Best Read in 2013: A Top 20 Year-End List

Best Read In 2013

As we round the corner of Typographical Era’s first anniversary, we’ve decided to continue our Best Read in the year tradition, and what a year it has been!  Between translations, short stories, novels, memoirs, and essays, readers of all genres will surely find Typographical Era’s Best Read in 2013 list to be a great place to start for reading endeavors in 2014.  At least we hope so.  Here’s to a great year in reading and to another great year for Typographical Era.  Cheers!

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Verisimilitudes: Week Ending 03.02.2013

Typographical_EraWelcome to Verisimilitudes, our regular round-up of the past week’s activity. It’s your one-stop source for all of the bits and bleeps we’ve been posting here and on social platforms.

We are more than happy to welcome the month of March!  We’re sick of all this snow and cold, and we are ready for spring!  Of course, with the changing of the seasons comes a whole new bunch of book releases, and you probably already know how we feel about books.  Anyway, here are this week’s highlights in case you missed anything at Typographical Era:

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A Conversation with Nicole Wolverton

NicoleWolverton_highres_RTNicole Wolverton’s debut novel The Trajectory of Dreams follows a Houston sleep lab specialist named Lela White who has a very dark secret.  Lela is obsessed with the space program, and she spends her nights breaking into the homes of astronauts to observe their sleep patterns.  She is compelled my a mental illness to fulfill what she believes is a duty to NASA, and she’s fully prepared to kill in order to achieve her goals.

But a personal relationship with a Russian astronaut named Zory threatens to destroy her life’s work and pushes Lela further into a mental descent and forces her to make some very disturbing decisions. 

The Trajectory of Dreams is a fast-paced and haunting psychological thriller, and we were lucky enough to interview Nicole Wolverton about her debut novel.  What follows below is a brief (mostly spoiler-free) discussion with Wolverton about her fantastic novel and the inspirations behind her writing:

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Best New Fiction: March 2013


Thank goodness the cold, snowy month of February is over!  We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to the warmer weather that comes with spring.  Plus, we’re can’t wait to finally do some outdoor reading without the need for a warm hat and those rather bulky gloves that make page turning a drag.

Below, we proudly present for your viewing pleasure, our Best New Fiction picks for the month of March – six titles that we think should please even the most finicky of readers.

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