10 Book Related Things We Find Interesting…This Week (12/10/2011)

10_Book_Related_ThingsIt’s time again for another edition of 10 Book Related Things…This Week. Sometimes it’s really hard for us to even come up with 10 things, while other weeks we’re hacking and slashing the list to get it down to size. This week we had only 9 things and had to scramble to fill the last spot. Can you tell which one we added last minute? Take your best guess using the comment form below.

This week the longlist for the IMPAC Literary Award was unveiled, Kaylie Jones was honored for her work opposing censorship, poets decided to remove their names from consideration for a prestigious award, Amazon upped their sleaze factor when it comes to competition, and as always, more.  Why are we wasting time recapping our recaps!?  Read on below.

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