The Killing: Season Two: Week Nine


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

This week on AMC’s The Killing: Linden spends the entire episode in a psych ward talking about her feelings while Holder sniffs out a break in the case, Gwen and Jamie act annoying, Tommy and Denny get a dog, and Terry and Stan make up, but not out.  It wasn’t the worst episode of the series, but it sure was tedious and chock full of useless information about Linden’s past.  Read on to absorb our impressions of episode ten.

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The_KillingWhen Holder defied the Indians he nearly died, so when last week’s episode ended with Linden being struck on the back of the head by an unknown assailant while she was snooping around at the “construction site” on the tenth floor of the Indian casino hotel we knew she was in for some big trouble. Did they kill her? No. Did they beat the shit out of her? No. Instead as the episode opens we find that Linden has been committed to an acute psychiatry ward. Say what? Yeah. So much for sucking the drama right out of last week’s cliffhanger. Believe it or not it sort of makes sense. Shocking, I know, and we’ll get to why it works in just a bit.

Cut to the opening credits.

Cut to the psychiatric hospital where Holder is being both verbally and physically abusive to the staff as he demands to see Linden immediately. Try as he might the workers refuse his request. Lt. Carlson shows up and reveals that Linden is being held for evaluation because Nicole Jackson claims that Linden attacked a hotel worker and tried to kill herself. Holder tells Carlson that Linden isn’t suicidal and that they need to get her out because she found evidence on the tenth floor of the casino hotel that the tribe is covering up a murder. Carlson says that he hopes that isn’t true because if it is it will be completely inadmissible in court. He also tells Holder that only Linden’s psychiatrist can have her released. Making to leave Holder first tells Carlson that the evidence in the Larson case got lost between their office and county and that Carlson is in the wrong circle of trust.

The_KillingCut to Linden trapped on the psych ward. She approaches a nurse’s station and asks to use the phone. Denied! She argues that she can’t be denied reasonable access to a phone. The nurse replies that during the designated hours Linden can make a personal call. Linden responds that it’s not a personal call, that she needs to contact her partner, and that the nurse is impeding a murder investigation. Linden says she’ll write Holder a note and tries to snatch a pen and some post-it notes from the desk. The nurse takes them from her and tells her if she wants to leave a message that she’ll need to dictate it. Linden says that she doesn’t need to be here. The nurse asks Linden when the last time she ate or slept was and tells her that she’s on suicide watch for the next 72 hours so she should get some rest.

Cut to the Larsen residence. Stan is apologizing to Terry. He tells her that even before Rosie died he was pretending like everything was okay in the hopes that it magically would be. Terry tells him that he’s being too hard on himself. Stan then tells Terry that Tommy was suspended for two weeks for killing some birds. Terry responds that he’s angry. She then asks Stan what he’ll do if they never catch the person who killed Rosie. She tells him that he needs to find a way to let go. He asks how he’s supposed to do that. She tells him “fix what you can, and I don’t know, maybe than you forgive yourself.” It sounds like Terry’s giving HERSELF advice here. My money is now on her being the one who offed Rosie. She’s certainly be UBER helpful since the girl turned up dead, no? She’s super obsessed with Ames and would do anything for him, no? Remember that in the original series it was someone very close to the family who offed Nana. In order for this version to have any emotional impact whatsoever it needs to ditch the construction/political/whatever bullshit and make the killing personal. Will the The Killing have the balls to wrap things up the way Forbrydelsen did? Will Stan get his moment? Will he take it? With three episodes to go we can only hope they do the right thing.

The_KillingCut to clouds and the words Day Twenty Three appear at the bottom of the screen.

Cut to Stan casing Bennett Ahmed’s house from his truck. His wife opens the door, kisses Bennett goodbye, opens an umbrella and walks down the sidewalk. HOLY SHIT she lost all that baby weight fast! She looks like she was never even pregnant! Stan notices that the light on their front step is flickering.

Cut to Holder at the waterfront where he finally meets Reggie. He tells her that Linden is locked up in the psych ward and that they need to get her out because in seventy two hours the election will be over and the case will be buried for good. I’m not sure I totally agree with the logic here because if Richmond wins then he’ll still want to catch the perp, no? In any event, smart move by Nicole Jackson to remove Linden from the equation before Linden can do any damage to the Mayor’s campaign and waterfront project by acting all psycho and making crazy allegations. Where were we? Oh yeah, so Holder tells Reggie about Linden and the evidence she found. Reggie asks Holder if he actually saw the evidence himself. OUCH. She tells Holder that she doesn’t like Linden being in there, but she knows how she gets and that this was how it started last time. She asks who is taking care of Jack. Holder tells her that he’s in Chicago with his father. Reggie tells Holder that the only people who can release Linden are the hospital psychiatrists and Linden’s own psychiatrist. Holder asks for a name and siting privacy concerns Reggie refuses to cough it up. Holder tells Reggie that this isn’t like last time and that things are different. As Holder is walking away he sees a giant billboard off in the distance for the Mayor’s waterfront project.

