) who agrees to confess to the crime because he wants to put it behind him and return to his family as quickly as possible.  Lis Gamborg tells him that because of the circumstances surrounding what he’s been through with regards to his daughter’s murder that they need to hope for sympathy from the court.  She promises to do what she can to have Theis (Stan) released on bail, however in the end the judge does grant this and Theis (Stan) is forced to remain in custody.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: Whileat the courthouse Linden receives a call that a taxi cab driver remembers picking up Rosie that night.  Really?  Her face has been plastered all over the news for over a week now, but he never bothered to come forward?  Nice guy.  Anyway, he claims that he dropped Rosie off at her home that night at 10:37 P.M. and even has a time stamped video from his cab’s security camera to back him up.  When Linden and Holder view the tape they make a strange discovery.  When driving Rosie home, the cab driver overshot the Linden residence.  When the cab comes to a stop a light can be seen through the back window that is coming from the Linden’s home. Just as Rosie is about to exit the vehicle someone turns it off.  Remember that the Larsen’s were away the week of the murder, which means that someone else must have been in their home that night.

Forbrydelsen: In episode ten a taxi cab driver who believes he may have picked up Nanna (Rosie) on the night of her murder is identified.  He hadn’t come forward because Friday was a busy night and he wasn’t certain if the girl was Nanna (Rosie).  When the police reach out to him however, he readily agrees to come in for further questioning.  Lund (Linden) and Meyer (Holder) talk to him and discover that he dropped Nanna (Rosie) off not at home, but at Groenningen, across the street from the citadel at 10:45 P.M.  On the way there however, the driver remembers stopping off in Vester Vold Street which is at the back of the town hall, and waiting as Nanna (Rosie) went inside the building for a few minutes and then returned.

The Killing: Back at the Larsen residence Terry and the boys work to clean the house before Mitch returns home from God only knows where.  The boys ask why their father is in jail and Terry gives them a sugarcoated response to the question.  Also, it seems like their pet bird Wookie is laying dead in its cage, but none of them are bothered by this.  Linden and Holder then arrive at the residence.  Linden asks who besides the family has keys to the home and Terry answers that both she and Belko do.  Terry goes on to explain that while technically Belko’s never done anything wrong, he creeps her out because he’s always hanging around and he constantly acts like he’s a part of the family.  She compares his personality to that of the kitchen table.  While Linden questions Terry upstairs, Holder questions Belko downstairs about his whereabouts the night of Rosie’s murder.  Belko claims that he was at home with Bev (his mom) on the night in question.  Holder asks Belko if he has keys to the residence and Belko responds in the affirmative, but claims that he only uses them to access the garage for work and that he never enters the home because Stan would not allow it.

Forbrydelsen: Through fifteen episodes Vagh (Belko) is never named as a suspect.  He’s a bit of a strange guy and he is always around, but he gets along with everyone in the Larsen family, including Pernille’s (Mitch) sister Charlotte (Terry).  Vagn (Belko) does not live with his mother.  When it comes time to lay Nanna’s (Rosie) ashes in the ground, it is alluded to that he’s married to a woman named Rudi and that they have at least two male children.  In episode fifteen Vagh (Belko) is called relied upon by Pernille (Mitch) during a major family crisis which would be spoilerific to discuss in any greater detail.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: Linden and Holder pay a visit to Bev Royce’s home and discover that Belko’s seventy-year-old mother likes to lounge around her house all day in sexy lingerie.  They search Belko’s bedroom where they discover that he’s got quite the collection of Larsen family photographs taped to the ceiling above his bed.  Cut to commercial for dramatic effect.  When the show resumes Holder and Linden are questioning Belko downtown.  Eventually he cracks, admitting that he was with Stan at the time of the assault on Bennet and that he was upstairs in the Larsen home when Rosie returned on the night of her murder.  Belko claims that he hid when he heard her come in and that he overheard her first shuffling things around in her bedroom closet, then walking into the boys’ room for something, and finally on the phone telling someone named Adela that she’d be there soon.  Shortly after all of this occurred she left the house, never to be seen again.  The detectives match the name Adela to the scrap of paper they found in the copy of the Quran that Rosie borrowed and returned to Bennet on the night of her death.  One would think that all they’d have to do now (and what they would have already done) would be to pull her phone records and see who was on the other end of the conversation, but no.  Belko begs the detectives not to tell Mitch that he was in their home without her consent.

