Giveaway!: Predicting the Best Translated Book Award Shortlist


ABOUT: The 2014 Best Translated Book Award shortlist will be announced on Tuesday, April 15 and we want to know which 10 books YOU think will be on it.

The person who predicts the highest number of correct books that appear on the list will be crowned our winner and will receive one free translation from 2013 of their choice, in any available format, courtesy of us.  In addition they’ll also earn super translation nerd bragging rights. That part should go without saying really. Read on for all the specifics.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment below outlining which 10 titles you think will appear on the 2014 Best Translated Book Award shortlist.  Be sure to let us know who you think the overall winner will be as well because we’ll use that information to break any ties that may occur.


  • The winning entry will belong to the person with the highest total of correct titles that appear on the official 2014 Best Translated Book Award shortlist.  In the event of a tie:
    • The winner will be the person who also successfully predicted the 2014 Best Translated Book Award winner.  In the event that there’s still a tie:
      • We’ll let the gods decide who wins
  • All eligible entries must be received by 8PM EST on Friday, April 11th.
  • Comment CAREFULLY.  Only one comment per person.  The 10 you initially pick are the 10 you stick with.
  • One lucky winner will receive their choice of any translation published in 2013 that is readily available for us to purchase for them and costs no more than $25 USD (please, don’t Leg over Leg us bro!)
  • We’ll announce the winner ASAP via an update to the top of this post.  In the event of tie, the top entries will advance to a tie-break which will be decided with the announcement of the 2014 Best Translated Book Award winner on April 28th.  If there’s still a tie, will decide the outcome the very next day.
  • We’ll make every attempt to contact you if you win. Otherwise, the winner will have 1 WEEK to email us at with their mailing addresses.

MORE: You need more?  Click here to view the 2014 Best Translated Book Award longlist so you can get to work pairing 25 titles down to 10.  Easy, right?

Comment below to enter and good luck!  Be sure to check back tomorrow when we reveal which titles we think will make the cut.

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  • saradgore

    I haven’t read all of these, so my guesses are based in part on other people’s reactions around the web. The numbers are just so I don’t lose count, not what I would consider a ranking.

    1. Sandalwood Death — this is my favorite of the ones I’ve read, but I don’t see as much enthusiasm around it as others.
    2. The African Shore
    3. A Man in Love
    4. In the Night of Time
    5. City of Angels
    6. Commentary — this one is so different from the others that it’s hard for me to figure out how it will be ranked. I do think, however, that gives it a good chance to make the shortlist but not to win.
    7. Through the Night
    7. Tirza
    8. Seiobo There Below
    9. Blinding

    I think the winner will be Knausgaard. He’s going to be in the running repeatedly for the next few years, and it will be a shame if he doesn’t take it at least once. This series is beautiful, and word from abroad is that A Man in Love is the best of the six.

    (edited because I accidentally had 11!)

    • Birne

      1. Krasznahorkai – Seiobo There Below
      2. Cartarescu – Blinding
      3. Grunberg – Tirza
      4. Knausgaard – My Struggle
      5. Krzhizhanovsky – Autobiography Of A Corpse
      6. Stig Dagerman – Sleet
      7. Faris al-Shidyaq – Leg Over Leg
      8. Mo Yan – Sandalwood Death
      9. Jelinek – Her Not All Her
      10. Munoz Molina – In The Night Of Time

      Winner: Faris al-Shidyaq – Leg Over Leg

  • Typographical Era

    Looks like we’ve got a tie with 5/10 for both!