Beyond the Best Translated Book Award: 20 More Great Translations from 2013


The 2014 Best Translated Book Award nominees have been announced! Bang it here for complete descriptions of all 25 titles.

Missed our peek at what each of this year’s Best Translated Book Award novels looks like around the globe?  Click here for part five, and then work your way backwards. 

Missed our look at this year’s crop of nominated translators?  Click here for part five, and then work your way backward.

The 25 books that fought their way onto this year’s Best Translated Book Award longlist represent only a fraction of what was a pretty great year for translated literature.  According to the Three Percent database, 42 8 6 (Time Regulation Institute should be removed, shouldn’t it?  And why is Jonke’s Awakening to the Great Sleep War from 2012 in there?  Maybe Chasing the King of Hearts should be INCLUDED?  GAH!  Let’s say 430ish) works of fiction were introduced to the English language for the very first time last year.  Unfortunately the database doesn’t break down genre any further so we can’t take a closer look at how many of those were crime fiction (a lot I’d wager), or romance (bleh says I), or horror (LINDQVIST!), etc. On the plus however we can sort by publisher, a nice touch which allows us to successfully avoid having to suffer through another AmazonCrossing book ever again.

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Best Read in 2013: A Top 20 Year-End List

Best Read In 2013

As we round the corner of Typographical Era’s first anniversary, we’ve decided to continue our Best Read in the year tradition, and what a year it has been!  Between translations, short stories, novels, memoirs, and essays, readers of all genres will surely find Typographical Era’s Best Read in 2013 list to be a great place to start for reading endeavors in 2014.  At least we hope so.  Here’s to a great year in reading and to another great year for Typographical Era.  Cheers!

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The 2013 Typographical Translation Award


UPDATE: Voting for the first round has closed.  Click HERE to cast your vote for one the eight finalists.

It all started when I asked a simple question on Twitter yesterday.  Why in the HELL do the GoodReads Choice Awards not have a category dedicated to allowing users to vote for their favorite literary translation of the year?  There are twenty categories.  TWENTY.  Yet translations are completely ignored.  Thus the first ever Typographical Translation Award is born.  Lovers of international fiction, this is your chance to speak up and be heard!  You tell us, what was the best translation published in 2013?  Here’s how it works:

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The Elixir Of Immortality by Gabi Gleichmann


There’s a trapdoor in the sun

Where does the secret to true immortality lie?  Could it be in our ability to affect change upon the world and leave our indelible mark in the annals of history?  Can it be linked to love and hate, profound emotions that drive us to commit incredible acts on their behalf?  Is it rooted in the religious promise of an afterlife in exchange for a strict adherence to God’s teachings?  Does it involve passing down the great legends of our family lore to successive generations so that we are never forgotten?

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