Forbrydelsen: Again, through the first fifteen episodes Vagn (Belko) is never named as a suspect, thus this plot line does not exist and seems to have been created only for the American remake.  They detectives do examine Nanna’s (Rosie) phone records immediately following her murder and return to them later only to discover that someone tampered with the evidence and removed a call before they received the information.  This fact leads down the path of spoiler territory.

The Killing: Back at campaign headquarters the crack team of Gwen and Jamie discover, by way of what we assume is a public relations person named Valerie who is reviewing video clips for potential use in commercials, that Richmond actually met, and at the very least, shook hands with Rosie Larsen at a rally.  They ask Valerie to keep this information between the three of them and then agree to keep Richmond in the dark and bury the fact that he had contact with Rosie.

Forbrydelsen: Through the first fifteen episodes nothing has been revealed that would indicate that Troels Harmann (Darren Richmond) and Nanna Larsen (Rosie Larsen) some how met randomly in passing or actually had some type of relationship with one another.

The Killing: Mitch walks into the garage and hears the telephone ringing.  She calls for Belko, unaware that he’s been taken in for questioning.  She answers the telephone and it turns out to be a representative from Tilden Mutual Bank looking for Stan.  She tells them that she’s his wife and they believe her without asking for any type of identifying information to corroborate her claim.  Remind me to never open an account with them.  The bank representative goes on to tell her that the family’s checking account is overdrawn and that their savings account has a balance of only $2.13.  Mitch is stunned claiming that the savings account should have roughly $16,000 in it.

Forbrydelsen: In episode ninePernille (Mitch) meets with a representative from the bank in her home to discuss the family’s finances with regards to the business, the expenses related to Nanna’s (Rosie) funeral, and the mortgage on the new house.  She meets with him again in episode ten where she’s shocked to discover that Nanna (Rosie) opened her own savings account in the names of her brothers Anton and Emil (Tom and Denny) and placed $11,000 dollars in it.  Pernille (Mitch) has no idea where Nanna (Rosie) would have gotten that kind of money.  The banker informs her that the account was opened in January and that Nanna (Rosie) made regular deposits up until the summer, when she suddenly stopped.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: Linden returns home to the motel to find her fiancé Dick, err, Rick waiting for her on the floor of the hallway.  He starts in on her about her career, as if he had no idea about the type of person she was before he decided to pop the question.  He acts like a total ass, claiming that he can’t possibly live this way because she’ll never change (duh).  He then makes reference to sitting in a hospital watching as Linden stares at a blank wall.  Apparently she had some sort of break down in the past?  He asks her and Jack to take a midnight flight to Oakland with him tonight.  She says she doesn’t know and then he kisses her goodbye and walks away.  Linden then enters the motel room and we’re shocked to discover that she paid for a room that contains only one double bed in it for her and her thirteen year old son to share.  I didn’t think it would be possible to outdo Belko’s mom Bev when it came to being a whacked out pervy  parental figure, but gives props to Linden because she puts up a good fight.  The next morning she goes out jogging (no Day 11 is flashed across the screen as one has come to expect when a new day begins) and discovers that Adela is not a person, but is actually a large boat that departs Seattle regularly for Kulamish (wherever that is).  Linden decides to take a ride on the boat and the episode ends with her on the upper deck looking out at a sign for the Wapi Eagle Casino on an island in the distance.  The logo on the sign matches the keychain attached to the mysterious key that the detectives have in an evidence bag.  Way to know your city detectives.

Forbrydelsen: Lund (Linden) doesn’t carry a gun and instead keeps it the glove compartment of her car, but through fifteen episodes the reason behind this remain unrevealed.  Her fiancé Bengt (Rick) is a profiler who looked at the case files related to the murder and told her that the killer was someone who had committed this type of crime before.  Just like in The Killing, they have a strained relationship due to Lund’s (Linden) on-again, off-again, travel plans.  He does return to see Lund (Linden) in episode fifteen, but they get into a fight when she confronts him with a piece of spoilerific information.  With regards to key Lund (Linden) discovers that it opens the entrance to an apartment building where Hartmann’s (Richmond) party leases a flat to use as a place to hold offsite meetings, put up visiting politicians, etc.  She opens the door to the flat and discovers what appears to be a potential crime scene.

There you have it!  That was the recap of everything that happened in the episode that was numbered ten.   What did you think?  Are you any closer to cracking the case?  As always please keep your comments related to both shows below spoiler free.

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