The_KillingCut to Holder at the Billboard. He notices that the project is funded by Columbia Domain Fund (CDF) and that the project manager is Michael Ames. He gets out his cellphone and calls Ray. Ray tells him that they can’t talk to one another per Carlson’s orders. Holder tells Ray he needs his help and asks him to dig up anything on the waterfront project or Columbia Domain Fund. Ray punches a couple of buttons and instantly discovers that there was one break in at the waterfront on October fifth, the night Rosie was murdered, but that no charges were filed. He tries to tell Holder that he’s “reaching bro,” but Holder rudely hangs up on him.

Cut to the outside of Bennett Ahmed’s house where Stan is loading a ladder into the back of truck as Bennett, his wife, and their infant are walking toward him on the sidewalk. Bennett wants to know what Stan is doing there. Stan tells him that he was wrong and that he knows that Rosie cared about him and that she only came by that night to say goodbye. Bennett tells him to leave and to stay away from his family.

The_KillingCut to Linden in a psychiatrist’s office on the ward. She questions Linden about working on the Larsen case. Linden agrees that she is. The shrink then asks her how that’s possible if she’s suspended. OUCH. Insults are not such a good way to bond with your patient right off the bat doctor. Just sayin’. The shrink then brings up child protective services and how she fled and that since that time they have been unable to locate her. YEAH WHATEVER. She’s gone to work every day since. She would have been SO hard to track down. Linden tells her that she’s been staying at a friend’s place. The shrink tells Linden about the supposed altercation on the tenth floor. Linden responds by saying that it didn’t happen that way and that she never touched the woman. The shrink tells Linden that she’s not there to hold her against her will and that if she’s cooperative and answers all of the questions she can leave sooner than the seventy two hour hold. She then pulls out the drawing of the trees and start questioning Linden about it. PLEASE no. No one cares about her old case. The shrink tells Linden they should start by talking about that case and the last time she was admitted to the psych ward. Whatever. Can’t we solve Rosie’s murder instead? We don’t care about Linden. Not a single viewer does. We cared about her counterpart Lund in Forbrydelsen greatly, but AMC has made Linden so unlikable that nothing could turn things around at this point. At least we’re in the clear as far as Richmond is concerned. We’re fifteen minutes into the episode and there hasn’t been a single sighting of him or his stupid advisors Gwen and Jamie.

The_KillingCut to Richmond at some sort of charity basketball game with Gwen and Jamie. He’s thanking people for inviting him to the event. Jamie is bitching that they’re seven points down in the polls and he tells Richmond that he’s going back to the office to do some real work. A basketball comes flying at Richmond and he catches it and interrupts the game to make everything about him and his campaign instead of the charity. Someone can clearly be heard shouting “blue ball, blue ball” which makes no sense because every single player at the event is wearing a blue shirt. Richmond ignores the yelling and wheels himself out into the middle of the court and misses a shot. He makes his second attempt. Someone in the crowd is recording the whole thing.

Cut back to Linden and the psychiatrist. The shrink offers Linden a butt and she takes it. The shrink then asks Linden to tell her about the case. Linden tells her it was non-stop working a murder without sleep or eating. The shrink tells her that she was brought in by Reggie who was called by Jack who was scared because she hadn’t come out of her bedroom for days. The shrink asks Linden about the drawing. Linden tells her how she was called to a scene where a hooker had been killed and the stench of her decomposing body alerted the neighbors that something was wrong. They broke down the door and discovered her six year old son hiding in the closet. He’d been in there for a week with the body waiting for someone to come. Linden says she took the boy, Adrian, to the kitchen to wait for child protective services and that he drew the picture of the trees over and over again. The shrink tells her that she must see a lot of horrible things. Linden asks her how her job talking to crazy people is any easier. The shrink asks Linden what happened to the boy and comments that drawing looks peaceful to her. Linden responds that she doesn’t see it that way since he was drawing it while his mother’s body was rotting. Linden then tells the shrink that Adrian ended up in the foster system. Linden then tries to insult the shrink and calls her bottom of the barrel while flashing her trademark crazy smile. Will someone please fire this woman from the police force?

