The Killing: Season Two: Week One, Part Two


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Whether you’re a newbie watching from the very start, or if you’re a dedicated fan that just needs a refresh, we’re sure that you find these posts valuable. Enjoy!

Yesterday we took an in-depth look at the first half of The Killing’s two-hour season premiere. Today, as promised, we dive into hour number two in hope of getting one step closer to figuring out who murdered Seattle teen Rosie Larsen.

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Hour two kicks off with Stan fast asleep on the couch and a music box playing in the background. Apparently used to listening to death metal, the jarring melody awakens Stan who is surprised to hear that it is coming from Rosie’s old bedroom. He gets up and enters the room to find Denny sitting on the floor. The boy quickly closes the lid of the device, stopping the music. Stan asks him what he was doing and Denny replies that someone was outside and that a noise downstairs scared him. Stan tells him it was probably just a cat and to go back to bed while he checks it out.

The_KillingCut to Stan descending a flight of stairs. He’s barefoot and carrying a baseball bat. He looks over at his truck for seemingly no reason, then turns and opens the front door to discover Rosie’s backpack. Denny watches from the top of the staircase as Stan runs into the middle of the street and twirls around He-Man style. Denny comes outside and asks Stan what Rosie’s backpack is doing here. Stan touches it and ends up with blood on his hands. This is important! It’s not dry blood; this is fresh, wet, red life force, which strongly implies that there could be a new victim. Let’s hope the police don’t bury this new evidence in a box somewhere in the back of car instead of having it properly analyzed. Stan tells Denny to get up stares quickly.

Cut to a shot of the Seattle skyline in the morning and the words Day Fifteen appear at the bottom of the screen.

Cut to Gwen’s apartment. Linden has just arrived for a chat and she’s momentarily startled when a strung out Courtney Love opens the door. Gwen doesn’t want to talk, but Linden says please and that does the trick!

The_KillingCut to outside the Larsen residence where Holder wearing gloves, is examining the contents of Rosie’s backpack. One pink hat? Check. One super 8 video camera, an item so unique in this day and age that a parent would have to definitively know if it belonged to their daughter? Check. Holder opens the device to discover there is no film (or drugs, you know he was hoping) in it.

Cut back to Gwen’s apartment. She stands in her white bathrobe talking to Linden. If Oakes was for the ladies, I guess she’s supposed to be for the guys. Thanks AMC, but no thanks, we’ll pass. Gwen gets pissy with Linden about the fact that Richmond is lying paralyzed in the hospital and that her evidence against him suddenly doesn’t add up. Linden wants to go over everything Gwen remembers from the night of Rosie’s murder. Gwen says no, that she spent the last twelve hours in a hospital covered in Richmond’s blood. Linden responds with “If he wasn’t with you that night, then where was he?” Having no answer, Gwen looks away.

Cut back to the Larsen residence where Holder is questioning Stan about the contents of Rosie’s backpack. Holder asks him if the super 8 camera belonged to Rosie. He says, no, then that he doesn’t know, then that it might have belonged to the school. He’s confident however that it is in fact her backpack (thank goodness for her initials on the front) and her pink hat. Stan tells Holder that the killer is still out there and that they got the wrong guy. Holder says they got the right guy. Stan reminds him that he said that about the teacher. Stan asks him what his daughter’s stuff, with blood on it, is doing in front of his house. Holder replies that he understands why he’s upset and that he’ll get everything tested and get him some answers. Whew. For a second there I thought maybe something would happen and we’d be waiting for another five or six days before everything got tested! Stan asks for protection for his family. Terry yells upstairs for the boys to brush their teeth so she can take them for doughnuts. Yeah, that makes sense. Holder tells Stan he’ll send a car over to keep an eye on the place. Stan then asks about Belko. Uh oh.

Let’s back up for just a minute. On day five Linden and Holder watched a super 8 film that Rosie shot. Unless Rosie’s friend Sterling lied to the police we know that Rosie shot most of it herself every day, after school. While watching, Linden speculates that Rosie may have seen something that she shouldn’t have right at the exact moment when what appears to be a woman’s shadows quickly shifts out of frame.

Cut to Gwen’s apartment where she once again tells Linden what happened the night of October 5th. Richmond disappeared from the B&B only to reappear later, soaking wet. Gwen thought it was morning when he reappeared because Richmond smelled like brine. Eww. Linden asks Gwen what he did with his clothes from that night. She has no idea. Linden then asks if she has a key to his apartment. Score!

Cut to Holder walking down the street to meet Sloane at a diner. He’s talking to Oakes on his cellphone about the backpack. Holder tells him that he’s bringing it in soon. Oakes asks him to bring it directly to Stu. Holder is confused, he questions Oaks about the fact that Linden always uses Gary. Oakes tells him that it isn’t Linden’s case anymore and to bring it to Stu. Holder hangs up and asks Sloane why Oakes would care who examines the evidence. The two walk into the diner.

