The Killing: Season Two: Week Eleven


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Two weeks ago we introduced our in-depth theory about how Terry killed Rosie. We promised not to update it after the final two episodes started and we’re sticking true to our word. You can read the whole thing here What happened in this episode may change things a bit, or it may just be another red herring.  We won’t know for sure until the credit roll on next week’s season (series?) finale.

This week’s episode was flat out great.  The pace picked up as the investigation into Jamie and Gwen kicked into high gear.  Why are you still reading the intro?  Why are we still writing it?  It’s recap time!

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The_KillingThe episode opens with Holder and Linden at City Hall in Richmond campaign headquarters alone watching television news coverage of Richmond’s stunning suicide speech. Strange. When the detectives walked in at the end of last episode it didn’t seem like a TV was turned on. Did they turn it on? Holder’s first words of the episode are “Which one is it? Donnie or Marie?” Linden speculates that Gwen and Jamie are the only two players in the Richmond campaign that are powerful enough to broker a deal between the Indians and Michael Ames. The detectives leave the room.

Cut to the detectives getting off an elevator and trying to leave the building only to find that they’re surrounded by uniformed officers. Linden says “Come with me” to Holder and runs back into the elevator. Holder looks torn about what to do, but when Linden says she has an idea Holder follows her. Linden and her crazy ideas! This should be good. The officers of course reach the elevator after the doors close.

Cut to the mayor’s office where Mayor Adams, Gil Sloane, and Benjamin Abani are watching the news coverage of Richmond’s speech as well. They are talking to each other about sticking things in places. Linden bangs on the glass door. The Mayor turns to Sloane and says “I thought you took care of this!” Abani opens the door and Linden rushes in and tells the Mayor that she knows about the photo that he planted of Richmond on Desolation Bridge. She tells him that she has a copy of it and that she’s going to the Seattle Times with it or they can make a deal because they have a common enemy. Winded, the police officers arrive to arrest Linden and Holder. Linden says “You want to win this election, call off your dogs.” Gil Sloane urges the officers to remove Linden and Holder from his presence. Holder says that there’s only nine hours until the poles open. Linden says that they’re running out of time.

The_KillingCut to the opening credits where Katie Findlay is listed as a guest star. Looks like we’ll be seeing Rosie tonight!

Cut to the mayor’s office which has been cleared out except for Holder, Linden, Adams and Abani. Linden is telling the Mayor that she knows the Richmond campaign screwed him first by planting the Indian bones. Things are getting good now. Our detectives are getting smart and they’re finally making some assumptions that are correct. Adams says the photo of Richmond was meant as a distraction and that Richmond never would have went to jail. Holder talks about everything that happened because of the photo being collateral damage. Adams tells him not to lay his guilt over the way they botched things at his feet. Linden says “You doctored the photo to win the election, not to cover up Rosie’s murder. We know you weren’t involved in her death.” A little too quickly Abani says “But the Richmond camp was?” Sorry, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like this guy. Linden tells Adams that the following will happen: he’s going to call off her arrest, get Sloane and Carlson off their backs, and let them solve this case and in exchange they’ll pursue their lead and drop anything related to pursuing who it was that doctored the photo. What the heck? Wow. Not for nothing, but Richmond was super helpful and compliant when Rosie turned up dead in one of his campaign cars, to the point that he jeopardized his own campaign and went against his advisors wishes. For all his trouble he ended up falsely arrested and shot and now to save her own skin and solve the murder Linden is willing to be as corrupt as those around her? Good stuff.

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where Stan is handing Mitch a mug of something warm. Tea? Coffee? Hot Cocoa? Will we ever find out?!?! Mitch is asking if they got a dog and Stan tells her that the boys needed something good in their life. Mitch apologizes for leaving and Stan tells her that it doesn’t matter because she’s home now. Right on queue in walks the murderous Terry with Tommy and Denny in tow. They’ve just finished trick or treating. Denny runs up to Mitch and hugs her and says that they got a dog and he knew that she would return. Mitch motions to Tommy to join them but he instead storms off and after telling Mitch that she’s glad that she’s back Terry goes off to talk to him.

