Forbrydelsen Vs. The Killing: Week Six


We’re baaaack!  With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation.  They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.  

Whether  you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable.  Enjoy!

We’ve officially passed the halfway point!  Seven episodes of The Killing down, six to go.  I’ve been avoiding discussing Forbrydelsen too much for the past couple of weeks because it seems much further along at its half-way mark (epsiode 10). This week though, I’m going to attempt to catch everything up and get back to comparing where the two cases are similar and where they differ.

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The Killing/ForbrydelsenThe Killing: The episode opens with Stan Larsen driving Bennet Ahmed to a waterfront location in the rain.  Stan and Bennet get out of the car and Bennet immediately starts whining.  He asks why Stan brought him there, tells him he’ll be a father soon and swears he never hurt his daughter Rosie and that there has been some sort of misunderstanding.  While this is occurring, homicide detective Sarah Linden pays a visit to Bennet’s pregnant wife Amber.  When confronted with both the fact that Bennet was still at the school dance at 10PM when Rosie supposedly stopped by to return a book she borrowed and that Amber’s sister claimed she didn’t go straight to her house that night, arriving instead sometime after 1AM in the morning, Amber breaks down and lets some of the truth slip out.  She now claims that she parked outside the school dance to spy on her husband for most of the night because she doesn’t trust him around seventeen-year-old girls. She also admits that a man named Mohammad who studies the Quran with Bennet at a local mosque may have a key to their apartment and that he may have been the one who let Rosie in that night.  The book Rosie was returning?  It turns out it was a copy of The Quran.  Before Linden can press Amber for further details Bennet returns home, blames Linden for Stan nearly killing him, and tells her to get out of his house.  Linden swipes the Quran on her way out the door and discovers the address of the mosque stamped on the inside cover.  For his part, at the very same time, homicide detective Stephen Holder is questioning the Larsen family at their home about the whereabouts of Stan.  When Holder tells Rosie’s mother Mitch Larsen that he knows all about Stan’s past Mitch screams at him that he knows nothing about her husband and berates him for bothering her family on the day of Rosie’s funeral.  When Linden gets in her car she calls Holder who tells her Stan is back home.  She tells him about the mosque they need to investigate and he says “Don’t you have a plane to catch?”

Forbrydelsen: In episode seven Theis Larson (Stan) takes Rahman Al Kemal (Bennet) to a waterfront location in the rain where they have basically the same exchange, except for the fact that Rama is less of a wimp.  While this is occurring homicide detectives Sara Lund (Linden) and Jan Meyer (Holder) are both at the Larsen’s home questioning Pernille (Mitch) about Thesis’ whereabouts.  Theis walks in the door and tells the detectives that Rama took a cab home.  This is later confirmed by Meyer who hears from a detective that Rama called his wife and told her that he’s on his way home.  Lund and Meyer leave the Larsen home after Meyer tells officers to get Rama down to the station.  When questioned, Rama reveals that Nanna Birk Larsen (Rosie) did drop by his house that Friday night around 10PM to return some Karen Blixen novels that she had borrowed.  He claims that she was there for no longer than 2 minutes.  The police release Rama, but plan a reconstruction walkthrough of the events at his apartment.

The Killing/ForbrydelsenThe Killing: The mysterious, fairy-godmother-like Regi drives Linden and her son Jack to the airport, where upon arrival at the terminal they’re told that they’ve missed their flight and that the next one isn’t until morning.  Linden tries every trick in the book, claiming she’s a police officer and that she’s getting married, but the terminal worker tells her that there’s nothing she can do.  As he wheels his luggage away, Jack tells his mother that she owes him $15,000,000, referring back to a bet they made about being on the plane in a previous episode.

Forbrydelsen: At the end of episode six, WHILE Theis is driving off with Rama, Lund, her son Mark (Jack) and her mother Vibeke (who has been replaced by the mysterious house boat loving Regi in The Killing) all board the flight for Sweden, but at the last minute, after talking with Meyer on the phone and discovering that he let Theis and Rama leave the station together, Linden pulls out her badge and stops the flight so she can yank both herself and her family off the plane.  With the help of Meyer she attempts to track down the whereabouts of Theis and Rama and they eventually end up at the Larsen’s home at the beginning of episode seven as mentioned above.

The Killing: Back at the Larsen house, recently returned from his outing with Bennet, Stan breaks down and tells Mitch that he couldn’t hurt Bennet because Mitch told him years ago that he needed to change his ways if she was going to be with him.  He tells her that Rosie changed everything for him, and that when she arrived he didn’t have to try to be different, he just was because of her and the life they all had together as a family.  Later, he tries some sensual moves on her, but she’s having none of it, claiming that it’s still too soon after Rosie’s death.

Forbrydelsen: The closest matching scene would be a conversation between Thesis and Pernille in which he tells her that they should not interfere with the investigation and that they need to trust the police to do their job.

