5 Fictional Parents who Disappeared Suddenly


It seems like you can’t open a book these days with stumbling across some kid who has either been kidnapped, is running away to join the circus, or is being shipped off to a “special” school for gifted learners to become some great magical something-or-other.  What about mom and dad though?  Can’t they partake in some excitement every once in a while?  Here are five fictional parents who surprised their children by up and disappearing quite suddenly.  Some left willingly to seek out adventure, but others vanished under far more nefarious circumstances.

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The Opinionless Virtual Book Club’s December 2012 Selection: The Middlesteins by Jami Attenberg


Critical Era is a free online contemporary fiction book club that meets with up and coming authors on a monthly basis to discuss their work.

Is it almost December already?  Where did the time go?

Earlier this year we tackled a book about obesity (Liz Moore’s Heft) and a book about a dysfunctional Jewish Family (Joshua Henkin’s The World Without You).  So it makes perfect sense (sort of!) that we would end the year reading a book about a dysfunctional Jewish family struggling with obesity issues!

That’s right, we’re pleased to announce that the last official read of the year will be author Jami Attenberg’s latest novel The Middlesteins:

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A Podcast with Simon Lelic


After a rather lengthy hiatus we’re finally back!  The Opinionless Authors series is our monthly podcast program dedicated to talking with up-and-coming writers about what fuels their creative process and what drives their work. Listen in as the Opinionless Virtual Book Club discusses our book of the month with the author.

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