Featured Translation: Alexandrian Summer by Yitzhak Gormezano Goren


There were over 450 new translations published this year, and trust us, we know from experience, keeping track of them all can be a maddening exercise. Each weekday from now until the end of the year we’ll highlight a different title that you may have missed. From short story collections to epic novels, from award winning works of the highest literary caliber to trashy romantic beach reads, we’ll feature the very best, and the very worst that 2015 had to offer, one book at a time.

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Revisiting Three Percent’s Why This Book Should Win Series


Tomorrow morning we find out which ten books make up the 2014 Best Translated Book Award short list!

Over the past few weeks Three Percent has been running their annual Why This Book Should Win series.  Since you can’t easily filter and/or group their articles together by category, we thought it would be swell if we provided handy-dandy hyperlinks to each article for your last-minute reading pleasure. You know, just in case you accidentally missed any. Because you have been reading along every single day, right?

Jump in, hit some links, absorb the compelling awesomeness of each of the arguments, and we’ll meet back here tomorrow after the official short list announcement to commiserate over our favorite books that inexplicably didn’t make the final cut.

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The 2014 Best Translated Book Award Nominated Authors (Part One)


The 2014 Best Translated Book Award nominees have been announced! Bang it here for complete descriptions of all 25 titles.

Missed our peek at what each of this year’s Best Translated Book Award novels looks like around the globe?  Click here for part five, and then work your way backwards. 

Missed our look at this year’s crop of nominated translators?  Click here for part five, and then work your way backward.

Missed our Beyond the Best Translated Book Award article where we highlighted 20 more translations from 2013 that are worth checking out? Click here to browse the list.

Missed our profiles of the publishers responsible for putting out this year’s crop of Best Translated Book Award nominees?  Click here for part five, and then work your way backwards.

Think you’ve got what it takes to successfully predict the Best Translated Book Award shortlist?  Click here to enter our little contest.  Click here to read our shortlist predictions.

Featuring 25 books from 20 different countries published by 23 different houses and written by 25 different translators and authors, this year’s Best Translated Book Award is one of the most diverse ever.   Below we take a closer look at the nominated men and women from around the globe who wrote something special in their own language, and then teamed with a skilled translator, saw their original vision brought to life for a whole new audience.

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If I Were A Best Translated Book Award Judge The Winner Would Be…


Oh boy.  Here we go.

I’ve written these kinds of If I Were A ___(Man Booker)___(Scotia Bank Giller)___ Judge posts in past, but always after having read each award’s entire 12-14 book longlist. Having 25 titles appear on the Best Translated Book Award’s longlist is in some ways both a blessing and curse.  It provides much needed exposure for some truly great literary works that might otherwise go unnoticed, but on the flip side it doesn’t exactly provide a ton of time for interested parties to get all these wonderful pieces read so that they can actively participate in the discussion about which are the “best” while the award process is actually occurring.

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Giveaway!: Predicting the Best Translated Book Award Shortlist


ABOUT: The 2014 Best Translated Book Award shortlist will be announced on Tuesday, April 15 and we want to know which 10 books YOU think will be on it.

The person who predicts the highest number of correct books that appear on the list will be crowned our winner and will receive one free translation from 2013 of their choice, in any available format, courtesy of us.  In addition they’ll also earn super translation nerd bragging rights. That part should go without saying really. Read on for all the specifics.

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