Featured Translation: The Game for Real by Richard Weiner


There were over 450 new translations published this year, and trust us, we know from experience, keeping track of them all can be a maddening exercise. Each weekday from now until the end of the year we’ll highlight a different title that you may have missed. From short story collections to epic novels, from award winning works of the highest literary caliber to trashy romantic beach reads, we’ll feature the very best, and the very worst that 2015 had to offer, one book at a time.

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Enemy of the Ants by Stephan Valentin


Dying for attention

Jonas is a bad little boy.  At least that’s what his decrepit old grandmother believes.  His inner dialog oscillates wildly.  It can be highly amusing in one moment and then suddenly turn brutal and downright frightening in the next.  Thanks to this stream-of-conscious narrative that grants them direct access to the child’s most intimate thoughts and desires, the reader will be tasked with formulating their own assessment of his true nature.  Try to remember however, he’s only a child.

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A Short Tale of Shame by Angel Igov


Funny in a certain light, how we all look the same

When Boril Krustev spontaneously hops into his car one day and embarks upon a journey with no clear destination in mind, his only goal is to outrun the overwhelming sense of guilt and shame that has slowly come to define his life.  A rock star in his youth, a middle-aged businessman at present, Krustev is suffering from the sting of failed marriage, the grief over a recently deceased spouse, and the pain of becoming increasingly estranged from his daughter Elena over the years.  The last thing he expects to encounter on his road trip to nowhere specific is three hitchhiking strangers that he’s loosely connected to.

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