Cut to the hospital. Richmond wakes up and attempts to pull out his breathing tube. Jamie gets nurses to help. He questions the doctor about when he will tell him about the paralysis. The doctor replies that patients usually notice pretty quickly, but that Jamie should be there when he gets the news because he’s going to need all the support he can get. Jamie calls Richmond’s sister again and leaves another voicemail.

Cut to the police station where Holder finds Stu and enters into evidence his own backpack instead of the one recovered at the Larsen residence.

Cut to Richmond’s surprisingly empty apartment where Linden steals a photo of Richmond and his dead wife. Written on the back of the picture are the words “Tacoma, Oct. 5, 2002.”

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where we find Stan taking out his grief over Belko’s death on a poor helpless locker. Terry rushes in and asks Stan what’s going on and he gives her the news. Terry is shocked, but reminds Stan that he can’t do anything crazy because he’s out on bail for beating the teacher and could be facing prison time. Oh yeah, and also, that he’s all the boys have and he needs to look out for them. Stan asks Terry what he should tell them about Belko. For once in her life she actually has the right answer: nothin’. She then asks Stan what they should tell the boys about Mitch, but he says the less they talk about things the better. Then he cries that things aren’t supposed to be like this.

Cut to the hospital where Jamie watches as a nurse replaces a bag filled with waste on the side of Richmond’s body. He asks her how long Richmond has to have it and the nurse responds that he’ll most likely have it for the rest of his life. Richmond asks Jamie how they’re doing in the polls. Jamie asks him if he knows where he is. Richmond asks where Gwen is. Jamie tells him that she was here last night, but that she had to go home. Richmond starts to talk about his leg, but Jamie deflects the question and shows him how to use the morphine button. Jamie runs out into the hallway and tries to find the doctor so that he can to talk to Richmond so he doesn’t have to be the one to break the news to him, but he discovers that the man is currently in surgery. Instead of returning to Richmond’s room Jamie gets in an elevator and leaves the hospital.

The_KillingCut to Linden in her car driving to Tacoma with the picture she stole earlier on the passenger seat.

Cut to Tacoma. Through the magic of television Linden has instantly arrived and is questioning the innkeeper at the B&B where Richmond liked to stay. She finds out that there’s only one salt water area nearby and that there are no longer kayak rentals there, just locals who work the traps. The woman asks Linden if she honestly believes that Richmond did it. Linden responds that she doesn’t know. The woman then tells Linden that Richmond was head over heels for his wife Lilly and that they visited the B&B a lot.

Cut to Linden walking through the woods. She emerges and is facing the same bridge that can be seen in the photograph that she illegally removed from Richmond’s apartment.

Cut to Linden on the bridge looking down at some local fishermen.

The_KillingCut to Linden below the bridge interviewing one of the men. He tells her that he’s been crabbing in these parts, day and night, for the better part of 25 years. She looks at him knowingly and states that he’s probably seen a lot.

Cut to the Richmond residence. Stan is arguing with the police on the phone over the fact that they still haven’t sent a car by to check on his family. Denny is staring out the window. Terry and Tom walk in and they’re having a conversation about whether grilled cheese with tomatoes or grilled cheese with ham is better. Terry is carrying a big box full of old junk which supposedly contains a pan for making the most perfect grilled cheese sandwich ever. Denny states that he wants to get a dog for protection, but Tom tells him that they can’t because their mom is allergic. Tom pulls out fancy looking glass from the box and Terry grabs it from him. She tells him that it’s the most expense crystal on the planet and that some people have entire sets, but that someone gave her this single piece as a gift. Mysterious! So we just need to scour all of Seattle for a set of matching crystal that is missing a one piece? Easy!

The_KillingCut to Oakes office. Holder walks in and asks him if he’s heard from Stu about the backpack. Oakes lies to him and says yes and that there wasn’t much in the way of evidence, just a few partial fingerprints, most of which belonged to Rosie. Holder responds with “Speedy G that Stu, huh?” Holder then questions Oakes about the backpack showing up out of the blue and says that they might want to look into it. Oakes then removes him from the investigation and informs Holder that he’s on the Bagby case with Dillman. Hooray! A new case! Finally! Why do I get the feeling it won’t last?

Cut to the parking lot at police headquarters. Holder shoves a box of evidence into the truck of his car. The contents of the box of course include Rosie’s backpack, which still has not been properly tested for potential clues.

Cut to Tacoma, near the bridge. Linden calls district attorney Neilson’s office, but she’s not there. She dials her cell and leaves her a message urging her to call her back as soon as possible.

The_KillingCut to the gym where Jamie has gone to blow off some steam. Who does he run into? One of the only two black men who live in the Seattle area, and a man who works for Mayor Adams, Deion Sanders of course. Hold on, this character must have an actual name… IMDB please don’t fail me… Benjamin Abani it is! The two get into a scuffle in the locker room after Abani tries to tell Jamie that Richmond fought a good race and that he didn’t want to win this way. For the record, little scrapper Jamie throws the first punch! Some studs in the gym break the whole thing up, but not before Jamie is left moaning on the floor.

