The Killing: Season Two: Week Four


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Remember when The Killing used to be must watch TV? Yeah, neither do we. It seems like a lifetime ago that the show was so promising, but it quickly devolved into a convoluted mess of a program filled with needless plot twists and endlessly non-shocking moments that only serve to stretch out the show, and it’s viewer’s patience, for as long as humanly possible.

Even promising to reveal the killer this season didn’t help things as the show is facing a huge ratings slump. Does anyone really want to invest another thirteen hours into following Linden and Holder as they attempt to solve the greatest case of their careers? We’ll, we’re still here and presumably so are you, so we guess the answer is yes. Away we go with this week’s recap. Look for the stupidest plot twist ever at the end. Serious, are the writers that desperate for ideas?

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The_KillingThe episode opens with Richmond in his hospital bed having a nightmare that Belko has returned to finish the job. Dressed in a stylish camo hoodie, the dream Belko gets off the elevator on Richmond’s floor, enters his room, and puts four bullets in the chest of the mayoral candidate. A frightened Richmond then wakes up and we cut the opening credits.

Cut to a room at police headquarters where we find Linden and Holder doing a bit of flowcharting! In the middle of their board are the words “City Contracting” and there are two columns, one on the left, and one on the right, chock full of names. Check out the picture below.

For the sake of recapping for the audience what happened in the last episode Holder brings Linden up to speed on everything we already know about tattoo boy Alexi. The two hypothesis that Alexi knew Stan Larsen killed his dad and that he was seeking revenge and was going to kill him, but that once he met Rosie his target changed. Why kill Stan when you can kill what is most precious to him instead? There’s a knock at the door and Linden answers it. Coffee delivery by a uniformed grunt! He asks what they’re doing in there, but Linden won’t let him in the room and pushes him away after taking possession of the delivery. Holder then jokes that people will start to talk about the two of them having a less than professional relationship. Linden’s cell phone rings. It’s Jack. He’s got a fever. Undaunted by her child’s illness, Linden simply tells him to look in the green suitcase for some medicine and that she’ll pick up some Tylenol on her way home. Linden and Holder then exit the room without clearing their top secret whiteboard first, and begin to make their way back to once again question Alexi’s mother Monica.


Cut to the Seattle skyline.

Cut to Monica’s house. She’s home now. I guess she got back from the Larson residence where we last saw her at the end of episode four pretty quickly. Holder starts yelling at her about giving up her kid. Linden finds a box of Bits ‘N’ Pieces on top of the fridge. We haven’t had a sighting of Seattle’s favorite cereal since week four of last season! Linden walks around the kitchen while Holder interrogates Monica and she comes across a dirty cereal bowl. From this she realizes that Monica is hiding Alexi in her home. Linden starts telling Monica that she has a son too and attempts to win her over to her side while Holder calls for backup. Monica says that Alexi is a good boy and that he has nothing to do with what happened to Rosie. Linden tells her that it’s better if she takes him in. Linden and Holder then proceed to the basement where they find Alexi asleep on a couch.

Cut to the Larsen residence where we find Stan sitting on a couch in the dark leaving a message for Mitch on her voicemail. He tells her that he hopes she’s okay and that he and boys are okay and that they all miss her. He then says “The things I’ve done. They just won’t let me go and I’m…” He hangs up and lies down on the couch.

Cut to Stan getting up and walking over to a doorway. He can hear music playing on the other side. He listens for a moment, hesitates, and then walks away.

Cut to the Seattle skyline and the words Day Eighteen at the bottom of the screen.

The_KillingCut to Richmond’s hospital room. He’s watching TV and he flinches at a gunshot. He’s looking a lot like Rob Lowe from Parks and Recreation. He wheels himself out of his room and checks the visitor waiting area which is empty. He then gets on a crowded elevator.

Cut to police headquarters where Holder is interrogating Alexi in an interview room while Linden watches from the other side of the glass. Alexi wants a soda. Holder tells him that he doesn’t get shit. He then takes the chair Alexi is sitting on and throws it out of the room. Carlson walks in and starts talking to Linden as the interview proceeds. He’s pissed at her for using so many resources to capture Alexi. She responds that the preliminary lab work turned up Rosie’s prints at his place and his prints on her backpack (the one they were supposed to be testing behind his back) and super 8 camera. There were also traces on ammonium hydroxide (the main ingredient in dozens of cleaning agents) on the straps of Rosie’s backpack which is the same chemical that was found under her fingernails. Carlson tells Linden that she only gets 8 hours with him because he’s been in custody overnight and then she must either charge the boy or let him go.

