Sworn Virgin by Elvira Dones


The real battle just begun

Hana Doda is a hard working, independent girl from the secluded mountains of Albania who is on the cusp of transforming her life by pursuing a solid education in literature and a college degree. Mark Doda is a booze-swilling, chain-smoking recluse who enjoys firing his rifle and fixing up his Chinese pickup truck. Turns out, they’re actually the same person. Hana has made a promise to her dying uncle to obey the sacred customs of the Kanun, an ancient set of Albanian traditions which allow her to live out the rest of her days as a chaste man, in order remain free from an arranged marriage and firmly in control of the family household. Once taking the vow there’s no turning back, or is there…

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Sex Criminals: Volume One by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky


Get on your bikes and ride

Who can an awkward young teen first discovering his or her budding sexuality turn to in order to get their burning questions about erotic pleasure answered? Certainly not their parents. Yuk! School mandated sexual education classes? They cover the “this piece fits in here” and “keep it safe by using these” bits, but not what the deed itself should feel like physically and how performing the act will affect them emotionally. Their friends? Yeah, because their peers should be trusted as the super know-it-all experts on the subject. The internet? Some of what they could potentially be exposed to there is downright frightening. When it comes to having an open, honest discussion about sex, it seems that a teenager’s options are frustratingly limited.

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The Unknowns by Gabriel Roth


I wish I could be certain..

For Eric Muller, life has been a pattern of data intake, analysis, creation, and dissemination.  Life as a computer programmer has been lucrative, but it did nothing to prepare him for human interaction.  Now a lonely millionaire in his mid-twenties, Eric recognizes from the general pattern of human behavior that now is the time to find a nice girl and settle down.  But when his entire life has been built around numbers, codes, and data, the “unknown” factors of human intelligence and emotion are often intangible and especially difficult for Eric to grasp.

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The Fata Morgana Books by Jonathan Littell


An imaginary game to play

A Fata Morgana, for those not in the know, is a superior mirage, which means that the optical phenomenon that’s occurring appears above the real image on the horizon rather than below it.  Caused by a temperature inversion of warm air over cooler which combines with bent rays from a lower lying object, these mirages are constantly changing in appearance and tend to wildly distort the objects on which they are based, to the point of making them almost unrecognizable.  This is sort of like what author Jonathan Littell does with characters, settings, and situations in his novellas.  It’s a lot like it actually.

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