Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

everybody rise-198

You couldn’t cover up the smell of new money

At 26 years old, Evelyn Beegan is a late-blooming New York City society girl.  Raised outside of Baltimore by a self-made wealthy family, Evelyn climbed her way up the social ladder through Prep schools, Country Clubs and Ivy League acquaintances and made it to the big city.  But climbing the social ladder is a dirty business, and Evelyn soon discovers a Wharton-esque world of social responsibilities and anxieties she never could have anticipated.  From sailing etiquette and debutante balls to the art of the subtle insult, Evelyn in too deep with shallow pockets.

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Verisimilitudes: Week Ending 02.09.2013

Typographical_EraWelcome to Verisimilitudes, our regular round-up of the past week’s activity. It’s your one-stop source for all of the bits and bleeps we’ve been posting here and on social platforms.

With the Oscars inching ever closer, we’re still bringing you full coverage of the nominated films.  We might not be able to review every single nominee, but we’re doing out best!  In the meantime, we’ve also managed to do a little reading and roaming around the social media spheres.  Just in case you missed anything at Typographical Era this week, here are the highlights:


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