The Killing: Season Two: Week One, Part One


We’re baaaack!  With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation.  They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.  

Whether  you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable.  Enjoy!

What’s worse than having to watch a single episode of The Killing? How does having to suffer through a two hour season premiere grab you? All in all things didn’t shake out to be as terrible as they were at the tail end of last year leading up to the horrible finale, but excuse me for not being quite convinced yet that the show shouldn’t have been put out of its misery after its first season run was complete. We’ll take a look at the first hour today and then we’ll meet here again tomorrow to break down hour number two.

This year I’m dropping the side by side comparisons with the original series. It’s just plain embarrassing how awful The Killing is when you examine it next to brilliance of Forbrydelsen. If you haven’t seen the original yet you really should.

Welcome back, make yourself at home and settle in as we get ready for another twelve week journey on the road to discovering who murdered one young fictional Seattle teen. Along the way we’ll cry, we’ll laugh, and we’ll try to compile a solid list of reasons to make you care enough to keep watching. Are things about to get interesting? Let’s dive in and take a look.

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The show opens with a voice over that states “Last season on AMC’s The Killing.” As if we needed some sort of visual showcase highlighting just how dumb this show thinks its fans are. As if we’ve somehow forgotten how frustrating it was that Rosie Larsen’s killer wasn’t revealed at the end of last season. As if the president of the network didn’t come out and issue a formal apology for messing with its fans.

When season two begins roughly thirty seconds later we find ineffective detective Sarah Linden in the bathroom of the Seattle airport. You may remember (and thanks AMC for reminding us) that at the end of the last episode of last season she pulled herself and her teenage son Jack off of a plane bound for California after receiving word that a photo that was taken by a bridge toll booth camera and used as evidence to charge mayoral candidate Darren Richmond with the murder of Rosie Larsen may in fact be a fake. Emerging from the bathroom she has a conversation with Jack. He asks her if they’re staying for good this time. She says yes. He asks her if it’s because that guy she arrested is dead. She looks momentarily confused, then turns her head to look at a large flat screen TV that is showing breaking coverage of the Richmond shooting.

The KillingCut to Linden and Jack running through the airport.

Cut back to the scene of the shooting. With Jamie screaming at them, the paramedics have finally managed to get Richmond in the ambulance. Jamie tries to jump in and take a free ride with them to the hospital, but a police officer slams him to the ground and closes the door. The ambulance drives off as Gwen helps him to his feet. Gwen then finds one of Richmond’s shoes on the ground and picks it up.

Cut to Linden showing up at her former boss Lt. Michael Oakes’ house. He answers the door and she tells him that she thinks that the photo was a fake and that Rosie’s killer is still out there.

The KillingCut to the credits, which are the same as last season, but no, wait, what’s this?!?!?! GUEST STARRING Sophie Grabol? Woah. Things just got interesting. So Sarah Linden is going to team up with the original Sara Lund from Forbrydelsen? Sign me up please!

Back from the credits we find Linden and Oakes having a conversation in his kitchen. Oakes is dressed in a stylish red bathrobe from K-Mart. This episode is obviously for the ladies! The two chat about the doctored photo. Linden asks him to let her look into it. He slams things around the kitchen, barks at her to sit, barks at her to leave, barks at her to be careful. The two discuss Holder and who assigned him to homicide. Oakes tells Linden that it was his former supervisor at county Gil Sloane. Linden tells Oakes that she thinks it’s a conspiracy and that Richmond was set up. In response he tells her that she’s sounding an awful lot like she did the last time, when she got sick. Oh snap! Sarah gets up and leaves, but not before telling Oakes that Holder lied to her (duh) and he in return telling her to look into it further because he knows she will anyway and to let Jack sleep on his couch.

Cut to Holder riding shotgun in a car with Sloane while smoking a cigarette. See, and all this time you thought he couldn’t multitask! He even speaks, mumbling something about how guys like Richmond never pay and that it’s about time one of them finally did. Sloane in turn tells him that he did good and that he’s got a long career ahead of him. Holder’s phone rings. He has a shocking conversation that ends with the line “the moms too?” He hangs up, turns to Sloane and says “Richmond’s been shot.”

The KillingCut to the interior of Belko’s mom’s house. The place is crawling with cops. Holder walks into the bathroom to confirm with his own eyes that Belko shot and killed his own mother.

Cut to the Larsen residence. Terry and Stan stare at the television in stunned silence as they learn the news that Belko killed his mother and shot Richmond. Holder shows up to explain the situation to Stan. He breaks the news to Stan that Rosie met Richmond through an online escort service. He says he wanted Stan to know before the press does. Stan gets all in his face and tells Holder that he’s wrong. Holder replies with “We got him Mr. Larsen. We got him.” The camera pans to reveal that Rosie’s younger brother Tom has been listening to the entire conversation.

Cut to the hospital where Jamie and Gwen are being briefed on Richmond’s injuries. Turns out he took a bullet to the abdomen that pierced his stomach and gastric artery (the left one or the right one, we just don’t know!) The hospital wants next of kin to be there and Jamie says that he’ll contact Richmond’s sister in Boston. The doctor tells them that even if he can stop the internal bleeding Richmond may still bleed out from the incision. The staff leaves and Gwen and Jamie both stare down at her blood covered shirt in a state of semi-shock.