Cut to the hospital where Linden lies about coming to see Richmond on behalf of DA Christine Nielson. Is it just me or does sick Richmond look an awful lot like Mandy Patinkin? Once in the room she confronts Richmond with the fact that he tried to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge in Tacoma on the night of his wedding anniversary, which happened to be the same night Rosie was murdered. She tells Richmond that she just so happened to track down the one fisherman who happened to be there to help him survive. Linden says she’s sorry for what happened to him. Richmond asks Linden not to reveal the information as it would seriously damage his political campaign.

The_KillingCut to a parking garage where….Linden finally meets Lund! Well, sort of. Finally we get to see Sophie Grabol, sans the sweater that defines her as Sarah Lund in Forbrydelsen. Here she’s playing the part of district attorney Christine Neilson. Lund tells Neilson that the photo was fake and that Richmond is innocent. Linden then tells her that the Larsen case needs to be reopened because the killer is still out there. Neilson says she can’t just take Linden’s word on this one. Linden tells her to talk to her witness and refuses to thank her for her help.

Cut to Adams and Abani sharing a bathroom. Abani has a nice bruise on his cheek. Adams is giving him a verbal beat down about how getting in a fist fight with Jamie is not the best thing to do at a time when the election is just about wrapped up. Adams calls him an “obsequious piece of shit” and says that he should fire him. Abani says he wouldn’t recommend that. Nice!

Cut to Jamie at campaign headquarters. He’s listening to a voicemail from channel three news inquiring about Richmond’s health.

Cut to the Larsen residence. Tom and Denny have set up a tent fort in one of their bedrooms and are arguing about the killer and how their father can’t protect them. Stan overhears the entire conversation.

Cut to the police station where Stan is bitching that no one has sent a car by. He confronts Holder again about Rosie’s bag being left on his doorstep, covered in her blood. I’m not convinced that was actually her blood. Stan calls Holder a son of bitch when he basically refuses to help him in any way what so ever.

Cut to a secret meeting between Holder and Sloane in Sloane’s car at night near a bridge. Holder tells Sloane about swapping the backpacks and how Oakes lied about the test results. Holder confides in Sloane that he thinks they got the wrong guy. Holder wants to tell internal affairs about Oakes. Sloane berates him and tells him to keep his mouth shut. He tells Holder that he got the job because he’s a dirty cop and a low-life tweaker that no one will ever believe. Holder says that Sloane gave him the photo. Sloane doesn’t dispute this fact and tells Holder to remember that the photo was requisitioned with Linden’s badge number so if anyone goes down, it will be her ass in a sling, not his. Sloane then kicks Holder out of his car.

Cut to the police station. The television is on and Linden hears the news report that Nielson will not be charging Richmond with murder. Linden gets another call from Holder which she once again ignores. Linden then walks into Oakes’ office only to discover that it doesn’t belong to him anymore. He’s been forced into an early retirement and replaced with Lt. Carlson. He tells her that he runs things differently, but that she can unretire and stay on the Larsen case, however she must keep Holder as her partner.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room. Jamie enters looking all beat to hell. He tries to talk to Richmond about his legs, but Richmond tells him that the doctor already told him. Jamie tells Richmond that the charges against him have been dropped and Richmond responds with “my lucky day.”

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence. Emergency! Terri left her cigs in her car! Tom and Denny argue over who should go outside and get them. How about niether of you?!? Tom wins. He grabs the pack out of the car and puts one in his mouth just as someone comes up behind him and asks him if he’s Tommy. Remember, only bad people smoke on television!

Cut to Stan driving home. He sees the man and Tommy talking outside the house. Stan leaps out of his truck and throws the man against the wall. It turns out the guy is just a reporter from the Seattle Times. Stan yells at him to leave his family the hell alone and in return he tells Stan that the police dropped all the charges against Richmond and that if he ever wants to talk that Tommy has his card.

Cut to the motel room where Linden and Jack are staying. They’ve just entered with all their things from the car when Holder starts banging away on the door and screams at Linden to open up and that he can explain everything. He’s obviously upset and confused. He head butts the door and leaves a giant indentation then slumps to the ground.

Cut to Gwen at home drinking. She’s watching the news report of Neilson’s press conference announcing the fact that all the charges against Richmond have been dropped.

The_KillingCut to Jamie looking out the window of Richmond’s hospital room as Richmond sleeps.

Cut back to Linden’s motel where she’s listening against the door as Holder tosses his new detective shield on the floor, gets up from the ground, and walks away.

Cut to Yannick’s restaurant! Woah. Stan walks in, sits down, and informs Yannick that Rosie’s killer is still on the loose. He then asks Yannick to find and kill the perpetrator. Fade to black.  Hey Forbrydelsen fans, are we going to get to meet Yannick’s son or what??!

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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