Cut to Holder and Linden in a parked car at night smoking cigarettes and trying to crack the case. Holder is on the phone listening to a voice mail which states that Chief Jackson will have the security camera footage ready tomorrow, but that the detectives must pick it up themselves. Linden says “What did Carlson say?” Holder says “You’re still on suspension until your hearing.” Linden says she doesn’t care as long as he leaves them the hell alone. Linden then speculates that if Gwen wasn’t Richmond’s alibi then he wasn’t hers either and that she could have make her from Tacoma to the casino and back when Richmond slipped away to off himself. Holder wonders if Gwen would have chased Rosie through the woods and beat her unconscious. Linden says that it doesn’t track except for the part about the trunk. Rosie was still alive when it went in the water and she says that it’s a really passive way to kill because you don’t have to look at the person when they die. She says that generally men kill with knives and guns, but not women. DUN-DUN-DUN. We’re getting closer to the Terry reveal! Linden looks at the timeline and says that earlier that night Gwen had a meeting scheduled with Yitanis at a yacht club. She says that Gwen said that she cancelled the dinner, but didn’t say why. Holder in turn says that Jamie worked late and then went home to his grandfather who alibied him. Linden tells Holder to go talk with grandpa while she tracks down who is in charge of keycards. She makes to get out of the car but Holder stops her. He tells her that on the night of Rosie’s death Jamie was at the City Hall gym at 4:37 AM and that the security guard who let him in said that he didn’t have his keycard.

Cut to the Seattle skyline and the words Day Twenty Five Election Day appear across the bottom of the screen.

The_KillingCut to Richmond pulling a Reagan and getting a haircut. Gwen is with him. He’s having useless banter with a barber named Charles. Gwen gets off her phone and tells him that the preliminary polls aren’t great. He says that he’s glad that he told the truth. Gwen’s phone rings again and she goes off in the corner to answer it.

Cut to Linden at City Hall, she’s on her cell phone asking Holder if he talked to the grandfather yet.

Cut to Holder in an alley telling Linden that grandpops seems on the level and that he said that Jamie was in all night. He also tells her that he’s following up with Yitanis about Gwen’s story and that he hasn’t heard anything yet.

Cut to Linden at City Hall telling Holder to give her an hour and then they’ve got to go get the discs from the casino. Linden tells Holder that she’s about to talk to the man in charge of the keycards and hangs up. The man looks nervous when Linden introduces herself and shows him the keycard. He verifies that it is from his office. Linden asks him who the card belongs to. The man apologizes and says that he doesn’t have a list because it got deleted from his hard drive. He says that he must have left his computer while it was still logged on and somebody must have tampered with it. WTF? Bullshit. Access keycards are PROGRAMMED into a SECURITY SYSTEM, they don’t work or not work because a spreadsheet on someone’s desktop computer got deleted. Linden asks him when he noticed it that it had been deleted. He punches some keys and looks at his computer screen and says “Monday, October 8th.” Linden tells him that that’s the Monday after Rosie was murdered and asks him why he didn’t bring it up. He’s speechless. Linden asks if anyone requested a replacement card. She wants to know if anyone came looking for a new card after that weekend. He tells her yes, Gwen Eaton did. Linden leaves. Guess our theory about the Mayor reprogramming the card was wrong.

