Forbrydelsen Vs. The Killing: Week Ten


We’re baaaack!  With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation.  They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.  

Whether  you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable.  Enjoy!

With just three hours remaining and a lot of ground to cover in order to reveal who murdered Rosie Larsen, The Killing really kicked the murder investigation into high gear in episode eleven.  Wait, no.  Instead the show thought this would be the perfect time to take a week off from every character except the lead detectives to further explore the growing rift between Sara Linden and her thirteen-year-old son Jack.

In a way I’m glad because this makes my recapping job much easier this week, but the decision to essentially put the murder investigation on hold for a full hour is mind boggling considering that it took the original show twenty episodes, with no filler, to do what the remake is attempting to replicate in only thirteen.

Since Jack has yet to hog the spotlight for the sole purpose of distraction for an extended period of time on Forbrydelsen I’ll focus mostly on episode eleven of The Killing.

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Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: The episode opens with detective Linden walking around inside the Indian casino.  She then goes to see the woman who runs the establishment and hits a major roadblock as both the person overseeing the floor on the night of Rosie’s murder and the manager of the casino prove uncooperative and hide behind their rights as a casino that operates on Indian land.  After a tense exchange Linden is told that unless she has a federal warrant, she can get the hell off the property and she is then promptly escorted from the building.  Outside, she pulls out her cellphone to call good old ADA Ronald Berstein who tells her that a search warrant for an Indian casino will take a week.  She then spots an ATM outside the building and asks for a warrant for Landsing bank, the owners of the machine instead, so she can get at the ATM’s surveillance camera footage.   She’s told this could take up to twenty-four hours.  Cut to opening credits.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: When we return, Holder is driving up the road to the casino in his car!  WTF?   I thought you needed a boat to get there?  Linden tells Holder about the possible ATM lead to which he replies, “If she was even here that night.”  Linden then goes on to explain that Rosie took the 11:45 ferry to THE ISLAND Friday night, with no ferries after that and NO WAY to leave the island.   Linden then gets a call on her phone and walks away for some privacy and Holder retreat to his vehicle where he places a call of his own.  Linden’s call turns out to be Jack’s school; they inform her that he hasn’t been to any classes in three days.  Holder calls his sister Liz, niece and nephews Kayla and Davy, and leaves a message on their answering machine saying that he’ll be at the school parade today.  Holder has some sort of gift basket on the passenger seat of his car along with a get well balloon, but it’s never revealed if it’s Liz, Kayla, or Davy who is sick.  Holder throws the basket on the backseat and Linden gets in the car.  The two proceed to drive off the island somehow.   One could presume that they ferried the car back and forth, but what would be the point?  If Linden could walk the distance from the dock to the casino, then would Holder really need to go through the hassle of loading and unloading his car from a ferry in order to travel the same short amount of road?  Also, there doesn’t appear to be any time lost on day eleven waiting for the regularly scheduled ferries to take Holder and his vehicle back and forth. Therefore the only logical explanation left, no matter how illogical it seems, is that Holder’s car possesses the power to transform into a duck boat.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: The two arrive at the motel where Linden and Jack are staying.  Holder asks what happened to the house boat and tells Linden to take it easy on the kid as she exits the car.  Linden dials Jack’s cell phone as she approaches the room and can hear his ringtone from within.  She opens the door and says “Nice try Jack,” but he’s nowhere to be found.  She takes his cellphone with her and leaves the room.  Linden goes back outside where she tells Holder that Jack is probably at Regi’s.  Holder tells her to get in the car and two drive over to the marina.  This is where the episode, though well written for a filler/distraction piece, starts to fall apart as Linden totally freaks out and goes on a mad quest to discover where her son is and what he’s doing, not taking into account the fact that he’s skipped school THREE days in a row, yet has come home properly each and every time.  As a parent in this situation wouldn’t you simply wait him out when you discovered what was going on instead of immediately flipping out?  I know I’d be waiting at the door to give him a piece of my mind when he returned home on day three, but not our Linden, that wouldn’t make good TV.

The Killing: In the car on the way to the marina Linden attempts to use Jack’s cell phone to dial his friends, which Holder advises her not to do, only to discover that there’s a password on the device.  Holder starts questioning Sara about Regi, but she’s evasive and dodges his questions.  Holder then goes on to explain that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mom and that his sister Liz raised him.  Linden then calls the mother of Jack’s best friend Nash and leaves her a message.  Arriving at the dock, Linden discovers that Regi’s boat is gone.  Apparently she took off for the San Juan Islands and won’t be back until next Friday.  Nash’s mom Anna returns Linden’s call and says that she hasn’t seen Jack all day and that she caught the kids cutting school and going to a place called the tunnel.  Anna says Jack is the ring leader, the one getting everyone to skip and then tells Linden that she doesn’t want her son hanging out with him anymore.  Linden replies “I appreciate your candor.”  I want this phrase, with a picture of Linden’s head, on a bumper sticker for the back of my car.

