The Killing: Season Two: Week Five


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

This week on AMC’s The Killing detectives Linden and Holder seemed more interested in discovering the true identity of Rosie’s father rather than that of the man who ended her life, Gwen returned from Washington (I know, we don’t care either), Mitch’s plot line with Tina FINALLY got resolved (yay!) and even if the police didn’t, we all learned the name of Rosie’s real father.

Don’t let all of that fool you into thinking this was a good episode. On the contrary, it was filled with more continuity errors than any episode of the entire series. Badges appear and disappear. Jasper mysteriously vanishes from a room full of people. Windows are up, then down, then up again. Sloppy, lazy detective work meets sloppy, lazy filming and editing. Great.

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The_KillingThe episode opens with Terry sitting in the backseat of a black town car with Michael Ames. From their conversation it becomes crystal clear that they had been carrying on with an illicit affair up until the night of Rosie’s death. Terry pleads with Michael not to throw what they have away. She cries that he can’t let his wife rule his life. At this point Michael turns, pinches her talk hole shut and tells her that no one rules his life, not his wife Sally, and not her. He then releases her face from his meaty grasp and reaches over to unlock her door, a clear signal for her to leave. As Terry silently weeps he says “Stop calling me.”

Cut to the opening credits.

Cut to the Seattle skyline and the words Day Nineteen appear across the bottom of the screen.

Cut to Linden talking to Holder on her cell phone outside of the Larsen residence. She tells him that he needs to talk to all the limo drivers and that she put in a call again about the casino warrant. As Stan makes his way over she pushes Holder off of the phone. Linden informs Stan that Alexi had nothing to do with Rosie’s death and the asks him how long he’s known that he wasn’t Rosie’s biological father.

The_KillingCut to Mitch’s room at the Olympia Motel. I used to think Richmond’s storyline was the weakest, but this one has now far surpassed it. Can you guess how it will end? Rosie wanna-be Tina (I have no idea when she was actually given a name, but IMDB insists she has one) knocks on the door and Mitch opens. She’s soaked from the rain because her idiot boyfriend (the one she previously said wasn’t her boyfriend?) locked her out of her room. Tina enters the room and immediately notices that Mitch has cable. Mitch tells her to get out of her wet clothes and to take a shower. The two then kiss passionately.

Cut back to Linden and Stan. Stan tells her that he and Mitch knew each other from the neighborhood (I got in one little fight and my mom got scared…) and that they dated for years. They broke up briefly and when they got back together she informed him that she was pregnant. He knew that he would never leave her, even if he wasn’t the actual father of the spawn growing inside her. Linden asks Stan who Rosie’s father was, but Stan replies that he doesn’t know and that he never asked. Stan wants to know what this has to do with who “took Rosie away.” Linden replies “maybe it doesn’t.” Stan swears that neither he nor Mitch told Rosie and he wonders how she found out. Linden tells him that Rosie was going through some difficult times because of it and that Alexi was her friend. Linden then asks Stan if he had any problems with Rosie over the past few months. Stan responds that he and Rosie were always good. Linden asks Stan if he has any idea how Rosie found out. Stan remembers seeing Rosie looking through the stuff in that crazy looking box Mitch took with her. He claims Rosie got it from Mitch’s parents. Linden asks to talk to Mrs. Larsen and Stan informs her that she’s gone. Stan says he has to go and Linden asks him if she can look through Rosie’s room. AGAIN? Seriously? How many times is this room going to be analyzed?

Cut Richmond’s hospital room where we find Jamie having some difficulty tying Richmond’s shoes. Richmond asks him if he’s dyslexic. The two then talk strategy for Richmond’s upcoming interview with the notoriously bitchy woman known only as Kelly. Jamie tells Richmond to stay positive. He says “nothing but roses and puppy dogs.”