Cut to Linden at the county sheriff’s office. She’s asking questions about the cameras on Desolation Bridge on the night of October fifth. The guy working behind the glass tells her that those cameras have been out of service since August. She replies that she needs printed confirmation. He asks her to stand by for a moment and leaves to have a conversation with his superior. The superior returns to inform Linden that there was a mistake and that the cameras have been operating normally. She calls him on his bullshit, stating that two different individuals from the sheriff’s office have both told her that the cameras are not working. Calling her by name, he tells her that he’d be happy to speak to her lieutenant. She replies that she never gave him her name, asks who he was talking to on the phone just a moment ago, and walks away.

Cut back to Oakes house as a frantic Linden wakes her son from his slumber on the couch. The two get in a car and drive off while Oakes watches them through the window. Less than twenty-four hours ago Linden was going to move her entire life to California. What was she planning to do with her car? Was she going to leave it in the airport garage indefinitely? Good thing she did I guess…

Cut to a view of the Seattle skyline and the words “Day Fourteen” are finally displayed across the bottom of the screen. Jaime emerges from the hospital to face the press. They want to know if Richmond is withdrawing from the election and if he murdered Rosie Larsen. Jamie responds that he’s not going to speak on the election and that Richmond did not confess because he didn’t do it. He then gets pissy and walks back into the hospital where…

…he finds Gwen and yells at her that the press should be ashamed. Jamie questions how the police could possibly think he did this crime when he was with Gwen the entire night. She doesn’t respond. A woman from the hospital walks in and asks if there has been any luck with locating Richmond’s sister. Jamie responds in the negative and restates the fact that she is on the east coast. That four hour time difference is quite a shocker isn’t it? I know it often stops me from learning about critical life or death news related to my loved ones. The woman then asks about having a priest present to perform last rights as a precautionary measure. The two freak out and ask what is going on, but the woman responds that they’ll have to wait for the doctor to talk with them.

Cut to Mayor Adams having a cigarette outside a random building. Only bad people like Adams and Holder smoke. Remember that kiddies! Free from his obligations on the NFL Network and caught in the middle of a nasty divorce, Deion Sanders walks up to the mayor and asks him if he has his talking points prepared. Adams blows smoke in his face and tells him that he didn’t want to win the election this way.

Cut to Linden and Jack driving around town and generally acting paranoid. Jack only wants two things out of life: to know where they are going and to eat chips. Linden tells him he eats too much junk and he responds that chips are made from potatoes. She then drops him off for a fun filled day of church activities with his friend Nick and his mother Emily. Both boys walk into the church, but then through the miracle that is Christ, Linden turns around and Jack is standing there. She receives a call from Holder on her cell that she promptly ignores and then tells Jack that he’ll be safe here and that she’ll be back soon. He asks her what exactly he needs to be safe from. She shakes her head and only responds by saying she’ll be back in a few hours. We all know how this is going to end.

The KillingCut to the police station interview room where Belko is making movements which suggest that he is masturbating under the table while Holder questions him about why he killed his moms and shot up Richmond. Holder tries to convince Belko that he’s on his side and that he did right. He touches Belko’s arm which makes Belko stop stroking himself, at least momentarily. Belko looks at Holder and asks if Stan is there and tells him that he needs to talk with Stan and make sure that he understands why he did what he did. Conversation completed, Belko resumes masturbating under the table.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Stan is getting ready to pay a visit to the jail. Terry tells Stan not to blame himself for Belko’s actions. She asks Stan what they should tell the boys about Mitch (their mother) and why she isn’t around. Stan has no response other than to ask Terry if she’s gotten in touch with her. Terry responds that she’s left her hundreds of messages. The boys come downstairs and Denny says to Stan “Where’s mom dad?” In response Stand tells him to put on a hat. Terry opens the door to find a throng of reporters waiting outside. Stan quickly rushes over and slams the door in their face.

Cut the hospital where Gwen and Jamie waste ninety seconds of their lives and ours chatting about stomach cramps, the beauty of being asexual, the high maintenance of goldfish, and being faithful.

The KillingCut the police station where Linden flashes a badge (don’t they take those things back when you quit?) and makes up a fake reason that she needs to see Gil Sloane. The woman behind the desk says he’s out and doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Linden leaves the fake name Sally Hayes and makes to leave when her ex-husband blows up her cell. He’s talked to Jack and he’s royally pissed that Linden was going to up and move without notifying him. As she’s chatting with him she spots a picture of Gil Sloane on the wall and realizes she’s seen him before…

Cut to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Once again introducing herself as Sally, Linden tries this time to pump Nadine, the meeting greeter, for information on Gil. Making up a fake story about how he helped her kick her habit and she really needs to talk to him, she gets Nadine to reveal that the phone list is conveniently located next to the pot of coffee. Linden scurries over and jots down his number.