The Killing/ForbrydelsenThe Killing: At campaign headquarters team Richmond holds an emergency meeting to discuss how to move forward with the campaign after being humiliated by Mayor Leslie Adams at a live televised debate.  Richmond refuses to distance himself from Bennet, claiming that he hasn’t been officially charged with a crime by the police and that he won’t let him get railroaded by the media and the system.  Jamie urges Darren to cut his ties to Bennet, claiming that the sacrifice of one man is fine when weighed against the good Richmond could do for all of Seattle’s residents if he won the election.  Jamie storms off.  Gwen and Darren have sex on his desk as Adams latest commercial, smearing Darren’s good name starts playing on the television in the background.  Later, after receiving a letter from the Bainbridge Corrections Facility for Women, Darren drives out to his late wife’s mothers home.  He has a conversation with her which reveals that his wife was killed by a drunk driver who has served her time and is about to be released from prison.  When he finally returns to campaign headquarters, Darren learns that Adams his holding a special vote to determine if the Seattle All-Stars program should be suspended because of the suspicion around teacher Bennet Ahmed.  Darren tries to save the program, but as the episode ends it seems clear that the group has reached the unanimous decision to place the program on hold.

Forbrydelsen: In episode six Troels Hartmann (Richmond) was also destroyed in a live debate against mayor Poul Bremer (Adams) and this also leads to a vote in episode eight, but in Hartmann’s case it’s his own party who turns against him and wants to remove him from the election and replace him with a different candidate.  The party feels that Hartmann’s defense of Rama is, well, indefensible, and holds an emergency session to vote on whether or not to have him removed.  This vote plays out in such a way that if I were to say more I’d be entering spoiler territory for events that have yet to transpire on The Killing.  The details surrounding the death of Hartmann’s wife have still not been revealed.

The Killing: Back on the houseboat, the day after missing her flight, Linden and Regi have a rather revealing conversation in which we discover that Linden almost let a past investigation destroy her.  Turns out she almost lost custody of her son Jack because of her actions on a previous case, the one “with the kid.”  Who is the kid?  What was the case?  It appears as though we’re about to find out, but then Jack shows up and asks the ladies what they are talking about.  Linden tells her son to get his stuff because he’s got a party to go to.  She drives him to a paintball range where Jack’s friends are playing.  After seeing him get shot she pulls him aside for some quality mother/son time where she teaches him all about the proper way to shoot a gun.  Repeatedly she tries to call her fiance, but he won’t pick up the phone.

Forbrydelsen: In terms of past cases, we still have no idea of Lund’s history.  We do know that she does not carry a gun, a stark difference from The Killing’s Linden, but the details behind why have yet to be revealed.  Lund does have a conversation with her mother about Mark and properly caring for him, but nothing about the past is revealed.  This conversation leads to the discovery that Mark has a girlfriend.  When Lund approaches him to talk about it he tells her that they already broke up, and he asks her why she’s even interested because he knows the only thing she cares about are dead bodies.

The Killing: The Larsen boys see details of Rosie’s death on television.  Grandma arrives and shuts the tube off, then starts in on Mitch and her sister Terry.  The phone rings and grandma starts talking to reporters.  Mitch grabs the phone from her and hangs it up.  Later, while on a kite flying expedition, Stan tells the boys the basic truth about what really happened to Rosie.  That night Mitch parks her car across the street from Bennet’s house so she can spy on him.

Forbrydelsen: For whatever reason, The Killing seems to want to involve the Larsen children more than the original series did (at least up to this point-episode ten).  There’s been no bedwetting or trips to the store in pajamas on Forbrydelsen.  The boys know something bad happened to Rosie, but outside of that they’ve been mostly in the background.  Pernille does run into Rama again, but we’re approaching spoiler territory if I reveal more.

The Killing/ForbrydelsenThe Killing: As episode seven nears it’s conclusion, Linden and Holder visit the address of the mosque which was stamped inside the book Rosie borrowed from Bennet.  After taking off their shoes and stuffing them in a cubby hole they meet with a priestly man who asks them if they know about another missing girl named Aisha.  Linden and Holder reply that they don’t.  The man tells them that he’d like to help, but he’s preoccupied with finding her and perhaps if they return for evening prayer they’ll find about forty men named Mohammed.  Linden goes to put her shoes back on and discovers that someone has dropped a scrap of paper with an address scribbled on it into one of her boots.  They rush over to the address, “106 R – Renton Ave S.”  They immediately find 106, but not 106R.  A search of the back of the building reveals an entrance to 106R.  Even though they don’t have probable cause, Holder breaks down the door and the detectives enter the building.  After smashing a lock and opening another door, the duo are slammed to the ground by a team of FBI agents and the episode ends.

Forbrydelsen: Rama also has a friend who helped him with something.  After intercepting a call between this friend and Rama in which Rama threatens the friend to stay quiet, Linden and Meyer visit a mosque and talk to Rama’s father who reveals that the friend’s name is Mustaffa Akkad.  They track Akkad to a garage he’s renting and living in where they discover…well certainly not the FBI, but I won’t say what because I don’t want to spoil the next episode of The Killing.

There you have it!  Things certainly are heating up on The Killing!  We know why Linden and Holder are after him, but what does the FBI want with Muhammad?  Do you think he really had something to do with Rosie’s murder?

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