The_KillingCut to Rosie’s bedroom where Linden is playing with a tube of the dead girl’s cosmetics and smiling euphorically. She’s distracted from her potential orgasm by the sound of wind chimes. She opens Rosie’s window to discover a soaking wet ashtray and pack of cigarettes on the landing. Please tell me someone’s been smoking out there since the last time they checked the room. They don’t seriously expect us to believe that no one looked out that window the last 9,471 times the police were there, do they? Linden’s phone rings, it’s Holder. He informs her that he found the limo that went down to the ferry that night and asks her to guess who the passenger was. She refuses. He tells her it was Michael Ames and that the driver said he had an overnight bag with him. Holder asks who else had a bag with them that night. Linden says that she doesn’t buy that Rosie was sleeping with her boyfriend’s dad.

Cut to Holder at police headquarters. He tells Linden that he checked into it, and that Michael Ames had a flight booked to Las Vegas on the night of Rosie’s murder, but that he never got on. Holder then tells her that she sucks at guessing and that someone who wasn’t Rosie was supposed to have a seat next to him on the plane that night.

Cut back to Linden in Rosie’s room staring at a picture of the girl with her best friend Sterling.

The_KillingCut to Terry dropping off Seattle’s ugliest brothers outside of school. Holder and Linden are there and of course they want some answers. Terry tells the detectives that she met Michael at a party thrown by the dating service and that he wasn’t a client and that they didn’t even kiss that first night. Holder asks her if she ever kisses and wonders if that’s supposed to be against her code. A fuse blows in Terry’s brain at this point and it’s clear she’s living in a fantasy world. She tells the detectives that what she and Michael shared was real and that they were looking at condos together. They ask her about the Vegas trip that was planned for the night of Rosie’s murder and she tells them that Michael cancelled on her at the last minute. Terry tells Linden that she was supposed to pick him up at the Indian casino ferry. Holder’s phone rings and he walks away. Terry continues telling Linden all about her fantasy belief that Michael loved her. She even claims that they “have a connection” and that she understands him. Holder calls Linden over to him so they can talk privately. He tells her that Rosie’s “burn-a-phone” records just came back and that she sent Michael Ames a text a few weeks before the murder that said:

“$5000, I want the money or I’ll tell your wife.”

The_KillingCut to police headquarters where Linden and Holder and are back at their whiteboard antics with a laughable “timeline” of Rosie’s summer on display. Linden calls Mitch on her cell phone, but gets voicemail. She doesn’t leave a message. The camera pans down and we can see that Linden has stolen a trophy from Rosie’s room. She has the orgasm inducing cosmetic container in her hand. Holder cracks a joke about the movie A Beautiful Mind. Linden asks him what he’d do if he found out that the father that raised him for seventeen years wasn’t his real dad. Holder responds that he’d find the real one and beat his ass into the ground. Holder wonders if Ames was Rosie’s father or her john. Linden says that either way she was blackmailing him and thinks that maybe the casino was their meeting spot. Holder finds an older newspaper which highlights the fact that Michael Ames and Mayor Bud Adams are good friends. Linden thinks that Michael may have turned to Bud to clean up his mess. Holder goes one step further, why not pin it on Richmond. “Two birds, one rock.” Linden calls in a request for a warrant to procure the phone records for Michael Ames without providing a badge number (which apparently you only need when procuring faked photographs of mayoral canidates at toll booths) and says that she’ll simply drop off the required paperwork later. Holder wonders why Rosie would hook up with Jasper if she knew that Michael was her father because that would make them half siblings.

Cut to one of the Ames’ residences where Holder and Linden have arrived to question Jasper who has skipped out on attending school. Jasper grabs a bottle of champagne and the three head downstairs to the indoor pool where Holder informs the teen that he wasn’t the only one sticking it to Rosie. Jasper responds that the detectives don’t have a clue. Linden says “Please bestow on us your wisdom.” Jasper responds by telling the detectives that Rosie wasn’t a prostitute. He claims she was a dork and a total virgin. Wouldn’t this have come out in the autopsy? Even if she was raped wouldn’t their be some evidence that would suggest it was her first time? Holder tries to accuse Jasper of lying. Jasper asks him if anyone’s ever told him that he’s white. ZING! Linden asks Jasper if he ever had sex with Rosie. He replies that he never did and that the “bitch was like meat kryptonite.” He tells the detectives that Rosie hated her life and thought it was all fake. Linden asks Jasper about his dad’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. He tells her that he saw his dad get out of a taxi cab with a broken taillight around 4am. Jasper then tells the detectives that he doesn’t know anything else and suggests that they next talk to his father’s whores. Linden can’t help but throw a parting verbal jab at Jasper about his not being in school like she’s a mother of the year.

