The Killing: One Final Look At The AMC Suspect Tracker


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Who killed Rosie Larsen? That’s the question that AMC’s The Killing will finally answer at the end of this weekend. With just three days to go we’ve decided to take a closer look at all of the people that are currently listed on AMC’s Suspect Tracker webpage. We’ve tried to come up with a potential motive for each of them and we’ve also cast a verdict as to their supposed guilt.

Of course we also posted our own theory about what happened to Rosie involving butterflies which some of you laughed at, but we’re sticking by it and we promised not to update it again before the two part finale begins. That means we’re locked in at this point. Based on part one of the finale we probably got a few things wrong, but we’re still pulling for the monarchs and the waterfront to take center stage as the mystery behind Rosie’s final moments alive is finally revealed. You can read our detailed theory here.

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Let us know using the comment form below.

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The Mob Thug

Motive: Stan Larsen killed his father so in retaliation he killed Stan Larsen’s daughter.

Thoughts: If that was the case then Alexi would have skipped town long ago. The kid was after the truth. Once he overheard Janek and Stan confirm that his father was killed by Stan at Janek’s request he offed the mob boss as revenge. That act completed his story arc.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Bennet’s Wife

Motive: She found out that her husband was cheating on her with another school girl (she was once a student of Bennet’s herself!) and in a jealous rage she offs Rosie.

Thoughts: The murder involved a lot of strenuous activity, way too much for a pregnant woman that was as far along as Amber was at the time of the crime.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Mover

Motive: He was in love with Rosie.  He found out she was going to skip town to chase butterflies and in a rage offed her.

Thoughts: Seeing as Belko is dead and that Vagn (the Belko equivalent in Forbrydelsn) was the killer in the original and the producers have promised us that Rosie’s killer is not the same in the remake we think it’s a pretty safe bet that Belko did not do the deed.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Mayor’s Aid

Motive: He’s the Jamie of the Adam’s campaign, a loyal dude who will do anything, no matter how underhanded, to secure his place next to the man in charge. Did he learn about the waterfront break in and secretly make his way to the casino? Did he then attack Rosie Larsen because she overheard the meeting between Jamie, Nicole, and Michael?

Thoughts: This doesn’t seem to make any sense. If Rosie overheard the conversation about the planted bodies then wouldn’t Abani and Adams use her as a direct witness to the foul play? Why off her instead?

Verdict: Not Guilty, but there’s something about this guy we don’t like.

The Teacher

Motive: He was having an affair with Rosie and he murdered her so his pregnant wife wouldn’t find out.

Thoughts: Seeing as he was a suspect for half of first season and has pretty much been cleared of the crime at this point it seems unlikely that he’s the doer.

Verdict: Not Guilty, but with a word of advice: Stop writing personal letters to your female students.

The Politician

Motive: Met Rosie through the escort service and became obsessed with her, when she scorned his advances he killed her off in a manner that involved water as an homage to his wife’s accident.

Thoughts: Seeing as Richmond was spending a relaxing weekend at suicide bridge in Tacoma it seems unlikely the he killed Rosie.  Unless of course you believe that he jumped off a bridge, nearly died, was rescued, then hopped in a car, drove to the casino, abducted the girl, chased her through the woods, threw her in the trunk, put the car in the lake, and hitchhiked back to Tacoma by morning.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Holder’s Sponsor

Motive: Adams liked call girls. Rosie blackmailed Adams to save the butterflies. Gil took care of the girl to keep her quiet so Adams would secure the waterfront project and win the election .

Thoughts: Gil has inserted himself deep into Adam’s rectum, no doubt, but it seems his major crime is the doctored toolbooth photo that was retaliation for the bodies planted at the waterfront and not the murder of Rosie. Still, why was he hiding all the case evidence related to the murder in his storage locker?

Verdict: Not Guilty with a slim chance that he’s somehow involved, but did not ultimately commit the murder.

The Advisor

Motive: The powers of her vajayjay weren’t powerful enough to keep Richmond from straying and she saw Rosie as a potential threat to her politically powerful boy toy.