The_KillingCut to Mitch in her motel room. The Emmy nominated Michelle Forbes is actually going to be in this episode! Her cell phone beeps. She picks it up and sees that she has a missed call from Stan. She then looks out the window and sees the young Rosie look-alike she’s been semi-stalking having a fight with a man whom she presumes to be the girl’s boyfriend. When she sees the girl walk off Mitch throws her cellphone back on the bed, puts on her coat, and exits the hotel room.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Mitch and Terry’s parents have dropped by to pay a visit. They can’t understand how Mitch could have left the boys behind. They tell Stan that the boys can’t stay there because the place is a mess. He counters that Terry has been helping out and that she’s doing a great job. The mother wants Stan to tell her why Mitch left him. Terry protests, but she insists. Stan says that he has to go take care of something down at the station, comments on how it’s always so nice to see Mitch’s parents, and then leaves. Mitch’s mom says “Oh that’s it Stan, go ahead, walk out.”

Cut to a diner where wanna-be Rosie is trying to order some breakfast up at a counter top bar. Mitch walks in, grabs a booth, and watches as out of nowhere a waitress gives wanna-be Rosie a hard time about ordering breakfast and asks her if she has money. Mitch calls over that she’ll pay and then tells the girl that she can come sit with her if she wants. The girl sits down and asks Mitch what the deal is. Is there a guy waiting in her room? Her husband? Mitch says no, nothing like that. She tries to claim that she’s not married, but the girl sees her wedding ring and asks if she was beaten. Mitch replies that her husband is a good man. She then tells the girl that she saw her fighting with her boyfriend by the pool. The girl gets mad and says that the guy isn’t her boyfriend and that he was just some random man with beer or whatever. The girl then asks her if she wants to buy a postcard. Mitch asks the girl how old she is. Seventeen? Eitghteen? The girl replies, yeah.  Why doesn’t Mitch ask her for her name?

The_KillingCut back to Alexi being interrogated, this time by Linden and Holder is on the opposite side of the glass. She’s trying to connect with him by talking about her foster experiences, but Alexi wants to know if she’s just playing good cop to Slim Shady’s bad cop routine. The two share a meaningful conversation about bologna sandwiches. Linden then tells Alexi that she gets it, that what Stan did to his father was unforgivable, and that his mother gave him up easily, both times. Linden talks about how it wasn’t fair that Rosie got to have a family, a mom and dad who loved her, and she loved them, Alexi then drops the bombshell that Rosie hated both of her parents. Linden tries to get Alexi to say more, but he says he’s done talking and calls her Barbie. Seriously? Look at her face. BARBIE? Not quite. Larsen asks Alexi if he told Rosie about Stan’s past. He says no and tells Linden to either charge him that he’ll walk in another two hours. How he knows what time it is or why they can only hold him for 8 hours instead of the standard 24 is never revealed.

Cut to Linden on the other side of the glass with Holder. She asks him for a cigarette which she doesn’t smoke. Holder thinks that Alexi told Rosie about Stan and that he made her turn against her father, but Linden counters with the fact that Rosie supposedly hated Mitch as well. Why would she hate her moms too? Linden asks Holder if they have Alexi’s phone in holding. He responds in the affirmative. She tells him to have Rick illegally dump its contents so they can establish communication between him and Rosie. Holder argues that Carlson is already all over them, but Linden tells him that Carlson doesn’t need to know. Holder says that anything they find won’t be admissible as evidence, but Linden says they won’t need it to be if they get a confession. She tells Holder that as long as he keeps his mouth shut they’ll be fine. Right. So now they’re both dirty cops. Aces.

Cut to Stan walking down a hallway at police headquarters. He runs into Linden and tells her that he needs to talk to her. She tells him to come to her office. He tells her he wants to come clean about his past and to give her some names of people who have ideas about things he may have done. He looks over into the window of the interview room and sees Alexi. Right. What police interrogation rooms have windows facing out to the hallways where any random passerby can just peek in on officers questioning a suspect? I’m sure that happens all the time. Oh, me? I’m the victim’s father. I’m just going to hang out here and watch while you interrogate potential suspects to find my daughter’s murderer. Cool, right? There’s no issue with me seeing all their faces and knowing their identities right? Why even bother with the two-way glass? Holder or Linden could just stand on the other side of the door and watch instead. I mean if the room has a window then as a suspect you know you’re being watched so why even bother with the additional subterfuge? Stan recognizes Alexi somehow (apparently they’ve had contact?) Linden tells him that they’ve got this and asks him to go home. Right again. He’s just about to spill his guts to you and open up about everything from his past, a subject you went to the FBI for help on, and the logical thing to do is send him home. Yup. Makes perfect sense.