The_KillingCut to the casino where Linden and Holder have arrived to pick up the security camera footage. A security guard gives them a bit of a hassle and the door the security office is locked. Linden calls Holder’s attention to a picture on the wall. Holder says “Girlfriend likes the limelight! Speaking of which…” The two turn around to see Jackson and Roberta arguing in the window. They wonder just what happened to Roberta’s hand which now is in some sort of cast. Linden wonders why it took Holder so long to figure out the Jackson is a lesbian. Jackson comes out of the office and hands them the security footage discs. Holder asks if there are any late fees on the DVDs. Jackson tells the detectives that she has fully complied with the federal warrant and that they have nothing to hide. Linden says “Right, nothing except the footage on the broken camera.” Jackson asks Linden if her head is feeling better. In response Linden asks Jackson what happened to her girlfriend’s hand. Jackson tells them that they know their way out and walks off. Linden turns back to the photographs on the wall and says “Is that Gwen Eaton?” Holder responds “Looks pretty cozy with the Wapis. Look like her pops too.” Linden says that that explains how she got involved with these lowlifes. I guess Linden stereotypes all Wapi Indians as being bad? She wonders what Gwen’s connection to Ames is and Holder takes a photo of the photo with his 1990s era cell phone.

The_KillingCut to the Holder and Linden outside City Hall meeting with Ruth Yitanis. She tells them that Gwen is the one that cancelled on her, not the other way around. Holder asks her if Gwen gave her a reason, Yitanis responds in the negative and says that Gwen left a message and said that something came up with the campaign. Wait. Doesn’t that qualify as a reason? Yitanis then says “I’m not a detective detectives.” Brilliant. Yitanis asks the pair if they find it odd that Jamie Wright has been Richmond’s trusted advisor for ten years and now suddenly over the past few months Gwen has supplanted him in the that role. Holder says “Meaning what.” Yitanis tells the detectives that Gwen’s modus operandi is to use her vajayjay to control her candidate. That she fakes being in love, whatever it takes, to benefit herself, just like her father. Linden asks if the Richmond campaign has any connection to Michael Ames or his Columbia Domain Fund company. Yitanis responds that CDF is aligned with the mayor and that Sally, not Michael is the one with all the money in the Ames family and that CDF is her company and Michael just acts as her errand boy. Holder then says “So the waterfront project going down screws her not him?” Yitanis calls Holder a slice of beefcake. Ha! Now who’s trying to use their vajayjay? She then wants to know if the security breach has anything to do with Ames, but Linden isn’t spilling the beans and thanks her for her time. Linden asks Holder where he got the info on Ames’ company and he replies “city planning department.”

The_KillingCut to Richmond in a voting booth. He wheels himself out to find people clapping and camera crews in his face. One female reporter asks him who he voted for and he responds “Oh I was supposed to vote? I thought that was the men’s room.” Let’s hope he didn’t dump out the contents of his colostomy bag all over the ballot box. Another female reporter than asks him about the voter response to his speech. He says that he ran an honest race and that he surrounded himself with people that he would trust with his life. A male reporter starts to ask a question, but Adams arrives on the scene and poses with Richmond for a photo op. Adams tells Richmond that his speech was the last of his career. Richmond tells him that he’s proud of it and asks him if he ever had one like that. Gwen tells Jamie that she called the car and that they’ll be around back. Gwen tells Richmond that he looks like he needs a break and that she knows a secret exit. She wheels him away from the reporters and the voters.

Cut to the rear of the building where Richmond is asking Gwen how long until the car arrives. She tells him ninety seconds. He asks her what’s wrong. She tells him that if she had known what he was going through that night…she says it’s not right and that it should be Richmond’s day, not Adams. He tells her that it’s out of their hands. She tells him that she tried really hard for him and that they came so far. The car pulls up and she tells him that she’ll him at the next stop and walks away.