The_KillingCut to Jamie yelling at volunteers at campaign headquarters. He spots something on the rug and bends down to pick it up. It’s a ring! Seriously, how many times has that happened to you?  You’re ring just randomly falls off your finger while having a conversation?  All the time, right?  He asks Patty who closed the office last night.

Cut to Holder questioning the arresting officer for the break-in call at the waterfront on October fifth. He tells Holder the guy he arrested was named Joseph Nowak. He says that he got a noise complaint and that when he went to check it out he saw Nowak trying to slip under the fence. He brought Nowak in and let him make his call and the next thing he knows Ames is calling him and telling him to cut the guy loose. He tells Holder that Ames was a jerk and that it was obvious that whatever the guy was doing, it wasn’t construction. The cop tells Holder that he thought the whole thing smelled like a con and that when he ran the guy’s name through the system he discovered that Nowak was a known associate of Yannick. Holder nods his head and says thanks.

The_KillingCut back to the shrink’s office where Linden and the psychiatrist have finally worked their way up to the Larsen case. Linden wants to know why they are talking about it. WTF? She’d rather talk about the old case? The shrink answers “because that’s why you’re here.” Linden responds that she thought she was here because she might commit suicide. She goes on to tell the shrink that Rosie was a high school student with a seemingly nice family and that someone killed her, put her in the trunk of a car, and pushed it into a lake. LIAR! We’ve already established that Rosie was alive in the truck when the car hit the water. The shrink asks Linden why she used the work “seemingly.” Linden says that everyone has secrets and that the victims leave behind clues that speak to her. The shrink asks her what’s so special about these two cases. She asks if it’s because they were both children, but Linden says no, that she’s worked child murders before. The shrink then asks why these two cases meant so much to her. Instead of answering Linden says that she’s been cooperative and answered questions and that she wants to know when she can leave. The shrink tells her that she’s not quite ready to release her. Linden gets pissed. The shrink tells her that she might have to stay through the end of the week to rest and eat and get into a normal routine. Linden flips out and orderlies have to enter the room and physically carry her out of the room. Linden is screaming and carrying on that she shouldn’t be there while acting like she most certainly should.

Cut to Richmond’s campaign office. Jamie busts in with the ring and tells Richmond that he found it in the office and that Gwen was the one who stayed late and closed up last night, alone.

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence. Stan dials Rosie’s cell phone and leaves a message. Weird. Wouldn’t it be cancelled twenty three days later? Anyway Stan says hi and that he’s calling because he doesn’t know what else to do and he’s sorry. He says that it never should have been a secret to Rosie that he chose to be her daddy and that it was the best decision he ever made. He hangs up with “bye” and never says “I love you” which is really strange.

Cut to Holder meeting with Linden on the psych ward. She’s obviously drugged up. Holder fills her in on the waterfront arrest that happened the night of Rosie’s murder. Holder tells Linden that they’re close and Linden tells Holder that she saw a white keycard from city call up on the tenth floor of the casino hotel. Holder promises her that he will get her out and then leaves.

Cut to Holder tracking down Nowak. Of course he runs and in a rare moment of continuity Holder actually looks burdened by his broken ribs when chasing him down. Holder trips Nowak up, pins him to the ground, points a gun in his face and asks him what he was doing at the waterfront on the night of Rosie’s murder.

The_KillingCut to Carlson getting into his car. Holder hops in the backseat and fills Carlson in by saying “Yannick’s stud breaks into the mayor’s construction site. Project manager Michael Ames chose not to press charges.” Carlson says so what. Holder tells him the best part is that Nowak told him that he was ordered to break into the site and bury some Indian bones. Well at least they’re finally coming back to that plotline! Holder theorizes that Nowak’s arrest panicked the Mayor and Ames so they went to the casino to talk with Nicole Jackson and that Rosie got killed because she overheard their conversation. Holder tells Carlson that this goes all the way to the top, all the way to city hall. Carlson asks why the mayor would sabotage his own project which just so happens to be the cornerstone of his campaign. Holder speculates that Ames and Adams knew that a bigger pay date would come as a result. Nice theory, but it doesn’t explain the Mayor’s reaction to the bones being found way back on day eleven. Adams freaked out and was unhappy to say the least. Holder tells Carlson that he’s on the wrong side and that he’s being used. He then asks him for Larson’s psychiatrist’s number from her file.