The_KillingCut to Richmond being interviewed by Kelly, as if anyone cares. She’s asking him about the shooting and if he ever got down in the dumps and he lies through his teeth about how awesomely strong he is. Really though, what’s he going to say? “Well, I did almost manage to kill myself the night Rosie Larsen was murdered, so really, this is nothing…”

Cut to Washington where Gwen is watching the interview with two colleagues. They think that Richmond must be high on painkillers if he thinks that he can win the election. Gwen of course sticks up for him. Gary Condit is mentioned.

Cut back to Richmond and Kelly. Now she’s asking him more lame questions about being arrested and getting shot and not being able to walk. She keeps asking the same question a different way. She wants to know what he felt. Please don’t tell the story about Jamie’s grandpa Ted. He tells it. Jamie smiles as Richmond exploits the pain of his family member for his own personal gain.

Cut to Gwen having lunch at a restaurant with her father Charles Widmore. He keeps talking about the old days. He literally finds a way to say the phrase “the old days” in every sentence he speaks within this scene. Gwen doesn’t share his fondness for the past and recalls her fourteen year-old self being eye fucked by politicians. He invites her to a fundraiser on Tuesday night. She doesn’t respond.

The_KillingCut to a construction site where Michael Ames is hard at work chatting. Jasper pulls up in a car, hops out, marches over to his father and says “Asshole. You can’t leave any piece of ass alone can you?” Michael pulls him aside and tells him to never come to his workplace and talk to him like that. Jasper tells him that the cops came to the house and implied that Michael was screwing her. He asks if it’s true.

Cut to Stan sitting in his truck across the street from Monica’s house. He sees Alexi emerge which is weird, because last time we say him his lawyer was escorting him into Yannick’s restaurant and Holder was talking about how the kid was going off the grid to be deprogrammed. Stan starts to get out of his truck to go over and talk to Alexi, but then Monica comes out and he thinks better of it. Monica and Alexi get into her car and drive off.

Cut to Mitch’s room at the Olympia Motel where Mitch and Tina are discussing molestation and practicing ballerina moves. Tina tells Mitch how she’s going to be in the Cincinnati ballet and that as soon as she gets enough money she’s going to Ohio to stay with her cousin. Mitch ruins the moment by asking Tina if she’s told her mom about her plans. Mitch pleads with her to call her mother to let her know that she’s okay. Tina gets up in a huff and discovers that her clothes are missing. Mitch explains that they were wet so she took them to be dried. Tina wants them back right now. Mitch continues talking shit she knows nothing about. Like how Tina’s mother will forgive her no matter what happened and that the woman loves her and must be worried sick about her. Whatever Mitch. Maybe the mom physically abused Tina. You don’t know. Why are you automatically jumping to conclusions and taking sides in an argument you know nothing about? Oh that’s right. Rosie died. That entitles you to pass judgment on everyone else’s actions for the rest of time.

The_KillingCut to the laundry room where we find Mitch folding Tina’s clothes and crying.

Cut back to Mitch’s room where she returns with the folded clothes. She finds Tina asleep in her bed and quietly grabs a pillow and snuffs out the annoying girl’s existence pulls the blanket up to cover her entire body.