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where Mitch and Denny have returned home. Denny is babbling on about some animal and the four stars he got on a project. Terry walks into the kitchen with a basket of laundry and says “hey guys!” Denny asks her to make him a grilled cheese. Mitch says she’ll make it, but Denny asks if Terry can make it because he likes the way she cuts off the crust. Mitch reluctantly agrees and tells Denny to get washed up. Denny leaves the room. Terry apologizes to Mitch and says they’ve been eating a lot of grilled cheese lately (who would have thought that special pan she has would mean so much to the boys?) and that everyone will probably be glad to get back to her cooking. Mitch starts folding the laundry as Terry begins to tell her that she found a new place to live not far from where they are. Mitch holds up a black thong and asks Terry if it belongs to her. She says that it does and that she threw a few of her own things in with the wash. Terry tells Mitch that she thought she should get her “ass in gear” because Stan bought the house and they’d all be moving. Mitch looks stunned, she’s says “What new house? What are you talking about?” Terry says “I’m sorry, I thought that you knew.” She tells Mitch she found out by accident and that she should talk to Stan about it. Mitch says that she will and Terry tells her not to be mad at him and that everyone did the best that they could while she was gone. Terry then said that it was hard and that Stan, the boys, “they needed…” Mitch responds “They needed what, Terry? They needed what?” Terry says nothing in response and Mitch tells her that she has no right to judge her. Terry tries to say that she’s not, but Mitch won’t hear it. Mitch tells her that she doesn’t know what it’s like because she doesn’t have a family or children. She asks her what she knows about any of this. Terry tells her that all she knows is that she’s been working her ass off to keep Mitch’s family together while she’s been off trying to find herself on a vision quest. Hey Terry, maybe if you didn’t MURDER THE WOMAN’s DAUGHTER you wouldn’t have had to. Boo hoo. Poor you. We’re not buying it. Terry says “You still had so much Mitch, but you walked out. You walked out.” I hope Terry remembers this bullshit when Mitch pulls the trigger and kills her in the finale. Remember when Mitch was out for blood against Bennet Ahmed and egged Stan on to make the guy pay? We know Stan’s a “changed man” now, but damn Terry, Mitch is gonna end you, and we can’t wait. We all grieve in our own ways and the only way Mitch can move on is to get justice for her daughter, and her brand of justice does not involve lawyers and trials.

The_KillingCut to the city planning department where Linden and Holder are pouring over documentation related to all five of Michael Ames companies which are eligible to bid on city contracts. Linden is on her cellphone to Ray. She hangs up and tells Holder that they’ve got Roberta and Jackson on the casino floor at 1:20AM so they couldn’t have attacked Rosie. Holder says “Ames was on a ferry, Indians were on the floor so the attacker must have been…” Linden cuts in “Donnie or Marie.” Holder discovers that one of Ames companies doesn’t have his wife’s name on the board, just his. Nereus Capital Properties. Wikipedia Time!:

In Greek mythology, Nereus (Νηρεύς) was the eldest son of Pontus (the Sea) and Gaia (the Earth), a Titan who with Doris fathered the Nereids, with whom Nereus lived in the Aegean Sea. In the Iliad the Old Man of the Sea is the father of Nereids, though Nereus is not directly named. He was never more manifestly the Old Man of the Sea than when he was described, like Proteus, as a shapeshifter with the power of prophecy, who would aid heroes such as Heracles who managed to catch him even as he changed shapes. Nereus and Proteus (the “first”) seem to be two manifestations of the god of the sea who was supplanted by Poseidon when Zeus overthrew Cronus.

The two detectives theorize that Ames setup the new company to double cross the mayor and screw his wife to boot! Oh man things are getting SO good. Terry is soon going to discover that she killed her niece in a mistaken case of jealous rage over nothing and that Ames really did want to be with her. Tragic. What’s the lesson here mistresses? Always listen to your married boyfriend when he says he’s going to leave his wife because he really means it! Linden looks at the dates the paperwork was filed and processed and calls over a clerk to ask why the request was expedited through the system. The clerk tells them that it isn’t illegal and that the request came in the form of an email from someone in Richmond’s office. Linden asks if it was Gwen Eaton. The woman responds “No, Jamie Wright.” Holder tells the clerk they are keeping all of the paperwork and instead of requesting copies the two steal the original documentation and exit the building.