Cut to Richmond’s campaign headquarters. Gwen walks in and asks Richmond if he’s seen the video. He asks what video? She says the one of him playing basketball that went viral. Richmond asks if Gwen or Jamie made the video. She says neither and tells him that it was made by a fan which is obviously total bullshit since it has a professional voice over. Richmond asks Gwen about the mayor’s ring. She tells him that she asked him to meet her last night hoping that she could convince him to back off because of what she had on him. Richmond tells her to continue. She begins telling him about the summer before high school when Adams worked for her father. Richmond says “Gwen you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t…” She responds “FUCK YEAH I DON’T! I’M NOT TELLING YOU SHIT YOU CLOSED OFF BASTARD! YOU STILL WON’T TELL ME WHERE YOU DISAPPEARED TO THE NIGHT OF ROSIE LARSON’S MURDER AND YOU EXEPCT ME TO JUST OPEN RIGHT UP ABOUT HOW I WAS RAPED WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN?” Gwen opens right up and tells Richmond about how she was raped when she was fourteen. She tells Richmond that she wants him to win the campaign so badly. In response he says “Gwen.”

The_KillingCut to the Larson residence where, welcomed back to the fold, Aunt Terry is playing games with the kids in the living room. In busts Stan with a dog for the boys! Let’s hope Tommy doesn’t try to kill it! The dog pees on a basketball. Stan picks up a picture of Rosie and the boys off an end table and says “hey, careful when you tickle him he don’t shit on the carpet, alright?”

Cut to Linden scarfing down a horrible looking meal in her room. In walks her shrink. Please God no, don’t cut to another therapy session.

Cut to another therapy session where Linden is telling the shrink that how Rosie’s body was found doesn’t make sense. She says that her killer chased her through the woods for hours and beat her and that it takes determination and hate to do that, but she was alive when she went into the water. WTF? Earlier you said she wasn’t. Which is it Linden? Linden says “The killer didn’t want to see her eyes when she finally died.” That’s because Rosie escaped from Ames town car at the gas station and fled to Terry whom she thought she could trust, but Terry finished the job because she was/is obsessed with Michael. When Rosie shared what had happened to her and what she knew with her, Terry pleaded with her not to spill the beans, but Rosie refused, so Terry felt that she had no other option. There’s my official theory. The only question that remains in my mind is whether or not Mitch will return to kill her sister. The shrink asks how that all (not my theory, Linden’s rambling) relates to Adrian’s mother’s murder. Linden says that it doesn’t. The shrink asks Linden what the meaningful thing about these two cases is. Linden talks more about the old case and her old partner like anyone cares. Everyone got up to get a drink at this point so they wouldn’t have to process more useless information that was presented only as filler to bring this episode up to its proper running time. She says something about the dad being arrested, but not believing that he actually did it. Please, if this show gets renewed (don’t worry, it won’t), let’s NOT solve this case from her past, okay? The shrink asks if Linden’s partner agreed that they had the wrong man. Linden says no and that she should have listened to what Adrian was trying to tell her. Linden tells the shrink that they’ll bury the Larsen case if she doesn’t get out of the ward to solve it. The shrink starts talking about Linden’s mother. Linden tells the shrink that it must be nice to think that she can somehow save her. The shrink asks if that’s how she feels about her victims, but Linden replies no, that they don’t need saving because they’re already dead. The shrink says that Linden was left alone in an apartment when she was five. Linden says she doesn’t remember anything except that the lights didn’t work. The shrink says that CPS found her the next morning. The shrink throws in a dig about Linden losing her fiancée, son, and job. Linden says that she’ll say whatever it takes to get out. The shrink asks her about spending the night alone in the dark. A knock on the door reveals two things. One, the shrink’s name is Dr. Cary. Two, Linden is being officially released. Thank goodness! The shrink tells Linden to continue, but she gets up and makes for the door.

The_KillingCut to Linden’s ex-fiancée and Holder signing Linden out. OMG Dr. Felder is her boyfriend and shrink? Jeez. That’s not a conflict of interest or anything. Linden comes down a set of stairs and sees him. She waves hesitantly. By the time she fills out some paper work and makes it to discharge he’s taken off and only Holder is waiting for her. The two leave together.

Cut to Bennett Ahmed’s place where his wife turns on the outside light to discover that it works perfectly now. Thanks Stan Larsen!

Cut to the Larsen residence where Stan turns off the light in Rosie’s bedroom and shuts the door.

Cut to outside at night where a man approaches Gwen’s car. She says “nice work on the Richmond video” and hands him an envelope full of cash.

Cut to Holder and Linden. Holder is driving. Linden is sleeping.

Cut to Nicole Jackson on the tenth floor of the casino hotel where a crew is busy working to cover up an evidence of a crime. She’s on her cellphone and she says “the room’s been taken care of, they won’t find anything.” We can see the badge from city hall still lying under one of the exposed floor boards.


Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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