Thoughts: She was at Tacoma the night of the murder as well. It would be pretty easy to check which car she drove there so we’re guessing she returned the campaign car after cancelling dinner with Yitanis. Otherwise we’re to believe that she was driving around in the thing, back and forth all over the place for most of the evening and then thought it would be a splendid idea to not only murder the girl, but stick her in the trunk of the car she’d been driving around in all day. Then what does she do? Take a bus back to Tacoma?  Plus, why push her father so hard to get a Federal search warrant for the casino if she did the crime?

Verdict: Not Guilty

Imam Gelabi
The Imam

Motive: He hates white girls?

Thoughts: If you don’t have a first name and you haven’t had a speaking part since halfway through the first season then you’re not allowed to be the doer. Sorry, thanks for playing!

Verdict: Not Guilty

Campaign Manager

Motive: Rosie overheard something important at the secret meeting that was taking place on the tenth floor of the casino hotel between Jamie, Michael, and Nicole and in order to protect Richmond and his campaign he offed the girl.

Thoughts: Something about Jamie just doesn’t add up. Why does Richmond know nothing about his personal life even though they’ve been BFFs for ten years? If he did it he could have easily driven the campaign car to the casino, but why does he need to steal Gwen’s keycard? If he’s really all about Richmond then why would he do things like leaving Rosie’s body in the trunk of a campaign car if the direct result will cast suspicion on his candidate’s campaign?

Verdict: Jury’s out, but leaning towards a Not Guilty by way of last minute twist OR partial responsibility, but not the ultimate killer.

The Mob Boss

Motive: His boy Nowak planted the Indian bones at the waterfront. If Rosie accidentally saw him digging up the bones at Yupec Point while she was butterfly watching and could identify the man Janek would have reason to have the girl offed.

Thoughts: Janek wouldn’t have done the deed himself, he would have gotten Stan to do it. Oh wait, Stan was camping all weekend. He would have got Alexi to do it? Oh wait, Alexi sort of liked Rosie, though he did hate her at first, and Alexi certainly isn’t the “he” that Rosie is afraid of. Unless she’s leaving Alexi a voicemail to tell Alexi that she’s afraid because she just saw Alexi again?! Huh? Yeah, even we’re confused at this point.

Verdict: Not Guilty and happily dead

The Ex-Boyfriend

Motive: Sick of Rosie’s secrets and tired of her refusal to have sex, Jasper offs Rosie in a drug induced rage, OR tired of his dad’s cheating ways and thinking his dad is sleeping with his girlfriend, Jasper, with the help of his mom Sally, offs Rosie in a tag team event.

Thoughts: Jasper picked up an older woman at a bar and spent the entire night with her on the evening of Rosie’s murder.

Verdict: Not guilty

The Skater Kid

Motive: He’s jealous that Jasper is the one dating Rosie so he kills her off in a jealous, drug fueled rage.

Thoughts: He was banging Sterling in the cage while Rosie was off “doing something” after the Halloween dance and he’s homeless. Unless he’s got a hoverboard from Back to the Future we’re guessing he didn’t cross the water to get to the casino or steal the campaign car and fill it with gas.

Verdict: Not guilty

The Mayor

Motive: Did Rosie approach Adams with evidence that his waterfront project would mess with the migration patterns of her beloved Monarch butterflies? Did he off her to keep his construction project from falling apart?

Thoughts: Not the mayor, but possibly his aide Abani. Can anyone really see Adams chasing Rosie through the woods? It doesn’t seem likely that he’d actually catch her if he did. Plus, he’s the mayor; he’d get someone else like Sloane or Abani to do the dirty work for him. Why would even he or his minions be anywhere near the casino that night though? The meeting was between allies that were plotting against his interests and he was unaware that it was taking place.

Verdict: Not Guilty, with a slim chance that he’s guilty by association.

CarlsonLieutenant Carlson
The New Lieutenant

Motive: He killed Rosie for Adams in order to cover up the fact that Adams likes to hire prostitutes. In exchange Adams gave him Oakes job.

Thoughts: Seems too far-fetched.  As much as Carlson doesn’t like Linden personally, he does seem to want to see the case solved, no matter where the evidence may lead.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Lieutenant Oakes
Sarah’s Boss

Motive: Rosie came to him to report about how the migration patterns of the Monarch butterflies would be ruined by the waterfront project and he said he would help her, but only if she’d sleep with him first. Loving to live on the wild side, he stole a campaign car, followed Rosie to the casino, abducted her, beat her, put her in the trunk and drowned her, and then INSISTED that his best detective stick around to see if she could ultimately crack the case, secretly laughing at her behind the scenes.