The_KillingCut to Richmond campaign headquarters where Jamie is on phone yelling at Nancy about campaign posters being defaced in the last couple of hours. In walk Holder and Linden with the Nereus paperwork. Holder asks Jamie if he’s down with NCP and Jamie says that he thinks its construction and that he gets all those three letter companies confused. Holder then shows Jamie the email he sent personally requesting that NCP be expedited through the system. Jamie responds that yes, he sent it, and that it’s not illegal, and that they do favors for friends all the time. Linden says “But what about enemies? NCP is owned by Michael Ames, he’s playing on Adams side, not yours.” Holder wants to know if Jamie was trying to screw Richmond. Jamie responds that he’s trying to get Richmond a potential ally and that wooing the competition’s biggest donors happens to be a routine part of his job. Linden asks if Richmond knew what he was up to. Jamie in turn asks her if she tells her lieutenant every time she has a hunch that will lead to nowhere. Linden asks if Gwen was in on wooing Ames and Jamie gets in her face and tells her that he understands that she needs to do her job, but that he’s not about to dish dirt on a colleague and to ask her themselves. The detectives make to leave when Holder turns and says “Oh one more thing. You got your city hall keycard on you bro?” Jamie says “What?” Holder says “Your City Hall keycard. Do you have it?” Jamie pulls it out of his pocket and says “Now if that’s it, bro, I’ve got a campaign to resuscitate.”

Cut to Holder and Linden in a car. Linden is bumming yet another cigarette from him and he’s telling her that she’s going to need to get her own pack. They begin to theorize that Gwen and Jamie could have committed the murder together. Holder speculates that it explains the different methods of taking Rosie out if the act was committed by male/female co-killers. Holder then says that they know Ames cancelled his trip to Vegas because he got a call about the waterfront break in and that maybe that’s also why Gwen cancelled her dinner with Yitanis.

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where Stan hears the news on the radio that Janek was gunned down at point black range last night. He looks relieved because he’s finally free. The radio also announced that Richmond is not out of the running for Mayor just yet. Stan turns off the radio. In walks Mitch and the two start talking about the house. Mitch tells Stan that she now knows that’s where all the money went and she should have trusted him. He says that he should have told her, but that he wanted it to be a surprise and now it feels like a lifetime ago, back when there were good surprises. Mitch asks Stan if he’s planning to sell the place. Stan says maybe they could move there and make a fresh start. Stan tells her that there’s a yard and the boys can each have their own rooms. Mitch wants to be HERE with Stan and the boys and doesn’t want to just leave Rosie behind. Stan tells Mitch that there’s no moving on as long as they’re in this house. Mitch asks if that’s what their supposed to do, just move on and forget everything? Stan says yeah, that he think they should move on. Mitch looks at him and Stan raises his voice and tells her that she doesn’t have a right to look at him like that after what he’s been through. Mitch says that’s not fair. Stan asks what’s fair about it since she’s the one that left. Stan tells Mitch that the he and the boys need her and she walked out. Mitch says “I’m her mother.” Stan says “I’m her dad. What are you talking about?” Stan punches a locker and then tells Mitch that she can take as much time as she needs to figure things out, but that she cannot come back here and say that she loved Rosie more than he did. He then walks away.

The_KillingCut to the yacht club. While parking the car they discover that all license plate numbers are logged by the valet service and that all guests must sign in as part of club policy. Linden wants to know if the sign in sheet for Friday, October 5th is still there. Holder grabs the clipboard from the valet named Gibby and finds it. Linden whips out a picture of Gwen and asks Gibby if he remembers seeing Gwen there on the night of Rosie’s murder. He apologizes and says that he sees a lot of guests and that he doesn’t really remember. Holder finds Gwen’s sign in and the detectives discover that she was driving the campaign car Rosie was found in at 8:37PM on the night of the murder.

