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A Tale for the Time Being

Our Man Booker shadow project is almost done for the season.  We’re winding down.  Our last two podcasts are almost ready to go and we’re just about to crown Ruth Ozeki our overall winner.  Ruth Ozeki?  Yeah.  Ruth Ozeki.

Personally I’m going with Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland, but the overall consensus from the group is that Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being is the best of the shortlisters.

We’ve never been wrong before.  Well, we’ve only done this once before.  Still, 1/1 is better than 0/1.

One thing I will say about Ozeki, she certainly knows how to dumb down quantum physics and make it easily accessible to all:

Could Pesto be his own observer? Interesting question. He used to like to raise his leg and study his asshole. It didn’t seem like this observation caused him to split into multiple cats with multiple assholes.

It is a good book, but sentences like these, that attempt to use dog and cat genitalia to explain the world, well, they get old fast.

We did have an interesting discussion last night though where we compared some of the characteristics of Darling, the protagonist from the also shortlisted We Need New Names that we all hated against Nao, the protagonist from A Tale from The Time Being that we all seemed to love.  The two are more similar than you’d first imagine and it was great to break things down and really take a look at why we loathed one but loved the other.  Hopefully we’ll get that audio up on the site soon for your aural pleasure.

The Man Booker Prize winner will be announced on Tuesday, which means you can pretty much count on me talking about it in next Friday’s #Hashtags.


Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to provide a peek at the films submitted for consideration for this year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film that I think look most interesting.  Last week I kicked things off with Demark’s submission, The Hunt.  This week it’s all about the bees.  Switzerland’s official submission is a documentary entitled More Than Honey that attempts to unlock the real reason that these important creatures are dying off.


I have to be honest that I’m not sure exactly how the rules apply here.  Could this wind up being nominated in both the Documentary Feature and Foreign Language Film categories?  Either way, the topic is certainly a scary one.  However, that Einstein quote used to further instill a sense fear in the trailer?  Snopes ain’t buying it.



I Stole the Rain by Elisa Ruotolo

Alice Munro was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature earlier this week so it’s only fitting that I read some short stories.  Just not her’s though.  I’m currently enjoying I Stole the Rain, a collection by Elisa Ruotolo published by Frisch & Co.

Here’s a little excerpt from the first story, I Am Super Legend which introduces readers to a young soccer “star” that starts to believe that the hype surrounding him extends well beyond the field of play:

Over the days, I made every request I could think of, putting relatives, friends, and people that I had never spoken to before to the test. I didn’t get much out of it, to tell the truth, other than the satisfaction of being continually pandered to like old Carmelo. I even tried to get things in order and went to get the Black Eagles’ cup back, after an amount of time that I figured would be long enough for Marcella to stop caring about it.

One afternoon, I stopped at the door that had been pointed out to me and pressed the bell with my thumb. The girl frowned when she saw me through the screen and ran to call her father.

“Ah, the cup. . . that’s right,” he admitted when he was there in front of me. He moved his cigar from one side of his mouth to the other and made as if to look for it.

But I had this obsession with asking and getting things and I’d never failed yet. And so, I started to ask something serious this time—I wanted to see how far I could push it with the weight of my legend.

“Not the cup,” I stopped him to clarify. “Your daughter.”

That’s how I found myself making a long-term marriage proposal and asking for the hand of a sullen child of just eleven.


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QuestionWho do you think should win the Nobel Prize for Literature?

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