Thoughts:  It could have happened like this!

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Janitor

Motive: Obsessed with teenage girls, Lydon wanted to make his fantasy become reality and he raped and murdered Rosie.

Thoughts: So he stole a campaign car and followed her to the casino and then chased her through the woods? It could have happened, but if it did then couldn’t we have wrapped up this series about 22 episodes ago?

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Casino Maid

Motive: She was jealous of all the money the white girl was making working as a waitress on the floor of the casino so she killed her and stole her cash. She returned Rosie’s backpack to her family because she felt guilty about what she had done.

Thoughts: Nahhhhhhh.  If Mary murdered her, why would she help the family and the police by returning Rosie’s backpack?

Verdict: Not Guilty

Ms. Meyers
The Principle

Motive: Fearing overcrowding at the schools and dealing with budgets cuts, she cooks up a scheme to kill Rosie in order to reassign her locker to a new student.

Thoughts: Characters that weren’t even deemed valuable enough to be referred to by their first names should not be listed on the suspect tracker.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Jasper’s Father

Motive: Rosie overheard something important at the secret meeting that was taking place on the tenth floor of the casino hotel between Jamie, Michael, and Nicole and in order to protect his new waterfront venture which would ruin his wife and allow him to start again with Terry, he offed Rosie.

Thoughts: If the motive above is true then why does he now want nothing to do with Terry? If they executed the murder together wouldn’t they be in contact with one another to get stories straight, share information about what questions the police are asking, etc?

Verdict: Not guilty, but possibly an accessory; he may have beat Rosie at the hotel casino, but he wasn’t the one who ultimately offed her.

Alexi’s Mother

Motive: She wanted to make Stan Larsen suffer the same way she suffered when Stan killed her husband.

Thoughts: So she patiently waited sixteen to eighteen long years to exact her revenge?

Verdict: Not Guilty

Bennet’s Friend

Motive: He wanted to have a three-way with Bennet and Rosie, but when Rosie refused he stalked her in a stolen campaign car, followed her to the casino, beat her, chased her through the woods, threw her in the back of a trunk, and then went back to his life’s mission: helping young girls who are in distress.

Thoughts: If you believe this then wait until you see what’s in store for season three!

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Casino Manager

Motive: She’s a lesbian T-Rex who fell head over heels for Rosie (why else would she hire a white girl to work at an all Indian casino?), but when Rosie refused her advances she beat her, offed her, and decided she would bide her time until eventually blaming the whole thing on her head of security girlfriend Roberta.

Thoughts: She may have found Rosie eavesdropping on her conversation with Michael and Jamie on the tenth floor. Heck, she may have even beat Rosie as a direct result, but she didn’t murder the girl. Linden said putting someone in the trunk of a car is a passive way to kill because you don’t have to look at them. Jackson delighted in beating Holder. She would have wanted to watch Rosie suffer to the very end.

Verdict: Not Guilty, but possibly an accessory to the murder

Sarah’s Fiancée

Motive: Drive his wife-to-be insane? To what end?  Just for fun?

Thoughts: There’s been some wild speculation that Rick could be the killer and while we can see him as the person who’s calling child protective services on Linden and hanging pictures on her fridge, all in a bid to push her towards abandoning the case and realizing that she’s got important things in her own life that should take precedence over finding the killer of a dead teenage girl, we don’t see him killing Rosie. There’s no reason for him to be at the casino and no evidence pointing to the fact that he ever even met the girl…though he is in a hurry to get to Sonoma!

Verdict: Not Guilty

Casino Security

Motive: Her lover Nicole fell head over heels for Rosie and Roberta offed the girl to protect what’s hers.

Thoughts: Roberta seems genuinely afraid of Nicole. Murdering Rosie would be a huge stretch as it would piss Nicole off, to the point that she’d probably do more than just break a few of the woman’s fingers in a door.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Councilwoman

Motive: Tired of the countless unsuccessful operations to refresh her sagging vajayjay in a bid to respark the fire between herself and her plumber husband, Coucilwoman Yitanis cooks up a scheme to off Rosie and secretly steal her youth.