Cut to Richmond outside breathing in the fresh air. Given the timeline of everything else that’s happened since we last saw him we can assume that the elevator ride from his floor to the entry floor of the hospital took roughly five to six hours. A woman smokes a cigarette next to him. He comments that those things will kill her. She tells him she’s there to visit her brother who is there for chemotherapy. Richmond tells her that her brother must appreciate her being there. She says that it’s nothing to show up. That’s what family does.

Cut to Rick, Linden and Holder in a lab somewhere listening to a voicemail that Rosie left on Alexi’s phone. The beginning of the message has a sound like a generator and a sliding door. Holder speculates that it could be at the casino. Brilliant deduction.  He must have quickly realized that there are no doors on the moon. Rosie’s message is as follows:

“Oh my God Alexi, where are you? I’m not even supposed to be here. I…I saw him again. Lex I’m in so much trouble if anybody finds out I’m here. Please…please call me the second you get this. I can’t talk anymore. God, please Lex, help me!”

Rick looks at Linden. Linden looks at Holder. Holder looks at Linden.

The_KillingCut the interrogation room where Linden and Holder play the voice mail for Alexi. They tell Alexi that they know that Rosie trusted him and that he wasn’t the one who put her in the lake. They ask him who the man she was afraid of is, but he doesn’t know. From the phone records Holder deduces that Alexi drove Rosie to the ferry every Friday night. Alexi concurs. Holder tries to say that Alexi left her there alone and scared to die, but Alexi swears that he called her back and that she didn’t pick up. He says that he waited at the dock all night, but that Rosie never came back. Holder asks him why he dropped the backpack off and he says that he didn’t. Barbie, err, Linden tells Alexi that he must know who Rosie was afraid of and to think. Alexi then suddenly recalls that when they were waiting in the drop off lane for the ferry that night Rosie ducked down in the seat like she didn’t want to be seen and was laughing, but not acting afraid. Holder asks him what made her duck down. Linden tells him to be there for Rosie now. Just then Carlson walks in with Alexi’s lawyer and tells the detectives that their time is up. Linden gets pissed, but eventually concedes and leaves the room. Linden and Alexi then stare at each other through the hall facing window of the interrogation room that doesn’t exist in any police station on the face of the planet.

Cut to outside of the police station where Alexi gets into his lawyer’s car and Linden and Holder watch from an unmarked car. When the lawyer pulls away they follow. They watch as the car pulls up outside of Yannick’s restaurant and the lawyer and the boy disappear inside.

Cut to the Larson residence where Terry is finally saying goodbye to her parents. Her mother leaves, but her father stays behind a moment to make sure that he makes her feel like shit before departing. He tells her that none of the men in her life give a rat’s ass about her and that what she’s doing with Stan doesn’t look right. Dad then says he wishes things were different for her and kisses her goodbye.

The_KillingCut back to the diner where Mitch and the wanna-be Rosie have been having breakfast for roughly three to four hours. They’ve actually eaten so much breakfast that they ended up ordering ice cream as well. Wanna-be Rosie is singing Gloria by Laura Branigan into a spoon. It’s weird because the song is CRANKING in the restaurant like the place is a karaoke bar, and then suddenly it just fades out completely. No other background music plays and there wasn’t any music playing when they first entered the establishment either. Mitch claps with glee. Wanna-be Rosie asks how old Mitch’s kid is and she responds that she is her age. Mitch tells the girl that her daughter left and then the girl freaks out and says that she’s not a snitch and that she won’t help her find her. Mitch then asks her why she ran away. Before the girl can answer the waitress, who has now had an attitude adjustment, asks them if they want anything else. They say no and Mitch asks for the check. Mitch then tells the girl her room number at the motel and also that she’ll back at the diner for dinner if she wants to join her. The girl tells her that her boyfriend (huh? You mean the guy who had beer who you said wasn’t your boyfriend?) is probably back by now and leaves.


The_KillingCut to Jamie outside having coffee with a girl named Eve alone. Yeah, this seems realistic. She says she can’t stay long. Better. The two play catch-up. Turns out the girl works for the district attorney’s office and Jamie asks her to reveal to him what information they had that they thought was compelling enough to arrest Richmond for Rosie’s murder.