Forbrydelsen / The Killing

The Killing: Holder and Linden drive to the tunnel where they encounter some middle school kids hanging out and smoking cigarettes.  They approach them, but Jack isn’t there.  Linden asks if the kids know Jack, and in response one of them calls her a “crazy bitch” and when she asks what he said he replies “bitch be gone.”  Linden grabs him by the shirt and threatens him with the idea of juvenile detention, but Holder talks her down and they walk away.  Holder then tells Linden that Regi, who he assumes is Linden’s mom, probably took Jack with her on the boat trip.  Linden replies that Regi isn’t her mother; she’s her social worker that she’s known her entire life.  Cut to commercial.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: We return from the break to find Linden questioning people around town about her son with a horribly outdated picture.  She visits stores, skate shops, and local tween hangouts, but comes up empty.  Linden then tells Holder that Jack knows that he has to call her at 3:15, after school from the motel.  That’s what I’ve been saying all along!  Why not just wait him out since he’s skipped school for three days, yet has called and returned as expected each day?  The two detectives, worried sick over Jack’s disappearance, then take time out for some fast food.  As they eat they talk for our benefit and we learn more back story about both.  Holder chats about his love for crystal meth and how he got clean in order to keep his job after his Lieutenant found out he was using.  Linden then tells the story of her last case, the one involving the child that has been mentioned in passing, but never explained.  She tells Holder that the boy’s mother was murdered by his father.  The dad went away for twenty to life and the kid ended up in child protective services where he still is and probably will be until he’s eighteen.  This can’t really be what sent her over the edge, staring at the blank walls of a mental institution as Rick mentioned the last time they spoke, can it?  Hopefully not.

The Killing: Out in the parking lot Holder announces that he cracked the password to Jack’s phone and he tells her that boys need their fathers.  The password is Funyuns (and now you have the password to my computer as well!).    On the phone, Linden finds text messages sent to Jack from a restricted number.  I don’t know much about texting on cell phones, but doesn’t some sort of identifier have to display for the purposes of replying?  Couldn’t Linden, at the very least, send a text message back to the person?  One would assume that Jack was somehow having a two-way conversation with this individual.   The messages Linden reads instruct Jack to meet this person in front of the school early that the morning.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: Linden flips out on the phone as she tries to have the restricted number that texted Jack’s phone indentified by the phone company.  They say no, so the next thing she does is put out an all points bulletin for her missing son.  You know, the one that’s been skipping school, yet has been calling her when he should and returning home every day without fail to cleverly cover his tracks.  The detectives return to the motel around the time Jack should be getting home, but he never shows up.  Now would be an appropriately good time in the episode to start to worry.   The two decide to wait in Holder’s car in the parking lot to see if Jack returns home.  Holder steps out of the car to call his sister and her children.  He leaves them a message stating that he won’t be able to make it to the parade, not realizing that it’s probably cancelled anyway due to the RAIN that’s been coming down in buckets off and on all day long.  What time is this parade supposed to be at anyway?  It’s already pushing 4PM at this point.

Forbrydelsen / The KillingThe Killing: After napping in the vehicle for a bit Holder and Linden decide to go for a joy ride.  Linden tells Holder all about her life as a foster child, drifting from home to home as a ward of the state until she graduated high school.  Holder insults her, comparing her mothering skills to that of a cat.  Linden then discovers that Jack called Holder a few days ago to ask how to properly cook a hot dog because no one else was picking up their phone.  Angry, Linden jumps out of the car in a huff, but Holder follows her and apologizes and she gets back in.  They both have a smoke and then drive to a playground where Linden used to spend hours upon hours with Jack as a child.  At this point it’s starting to get very dark outside and the rain has let up a bit, so the parade Holder’s missing must be starting any minute.  They park at the playground and Linden tells Holder a story about dancing with Jack to a crappy song he loved at the playground and she wonders when he stopped being a happy kid.

The Killing: Predictably, on very day that Linden discovers that Jack’s been skipping school an announcement is made over the CB that the body of an unidentified child aged 10-13 has been discovered.  Arriving on the scene, Linden skillfully maneuvers the police tape and dodges the officers in her path to get at the body only to discover that it isn’t her son’s.  She breaks down in tears and Holder does his best to comfort her.

The Killing: The detectives return to the motel to find Jack standing outside of the doorway to their room.  Linden and Jack go inside and Linden asks him why he’s been acting this way to which Jack replies “MAYBE BECAUSE I’M BEING FORCED TO SHARE A DOUBLE BED WITH MY MOM IN A CRAPPY MOTEL ROOM!?!?!?” Actually no, that’s only what I wish he said.  Instead he says that he doesn’t know.  Then when Linden asks where he was all this time he makes her promise not to get mad, and then in a twist that shocks no one, he reveals that he’s been seeing his father.

The Killing: Returning to his car in the motel parking lot, Holder gets a phone call about the warrant for the ATM machines (wait, that’s not grammatically correct:  automatic teller machine machines?  AT machines instead perhaps?) that Linden asked for.  Holder then drives to police headquarters where he proceeds to watch a large split screen view of the 500 megapixel, 1080p high definition, full frame, color video surveillance footage that was taken by the four ATMs (that’s the proper way!) at the casino.  The episode ends as Holder views blu-ray quality video of Rosie using one of the machines.  He pauses on a frame of her face.  Fade to black.  Fin.

Well, what did you think of the episode that was eleven?  We certainly didn’t learn much that we didn’t already know: Linden’s a bad mom.  Indian’s are an uncooperative bunch.  Holder’s an ex-junkie who has a sister.  Jack’s a troubled teen.  I feel like this episode was specifically written to provide answers to questions the show has raised about the past of each of the detectives, and while I appreciate the effort to explain some of the loose ends, I care more about the murder investigation.

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