Thoughts: It seemed plausible as we were writing it, but now not so much.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Jasper’s Mom

Motive: Her husband may have been sleeping with Terry, but it’s also a little known fact that Sally herself was sleeping with Nicole, Oakes, Iman Gelabi, and Ms. Meyers. She tried to seduce Rosie after Jasper introduced her to his mom as his girlfriend, but Rosie wanted nothing to do with her. Fed up with girl rebuking her advances she cooked up an intricate scheme that involved convincing Jackson to give Rosie a job at the casino, Meyers to mess with the girl’s locker, Gelabi to convert her to Islam, and Oakes to threaten to arrest her. When all her plans backfire she figures that simple is better and murders the girl so that her husband won’t find out about her affairs and take all her money in the divorce.

Thoughts: Sally didn’t do shit.

Verdict: Not Guilty

EatonSenator Eaton
Gwen’s Father

Motive: He’s in bed with the Wapi Indian tribe and will do anything to secure their vote, including offing a meddling teen like Rosie Larsen.

Thoughts: Tertiary characters whose only claim to fame can be made through secondary characters should not be guilty. Characters that were deemed as unimportant as to never reference them by first name should not be guilty.  Characters from LOST who fathered Penny should not be guilty.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Father

Motive: Sick of having to take of the girl who isn’t his real daughter anyway, Stan offs Rosie because he doesn’t want to pay for her college education.

Thoughts: Some people have cast suspicion in Stan’s corner. Why did he go directly to Discovery Park? We say he did so because Mitch told him that’s where Rosie’s sweater was found and not knowing what else to do he went there to look for her. Why did Rosie have his ATM card? We say he gave it to her to use in case of an emergency because the rest of the family was away camping for the weekend. Speaking of which, the police cleared Stan’s alibi early on and confirmed that he never left the camp site.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Detective

Motive: Good question.

Thoughts: The actor who plays Holder recently said in an interview that his character did not commit the crime, so we’re going to take him at his word. We can’t see any reason how or why he’d do it.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The Best Friend

Motive: She’s sick of being the invisible, unpopular one, so in a jealous rage she murders Rosie to climb her way up the social ladder.  Oh yeah, and she can’t stand butterflies.

Thoughts: Seeing as she was screwing Kris and Jasper in the cage while Rosie was off doing “other things” after the Halloween dance it seems unlikely that Sterling was the killer. She certainly wasn’t following the girl to the casino on her bicycle. She does get nose bleeds though! Could she have bled all over the keycard found on the 10th floor? Was she plotting against Rosie with the help of a second killer? It seems too far-fetched to believe that she’d bleed all over the card and no one would clean it up before it was lost.

Verdict: Not Guilty by reason of stupidity

The Aunt

Motive: She sees a text on her boyfriend Michael Ames phone from Rosie’s phone (sent by Jasper) blackmailing the man. After Ames cancels their trip together she sees Rosie with him at the casino on the night of the murder. In a rage, Terry kills Rosie to protect what’s hers.

Thoughts: She seems like the most likely of the female suspects at this point. Terry is uber obsessed with Michael Ames and starting a new life with him. We know he was planning to actually leave his wife for her up until the time the murder occurred. Did Terry see Rosie as a threat to her future and mistakenly off her? Does Ames know Terry must have been involved somehow and then break things off? How’d she get the campaign car? How’d she get home? Did the taxi with the broken taillight stop at her place first before bringing Micheal Ames home?

Verdict: Guilty, We’re not quite sure how, but we’re convinced that Terry Marek ultimately put Rosie in the trunk.

The Billionaire

Motive: He wants a waterfront stadium to bring a basketball team back to Seattle. Rosie wants a butterfly sanctuary. Tom agrees to call the team the Seattle Monarchs. Rosie thinks that isn’t enough. He tries to pay her to keep her mouth shut about the butterfly migration, but when she balks he decides killing her is his best bet.

Thoughts: Tom HATES the mayor. Why would he put Rosie in the trunk of a car that belongs to campaign of the one man who can end Adams time as ruler of the city?

Verdict: Not Guilty

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Tell us who and why they did the evil deed using the comment form below!

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