The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage


That ghost is real as we are.  Maybe realer.

The sassy and charismatic folks of Tupelo Landing have returned in Sheila Turnage’s sequel to her 2012 debut children’s novel, Three Times Lucky.  In Three Times Lucky, 11 year-old Mo LoBeau and her best friend Dale established themselves as successful private detectives when they solved a local murder, and now the sleuthing continues when Mo’s guardian, Miss Lana, buys an abandoned inn that is rumored to be inhabited by ghosts.

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Capernaum by Julian R Vaca

Capernaum ★★★☆☆
A Novel by Julian R. Vaca
2013 / 200 Pages

Julian R. Vaca’s young adult novel Capernaum takes place in a sort of post-apocalyptic future.  The earth has frozen in its orbit of the sun, which means that there are no more sunrises or sunsets, and gravity must be maintained by a human-operated machine at the core of the planet.  In spite of the decaying state of the earth, 16 year-old Franklin Rivers has bigger things to worry about.  Not only has he been kicked out of school, but his sister has just disappeared, and Franklin fears that she may have been kidnapped.  But years ago, Franklin’s parents also vanished under mysterious circumstances, and he can’t help but wonder if the events are related.

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Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage


Three Times Lucky
A Novel by Sheila Turnage
2012 / 312 Pages

Mo LoBeau, the protagonist of Sheila Turnage’s debut young adult novel, is not your average 11 year-old.  She was born “during one of the meanest hurricanes in history” and for some reason, her “upstream mother” placed her infant daughter on a makeshift raft and hoped that she would float to safety.  Luckily, Mo was rescued in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina by a man known as The Colonel, who had the good sense to place the infant girl into the loving arms of Miss Lana.  The Colonel and Miss Lana raised Mo as their own, but she’s still awfully curious about her upstream mother, so she frequently sends out messages in bottles, hoping that she and her mother will someday be reunited by the very same water that separated them.

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The Unseen Guest by Maryrose Wood


The Unseen Guest
A Novel by Maryrose Wood
2012 / 340 Pages

In 2010, Maryrose Wood introduced us to The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place – Alexander, Beowulf, and Cassiopeia.  These three children were discovered by Lord Frederick Ashton running wild and unaccompanied in the Ashton Place woods.  The children were unofficially adopted by Frederick and his wife, Constance, and Miss Penelope Lumley was hired to serve as the children’s governess. Since the arrival of the wild, wolf-like children (they are known to howl, bark, and scratch), strange things have been happening at Ashton Place.

In the third installment of Maryrose Wood’s enchanting little series, Miss Lumley is certain that someone means to harm the children.  After receiving a strange and ominous message from a soothsayer, she is more protective than ever of her three wards.  When Frederick’s mother visits with a prospective fiance, Admiral Faucet, the household is thrown into disarray and Penelope and the Incorrigibles are thrust into all sorts of adventurous situations, such as a seance and a very revealing ostrich-hunting expedition.  In the meantime, some very mysterious events occur that lead the young governess to believe that the children are in immediate danger and must be protected……but from whom?  Or what?

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