Cut to Richmond outside somewhere chatting with reporters. Gwen is off in the distance on her cellphone, she’s just received word that they’ve closed the gap. She tells the person on the other end of the line that she needs to tell Richmond and hangs up. As she starts to make her way towards Richmond, Linden calls out to her in her most manly voice from the opposite direction “Ms. Eaton! Do you have a minute?” Gwen spins and faces the detectives and tells them not really. Holder tells Gwen that they’re tracking a security leak at City Hall and he wants to know if she’s aware of any staff who lost keycards. She tells the detectives that hers was stolen out of her purse a few weeks ago and that she got a replacement. Gwen says that she already told the detectives that she was in Tacoma on the night of the murder. Linden wants to know what Gwen was doing when Richmond went missing for several hours. Gwen says that she was alone in a hotel room asleep. Linden asks about earlier that night and the appointment she had with Yitanis. Gwen tells them that she cancelled the meeting with the councilwoman because she wanted to see Darren that night and that she knew something was wrong. Linden asks Gwen what car she was driving that night. Gwen says her own. Holder tells her she took the campaign car to the yacht club. She says that yes, earlier she drove the campaign car, and then she drove her own car to Tacoma. Linden asks Gwen why she didn’t tell the detectives that she was driving the car that Rosie Larsen’s body was found in? Gwen says “You people nearly ruined a man’s life with your false accusations so I’d be very careful what I say right now if I were you.” Holder says “We’re just asking questions, you’re the one that keeps lying.” Linden says “How about we continue this down at the station Ms. Eaton?” Gwen says “Not unless you’re arresting me and if you continue to harass me or anyone else involved in this campaign I will have you shoveling reindeer shit at the Christmas parade. Do I make myself clear?” Gwen walks away and Holder tells Linden that it’s not real reindeer in the parade and that it’s huskies with antlers strapped to their heads.

The_KillingCut the Larsen residence at night where Mitch is putting the boys to bed. She hugs Denny goodnight, but Tommy still hasn’t warmed to her. Denny asks Mitch if she’s okay and tells her that she can make them grilled cheese tomorrow. She says thank you and sweet dreams. She then kisses Tommy goodnight and turns off the light.

Cut to Richmond campaign headquarters where the latest numbers are being written on a whiteboard. Adams: 83,982, Richmond:83,005. Everyone cheers. Jamie tells Richmond that they can still win this damn thing. Richmond then thanks Jamie for standing beside him this whole time and talks about how not even his family did that. Then has says it’s that time. Richmond wheels away and Jamie calls him a pussy for not wanting to watch his own returns come in to see if he won. Richmond wheels himself out of the room and gets a call on his cellphone. He looks confused and asks who he is speaking to. He then looks over through the window at Jamie and says “What do you want?”

Cut to Holder’s apartment where Linden and Holder are talking about the case and Linden is still chain smoking. Holder is bitching that they’re never going to get the security footage from the missing camera because Ames lawyered up and Donnie and Marie are done talking. Linden tells him that there’s always a way in and that people tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. Holder, all hurt-like says “You never told me he was your shrink. Rick.” Linden responds “Your point? You think I’m going to go nuts again?” Holder says that he’s got her back and that she should think of him as her sensei in the blood sport of life. Linden smiles. Holder laughs. Oh yeah, back to the dead girl. Linden tells hHolder to check out the photo of the photo they snapped earlier in the casino. The woman standing next to Chief Jackson has a broken arm. Just like Roberta’s hand!

