Probably, Most Likely by Julian R Vaca


Don’t fall back, / for it’s your greatest sorrow

At just 50 pages, Julian R Vaca’s upcoming publication is a slim but satisfying assortment of literary treats.  Short stories nestled between poems and other vignettes, Probably, Most Likely is a patchwork of literary formats and styles, but the inconsistency is perfectly mirrored by each narrator’s insecurities and tender observations.  It may seem a bit random and unpolished, but to me, that’s what make literary collections even more interesting.  Vignettes like these harbor a place for writers to explore a much wider array of themes and forms – and it’s often raw, experimental, and surprisingly poignant.

With Probably, Most Likely, Vaca reminds us to not forget the details and parentheticals of existence.  While on paper, our lives may be defined by marriages, deaths, careers, degrees, salaries, and children – our greatest accomplishments are often more subtle, easy to forget, and therefore more important to remember.  It’s about moments rather than events, and between the pages of this collection you’ll find a variety of such moments.  Whether they be in poetic or prose form, the narrative voices explore aspects of curiosity, sorrow, wonder, anxiety, fear, vulnerability, love, and communication – which is really a lot to pack into 50 pages.

Probably, Most Likely may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, but overall, this deeply personal and refreshing collection is a delightful snack for literary omnivores.

ProbablyMostLikely ★★★½☆
Probably, Most Likely
By Julian Vaca
50 Pages
ISBN 9781497586253



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