Cut to Linden and Holder in a car. Holder is driving, Linden is ignoring messages on her cell phone from Jack’s father. Linden gets mad at Holder for smoking so in response he lowers the window so slightly that it would be physically impossible to lower it any less in one push of the automatic button. After he lowers the window it mysteriously goes back up in the next shot and even further up in the next until it is entirely closed. Cut away again and the window is back down. Linden calls the DA’s office to get a status update on the Michael Ames warrant only to discover that Carlson has pulled it along with the casino warrant as well. She hangs up and flips out. It’s obvious that she’s starting to lose her grip.

Cut to police headquarters where the continuity issues only get worse. Linden is all set to charge into Carlson’s office and demand an explanation when the door opens and Gil Sloane emerges. Sloane walks away and Linden asks Carlson why her warrants were pulled. He says that they’ll have to discuss the issue later because Michael Ames, Jasper Ames, and their lawyer are here to see her. The three men walk down the hall wear visitor badges around their necks! Ha! Like Stan ever needed one the 5,623 times he randomly walked the hallways.

The_KillingCut to a conference room within the station where Carlson, Linden, Holder, Jasper, Michael, and the lawyer are talking. Mysteriously the badges have all disappeared. Jasper confesses to using Rosie’s phone to send his father the blackmail text because he’s sick of his father’s lies. Michael tells the police that he believes the use of a cell phone to attempt extortion is a felony and that they should feel free to keep Jasper overnight. Linden responds that it still doesn’t explain Michael’s whereabouts on the night of Rosie’s murder. The lawyer introduces a timetable of Michael’s activities after his time at the casino complete with a receipt for a candy bar purchased at a snack bar on a ferry. The detectives ask about his time at the casino and Michael, who is now once again wearing the elusive visitor’s badge responds that he went there for pleasure. Holder asks him if he went to a casino for pleasure before getting ready to take a trip to Vegas. He responds yes. Cut back to the lawyer who is suddenly wearing his badge again. He says this was helpful, but that they have to leave. It can clearly be seen that Carlson opens the door and only the lawyer and Michael (who is once again badge-less) exit. Left alone in the room with the detectives Jasper…wait…Jasper DISAPPEARED. None of the detectives think this is strange. Perhaps he’s hiding under the table? Did he turn invisible? Whatever the case may be the three start discussing intimate details about the investigation. Carlson tells Linden that they don’t need another high profile mishap and that he pulled the casino warrant because what she had wasn’t sufficient for a search. RIGHT. That video of ROSIE at the casino and the ATM outside the casino wasn’t enough! Linden asks Carlson if there is anybody on the potential suspect list that she can talk to. Holder sticks up for Linden. Carlson wants to know, if Michael Ames killed the girl, where did he hide her body on the ferry. He suggests that it could have been on the hat rack. Linden loses her shit again about talking to Michael Ames. Carlson tells her not to let her emotions get the best of her and says that he’s read her file. He then exits the room. Holder asks her if she’s okay and she responds that she’s fine.

The_KillingCut to the cemetery where Stan is visiting Rosie’s grave. Alexi walks up to him and the two have a conversation about Rosie and Alexi’s dad. Stan tells Alexi that his father was a decent man and never confirms nor denies that he killed him. Alexi says that he knows he was a lazy ass thief so Stan took care of him, but that the hit wasn’t sanctioned so he was then kicked out of the mob. Stan looks perplexed. Alexi says that Yannick should have killed Stan and put him in the trunk. Stan asks Alexi why he doesn’t do it. Alexi tells Stan that he watched him for months and that he would have, but that Rosie saved his life.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room and in a scene that isn’t worth spending much time on Gwen enters while Richmond and Jamie are trying to drum up support for the campaign by making telephone calls to local residents. Gwen pitches for her job back, Richmond rebukes her. Gwen makes to leave and Jamie chases her down the hall and tells her it was good to see her again.

