Review Policy:

Typographical Era openly accepts review copies from authors, publishing houses, and literary agents. Our primary focus is contemporary fiction, though we do occasionally dabble in other genres and areas of interest. We ask that you please keep this in mind when connecting with us. We will make every effort to respond to each request we are sent, but if you do not receive a written response from us in a timely manner it’s safe to assume that we have decided not to accept your request or offer.

Unfortunately, we’re only two people, and as such, we can make no promises or guarantees about giving every book we receive a proper review, positive or negative. We will however make every reasonable effort to read what we receive and write our honest opinions about it.

Geographically speaking we are located in two different areas of the United States and as such our review copy preference is for ePUB format ebooks, followed by print copies.  Unless there are specific physical attributes which make a print copy unique and/or untranslatable to the digital realm (see The Canvas for a clear example), digital copies will be given preferential treatment.

We are not interested in taking part in blog tours, however we do enjoy having in-depth chats with authors about their work whenever possible (see our discussions with Simon Lelic and Lytton Smith for clear examples.)

We can be reached directly using the “Contact” link which can be found in each of our author profiles.

Advertising Policy:

Any ads placed on our site will not guarantee a written endorsement from Typographical Era with regards to each specific product’s quality or content.

We can be reached directly using the “Contact” link which can be found in our author profiles.