The_KillingCut to the casino security office where Linden and Holder have arrived to put pressure on Roberta to get the missing disc. They tell her that Jackson sold out her last head of security and that she has a history of using people, abusing them, and throwing them under the bus when it suits her. They show Roberta evidence that the woman with the broken arm is now serving jail time for a murder she claims that she never committed and that Jackson got full immunity in exchange for her testimony. Roberta speculates that maybe the woman is a lying bitch. Linden tells Roberta that Jackson sold out her last girlfriend and that she’ll do it again to her, but that she doesn’t really need them to tell her that because she already knows. Linden tells her that she’s smart enough to know that Jackson will screw her over eventually and that she must have kept the camera footage as leverage just in case. Linden accuses the woman of breaking into her hotel room and putting the drawing up on her fridge and tells her that her son is gone because of her. Roberta denies breaking in. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we never did find out who was actually harassing Lund in the original Forbrydelsen, did we? Holder pushes Linden back. Linden tells Roberta that she needs to strike first and that Nicole was on the 10th floor that night, but that she wasn’t, and that the disc is the only thing that proves it. Are we really supposed to believe Jackson may have murdered Rosie? Linden says the crime was passive. We know Jackson watched Holder get beaten and delighted in it. She may have hit the girl, but she would most certainly would have wanted to watch her die. She wouldn’t have shoved her in a trunk. Holder says “Give us the disc.”

The_KillingCut to Richmond arriving at an old house in his town car. There’s a black cat in a second story window and it’s raining outside. He says “I’m going to be a while Jerry. Maybe you want to take a break? I’ll call you when I’m ready to leave.”

Cut to Holder and Linden watching the security footage. They see the campaign car entering the parking lot at 12:58 AM. They can’t see who is driving. Linden says “Put in the other disc.” Holder puts in a disc that is clearly mislabeled. It says “Security Cam #17 10th Floor Elevator” Huh? Doesn’t the elevator stop on every floor? Doesn’t every elevator in the building stop on every floor? There’s only one that goes to the 10th floor? Is it an express? Really? At 1:02AM Rosie gets in the elevator and uses a key to go to the 10th floor.

Cut to “Grandpa Ted’s” house where it’s clear that Jamie has been lying and the man clearly has use of both of his legs. Richmond tells him to cut to the chase and that if he is who he says he is to just prove it. The man asks Richmond what his hurry is and says “You need to go somewhere and make another speech about me?” Great, like we need a new mysterious character with one episode to go.

The_KillingCut to Holder and Linden watching the elevator footage. It sure is lucky that everyone used the same elevator! Jackson gets in at 1:04AM and uses a key to go to the 10th floor. Ames gets in at 1:05AM and uses a key to go to the 10th floor. Jamie gets in at 1:07AM and uses a key to go to the 10th floor. He stares right at the security camera.

Cut back to “grandpa Ted’s” house where Jamie has arrived. He looks at the man and says “What did you do? What was so important that you had to talk to me tonight?” Richmond says “Why did you lie to me Jamie?” Jamie turns and looks stunned to see Richmond sitting there.

Cut to Holder and Linden watching the security footage and zoom in close on Jamie’s face.


A few things to chew on:

Rosie isn’t dressed up when she gets in the elevator yet Sterling told detectives that she was that night after the dance and that she always was when she was going to see Jasper. Was Rosie just trying to throw Sterling off her trail? Even so, Sterling must have known she wasn’t heading to Jasper’s place since the girl was screwing him and Kris at the after party in the cage.  Strange.

If Jamie really is involved in hurting Rosie and wanted to pin it on Gwen why didn’t he take the bait instead of defending her when Holder and Linden stormed into the campaign office to ask about NCP? Back in the early days when Richmond has a mole in his campaign Jamie asks him “How did you know irt wasn’t me?” and Richmond replies that if it was him he would have found a smarter way to screw him. Is using the campaign car and stealing Gwen’s keycard to commit this crime somehow connected to something smarter?  It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Why didn’t the detectives check the security camera to see if anyone went up to the 10th floor BEFORE Rosie did? She was attacked in one room, but there’s a whole floor where someone else could have been hiding, no?

So Jamie was the first to attack Rosie? Why? When had she seen him before? At the one campaign rally she attended? Did she approach him about the plight of the butterflies? Why would he threaten her when he could easily dismiss her? If Jamie really is involved then what was he playing at and why would “grandpa” suddenly have a change of heart and want to out him to Richmond as a liar? Why would Rosie be so afraid of Jamie?

All will be revealed next week? We shall see!

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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