Mr Adamson by Urs Widmer


What will happen next, only the gods know

Ghost stories are a tricky beast to get right. Ghost stories in translation, told across cultural and language divides, even more so. With the exception of perhaps The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin (translated by Marlaine Delargy) there are almost none that I can think of that I’d go out of my way to personally reread or to recommend to others. In fact I almost didn’t even bother to crack open Urs Widmer’s Mr Adamson for this very reason. What a huge mistake that would have been. Continue Reading

Featured Translation: Sea Air by Jule Meeringa


There were over 450 new translations published this year, and trust us, we know from experience, keeping track of them all can be a maddening exercise. Each weekday from now until the end of the year we’ll highlight a different title that you may have missed. From short story collections to epic novels, from award winning works of the highest literary caliber to trashy romantic beach reads, we’ll feature the very best, and the very worst that 2015 had to offer, one book at a time.

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New in Translation: May 2015


According to the Visual Guide to Translated Fiction there are 33 works being published in upcoming month of May that are new in translation. If you want to check out the full list go here, and then click on May. If not, stick around, because I’m about to break down the six novels and three story collections that you don’t want to miss.

I’m officially back from a vacation that found me wasting so much time standing in lines for amusement rides that I actually managed to read an entire book while doing so (I’m looking at you, The Indian). Have you ever read an entire book while standing? It was a new experience for me, but I’m thinking maybe I should lug more books around with me so that I can fill our woefully neglected Instagram account with selfie pics of me standing in DMV and post office lines reading translated literature.

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The Cold Centre by Inka Parei


Humankind Is At The Centre Of All Efforts

Time has a funny way of playing tricks on us. So to do our memories. We may remember something that happened to us decades ago in vivid detail. Ask us to describe a situation that we were involved in just last week however and we might fumble over the details and struggle to conjure a picture of the event in our mind’s eye. Even when we’re absolutely certain that our memories hold the truth they may not tell the whole story. What we’re convinced we witnessed may only be a small piece of a much larger picture. In Inka Parei’s stunning puzzler The Cold Centre, a nameless man must reexamine the recollections of his past in a desperate race against time. If he wants to have any hope of saving his ex-wife Martha’s life, he’ll need to unravel the mystery at the heart of an emotionally charged event from over twenty years ago, one that altered the course of his life forever.

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