Cut to Linden’s car. She’s calling in Gil’s number in order to get his home address. She hangs up and Holder calls. She ignores it. Moments later Jack calls her, and laughing he tells her not to get angry, but that he’s with Holder (how he actually got to the police station is never revealed). Jack passes the phone to Holder and when he asks Linden where she’s at, she hangs up, looking stunned.

Cut to Holder’s office where Linden storms in, tells Jack to get his stuff, and wants to leave. Jack says he has to go to the bathroom and Linden offers to go with him. Weird! Linden and Holder have a conversation about Richmond and Linden lies about missing her flight last night. Holder tells Linden that “What Belko did ain’t on us.” She replies “That’s one way of looking at it.” Jack returns from the bathroom and before she departs, Holder lets Linden know that he knows she lied about missing her flight.

Cut to the hallway, where still glowing from extra-large man hug he laid on Holder when departing, Jack gets word slapped by Linden who hisses “Don’t you ever do that again!” Jack asks what he did, but Linden does not respond.

The KillingCut back to Holder’s office where some random tech walks in with blown up stills from the super 8 video that Rosie made which reveal an image of a man’s tattoo that looks like some sort of Japanimation character.

Cut to the Larsen residence. Stan goes downstairs into the garage and overhears a tearful Terry leaving a frantic message for Mitch to call her back. He speaks with Terry and asks her to stick around and play housewife and mother to the boys until Mitch returns. It’s a role she’s all too eager to fill. Stan makes to get in his truck and finally pay Belko a visit.

Cut to the hospital where Gwen and Jamie are still waiting to hear word on Richmond’s condition. Gwen finally reveals to Jamie that she told the police that Richmond was not with her on the night of Rosie’s murder and that he left only to return to their hotel room in the middle of the night soaking wet. She reveals that he told her he got caught in the rain, but surprise, surprise, it didn’t rain that night.

The KillingCut to a hotel room where Linden has so much information to process that she has to write it all down on a legal sized pad. Jack’s father calls and Linden pushes him off the phone. Jack and Linden then have a heated discussion about why he can’t stay with his father and a bewildered Linden keeps trying in vain to exit the hotel room via the bathroom door.

Cut to the hotel lobby where Linden and Jack purchase chips from a vending machine and Jack learns that he must attend school tomorrow even though he hasn’t been reenrolled.

Cut to Holder’s office where he talks about the new stills and the strange tattoo with Sloane. Sloane seems unimpressed and then throws Holder his brand new detective shield. It looks like everyone’s favorite junkie has finally made the big time. He takes the stills and places them a file which he then puts in a box marked closed.

The KillingCut to the interview room where Stan is speaking with Belko who, drained of semen, has finally had his wrists restrained. Belko tells Stan that he knew that he’d come for him and talks proudly of the way he shot Richmond and talks about the way they did that teacher together. Stan looks disgusted and Belko screams at him several times to stop looking at him that way.

Cut to Sloane’s residence where he receives a phone call from a Seattle news reporter who informs him that her sources indicate that he provided police with the photo that incriminates Richmond. Panicked, Sloane hangs up the phone and security wipes the contents of his entire hard drive from within its operating system in less than thirty seconds. Linden watches from her car which is parked on the street corner opposite his home. The reporter calls her and tells her that she said what Linden asked her to say and that Sloane hung up on her. She asks Linden what the big secret is. Linden tells her that she’ll get an exclusive when the time comes.

Cut to the Larsen residence. Stan returns home in time for dinner. Tom acts like a brat. Denny wants to know where Mitch is. Stan tells him that she’s staying with grandma to get some rest. Denny asks when she’ll be back and Stan informs him that he’s done quite enough talking for now. Stan then tells the kids to eat up and shakes his head in frustration at Terry.

The KillingCut to outside Sloane’s residence. Linden watches him exit the building and hop in his car. She starts up her vehicle and follows him.

Cut to the hospital where the doctors have both good and bad news for Jamie and Gwen. Richmond is alive, but he’s also paralyzed from the waist down. Jamie screams at Gwen to get out.

Cut to a construction site at night. Linden has followed Sloane here. Sloane gets out of his car and paces as if he’s expecting company.

Cut to the police station. Holder is having a conversation with an officer about whether or not pickles are actually vegetables when shots ring out. Belko somehow snagged a gun from an officer that was transporting him back from the interview room to his holding cell. Holder pulls out his weapon and tells Belko, who his holding an officer at gunpoint, to drop his. Belko instead shoots himself in the head, ending his life.

Cut to the hospital where Jamie looks in on a sleeping Richmond.

The KillingCut to Gwen’s apartment where she looks at her blood soaked self in the mirror and shakes.

Cut the Larsen residence as Stan turns off the television and the lights and prepares for a night of sleeping on the couch.

Cut to the police station where Holder stares at a window streaked with Belko’s blood.

Cut the construction site where Deion Sanders pulls up in his car and proceeds to have a heated conversation with Sloane which Linden witnesses. While she’s watching them however, a ninja with a camera is busy taking pictures of her, um, watching them. Exciting stuff indeed!

The first hour closes here with not a single Sophie Grabol sighting, unless of course she’s the ninja…

Who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Do you still care? Comment below and make sure to check back tomorrow for a recap of hour number two.

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