The_KillingCut to a party being thrown by Sally Ames. Linden and Holder party crash to ask her a few questions. She tells them that all the money is hers and that she and her husband have an open relationship. He’s allowed to play around as long as he never leaves her. She says that she was travelling the night Rosie was killed so she doesn’t know where Michael was. The detectives imply that Michael is Rosie’s father, but Sally quickly shoots that down as the couple was living in Indonesia at the time. As the two are leaving they see Indian casino chief Nicole Jackson arriving at the party (if there’s a more Indian name than that I’ve certainly never heard it…) Linden suggests that they should put a tap on Ames’ phone (she doesn’t actually say WHICH Ames). Holder tells her to chill or Carlson will throw that file in her face again. Linden says that they know Rosie saw Michael at the casino on the night of her death.  Why is she so sure?  She could have tracked down her real father or she could have even see Terry (though in her message to Alexi she does say “him”…)  The two get in their car and drive off.

Cut to Mitch’s motel room where even though there are two beds she has chosen to sleep in the same one as Tina. She strokes Tina’s hair and and says “Oh baby I’m so sorry.” Awake, Tina rolls over and strokes her hand and asks if it’s okay. Mitch says “No sweetheart. Let’s just lie here awhile.”

Cut to Gwen in a room eating dinner and watching a speech that mayor Bud Adams is giving. Richmond calls her up and puts her back on the campaign. He makes it clear that there is no longer a personal relationship between them. Gwen tells Richmond to call him immediately if Jamie tries to breast feed him.

The_KillingCut to Linden and Jack returning to their motel room after a shopping trip. As they enter their room we can see that the broken light outside their door is being repaired. Jack is yammering on about some stupid test he took and how badly he did. He’s lying! He did GREAT! Linden goes to hang the test on the fridge, but when she does she freaks out yet again because she discovers the picture from her old case, the one with all the trees, the case that forced her to have breakdown, already hanging there (by a Happy Day Inn magnet no less, which is weird, because that’s not where they are staying.) She asks Jack if he put it there, but he says no. She’s wearing a gun holster and in one episode last season she actually taught Jack how to shoot. This is a major difference between her and the original Lund. Lund never carried a gun on her person, a fact that got her partner killed. So in this new version is Linden going to spiral down so far that she accidentally shoots and kills Holder herself? Please AMC, go for it. Don’t shy away from the difficult storylines. Anyway, Linden freaks out, moves stuff around, and then goes out in the hallway and looks around.

Cut to Mitch’s motel room where she’s watching Richmond and Kelly on TV. She looks over and discovers that Tina has left and that she’s been ripped off by the girl. SURPRISE! She looks on the floor and sees that her crazy looking box has been ransacked as well.

Cut to Holder in his kitchen. He gets a call from Linden who asks if he’s home. He says yes and she bangs on the door. He opens it and she tells him the she and Jack need to crash there for the night.

Cut back to Sally Ames’ party where we can see that Benjamin Abani, Nicole Jackson, and Bud Adams are all hanging out together having a good time.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Terry and Stan share a knowing glance with one another.

Cut back to Mitch’s motel room where she opens up a letter that she wrote and addressed, but never sent to Rosie’s real father:

David Rainer
892 Stanton Street
Blaine, WA 98230

The letter says:

Dear David,

I’m writing to tell you I’m two months pregnant. I’m not sure what to do.

I wasn’t sure that I should send this letter, but in the end I wanted you to understand why I couldn’t see you anymore. I met somebody. He’s a really caring wonderful man-different from you in many ways, but I think you like each other. Anyway, I’m going to marry him. [the rest of the first side is unreadable]

The baby is due in July. I know it’s yours. I’m going to name her Rosie, just like the girl in that poem you showed me. Hope you’ll meet her someday.

Take care of yourself.


The_KillingCut back to Holder’s place where Holder and Jack are wrestling as Linden watches.

Cut to outside Holder’s apartment where it’s finally revealed that Claw from Inspector Gadget is the one that has been spying on Linden. He’s looking into Holder’s window from a car that is parked across the street. Okay, maybe not, but we only see his hand. Who is this mysterious man?  We know it’s not Gil Sloane or Benjamin Abani because Linden was being watched WHILE she watched them.  Could it be Jack’s father?  Rosie’s real father?  One of Yannicks thugs?  Oh the drama!

Fade to black.  Fin.

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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