Cut to Linden and Holder. They’re still in an unmarked car parked outside of Yannick’s restaurant. Linden is on the phone with Jack. It turns out that he doesn’t have a fever anymore. Yay! Linden tells him that she’ll home as soon as she can and then hangs up. Holder asks how Jack is doing and Linden calls the boy a liar and says that he’s probably faking to get out an algebra test. Holder gets out of the car and tells her that he’ll call for another car and that she should go be with him. He tells her not to worry about him. She says that she never does (ouch!) and drives off.

Cut to Linden returning home to the motel. The room is dark. She whispers Jack’s name. When she turns on the lights she is shocked to find her ex-husband there. The two have an argument about the way in which Linden cares for the boy. Linden calls the police and tells them to send over a car, but then cancels the request. Jack’s dad leaves, but not before telling Linden “You care more about that dead girl than you do about your own son.”

Cut to a highly confusing scene. Holder apparently called in a car, but then got out of it for some unknown reason to brave the pouring rain. He’s now returning to the car. He sits in the driver’s seat and Alexi speaks to him from the backseat and tells him “don’t turn around, just drive.”

Cut back to the hospital. It’s well after visiting hours are over, but Jamie doesn’t have to follow any of the rules us normal folk do. He walks in to tell Richmond some good news, but instead finds him crying in the bathroom. Jamie wants to get a nurse, but Richmond says that he doesn’t want her to see him like this. Suddenly we cut to Richmond in bed. We know that Jamie didn’t put him there on his own because we saw how that ended up last time, so are we to assume Jamie went and got the nurse anyway? Jamie tells Richmond some lame story about how his grandfather lost it all in a Boeing plant accident, but worked his way back. Richmond says that he’s not grandpa Ted. Jamie then tells him that the DA’s office had a fake photo that placed him on Desolation Bridge the night of Rosie murder and that even though he doesn’t have a single shred of evidence to prove it, he’s certain that Mayor Bud Adams was behind it. He asks Richmond if he still wants to fight and Richmond responds that he wants to destroy Adams.

The_KillingCut to Linden’s motel room. She’s organizing some photos on a table (she never sleeps) when she hears a loud crash out in the hall. She unlocks the door and steps out into the hallway to find the light near her door smashed. Suddenly the lights go out and the hallway is thrown into darkness! She hears another noise and in her best manly voice says loudly “WHO’S THERE?” Then she scampers back into her room and locks the door. She stands against the doorway waiting. Someone knocks three times fast. Again. It’s Holder. She unlocks the door. Holder tells her that Alexi is in the car and that he wants to talk.

Cut to Stan’s lawyer’s office. He’s telling Stan that the good news is that the teacher is going to make it, but the bad news is that he’s still looking at three to five years jail time for kidnapping and aggravated assault. The case will probably take a year to get to trial. Stan looks stunned.

Cut to the unmarked car outside the motel. Alexi tells the detectives that he was going to kill Stan Larsen, that he followed him everywhere, learned his routine and then he met Rosie. Holder asks who she was afraid of at the ferry and Alexi tells him that he thinks it was another car in the drop off lane. At least he’s consistent. He offers up that it was a black town car with tinted windows. This rings true with what the detectives learned from the gas station attendant on day thirteen.  Holder gets out of the car to once again brave the pouring rain for no discernable reason and Linden tells Alexi that he did good.


The_KillingCut to the Larson residence. Stan has returned home and he’s outside that same bedroom door listening to that same song playing. Stan opens the door and it turns out that it’s Terry’s room. He extends his hand to her and she takes it. The two stare at each other and then he awkwardly attacks her mouth with his own. Before things can go any further a phone rings off in the distance. Neither of them answers it. Stan leaves the room. Terry falls back onto the bed and cries. Her cell phone rings and we can’t quite make out the display.

Cut back to the unmarked car outside the motel. Alexi tells Linden that he used to talk on the phone for hours with Rosie. He says he never knew a girl that had so many secrets. He says that she wouldn’t tell him what she was doing at the casino or how she found out about her dad. Linden asks what she found out about her dad. His past? Alexi says no, that she didn’t know about that. Linden asks Alexi what Rosie found out.

Cut to Mitch having a very late dinner at the dinner. She’s waiting for the wanna-be, but she sees her out the window get into the passenger seat of some guys black ride and they drive away.

Cut to Terry standing out in the rain. A black car pulls up. She opens the rear passenger door, says hi, and hops in. The car drives off.

Cut back to Linden and Alexi. Alexi tells Linden that Rosie found out the truth about Stan Larsen not being her real father. Fin.

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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