The Killing: Season Two: Week Seven


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Oh boy.  This episode was surprisingly disappointing.  Read my commentary that is intertwined with the full recap below to find out why.  In other news, Jace Lacob over at The Daily Beast posted a great article on how and where AMC’s Forbrydelsen adaptation went horribly wrong.  You should read it, but not until you’ve finished the recap below of course.

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The_KillingThe episode opens where the last one left off. Linden and Jack are in her car stopped at train tracks. They’ve just fled the motel after agents from child protective services showed up to interview them both about Jack’s wellbeing. Linden just received a phone call from Holder’s phone. It was Nicole Jackson. She wanted Linden to hear Holder scream in pain while her goons beat the crap out of him.

What we know coming into this episode: It’s completely unrealistic to think that the head of an Indian casino and leader of a tribe would purposefully beat the shit out of a Seattle cop, regardless of whether or not she lived on protected land. Why would you want an entire police force against you? Let’s say in some strange reality it actually would happen, why would you then implicate yourself in the crime by calling another police officer so they can hear the beating, especially when you’re a public figure who is trying to seal a waterfront deal on the mainland? The best way to throw two detectives off the scent and get them out of the casino would be piss off the entire police force and have them all swarm the island? How does that make sense? Okay, rant over. Let’s move on to child protective services.

We know for a fact that Linden CANNOT go back to work. The CPS agents know that she’s a cop and that she just went on the run with her teenage son whom she is accused of neglecting. Therefore they’re going to issue a warrant for her arrest, and even if they don’t, they’re going to alert the station that if for some reason she stupidly decides to shows up there, that she should be detained. You can’t just run away from CPS. They will find you. So at least we know she’s off the case and has no power to find Holder other than making a phone call and alerting her buddy Ray or someone else at the station of the situation.

Let’s get back to this week’s opening scene, shall we?

Linden calls for all available resources to perform search and rescue for Holder. They tell her it has to be approved. She tells them to run it up the chain of command and call her back. Jack asks what happened.

Cut to Holder’s apartment where Linden leaves Jack while she heads off to help Holder. Jack asks why he can’t just go to Reggie’s house boat and doesn’t want Linden to go. She gets a call from the station. Authorization for her search party was denied by Lt. Carlson.

The_KillingCut to the police station. Linden storms into Carlson’s office and the two have a confrontation. She wants to know why he called off the search. He tells her that her word is no good and that she’ll do anything to get back into that casino. She tells him that he’s gonna be sorry when this is all over and internal affairs comes around asking why he did nothing while one of his agents was dying out in the field. Linden storms out of his office and he yells after her to stay away from the island. We know that at any moment CPS will grab Linden.

Cut to the opening credits.

Cut to Linden driving. Her path is blocked by a pickup truck and a handful of Indians. She tells them to move because the police are on the way and tells them not to interfere or this whole thing could go federal. They think she’s bluffing. They tell Linden that they saw Holder get on a ferry. After a moment lights from police cars flash behind Linden. I guess they loaded a dozen cop cars onto the ferry? Sweet.

The police arrive behind Linden, she thinks they are there to find Holder, but they’re actually there to grab her and question her about Jack’s whereabouts. Wait, no, they really are there for Holder. Carlson is there are well, looks like he’s approved the search. They only have until dawn until the Indian’s lawyers show up and shut down the search. Holder’s phone doesn’t have GPS so the search will be difficult. The officer leading the search tells Linden to go sit down, but she refuses. The radio crackles, Linden goes running to another area where officers have found Holder’s Pez dispenser! OH MY GOD NO!

Cut to the Seattle skyline and the words Day Twenty One appear across the bottom of the screen.

The_KillingCut back to the search. It looks like the officers are looking through some sort of dump site. In a moment of true hilarity Linden is at the top of a trash hill moving bags as if she’ll miraculously find Holder buried underneath. She looks around and sees some children. One of them, a young girl, points off into the woods. Linden begs the officers to redirect their efforts in that direction. Everyone takes off running.

Cut to Carlson standing under a bridge. Nicole Jackson and her associates pull up, get out, and proceed towards him to have a little chat that we never cut back to. Awesome editing jobs guys.

Cut to the woods. Led by search dogs the officers find Holder’s badly beaten body. Please be dead. Linden pushes everyone and rushes to Holder’s side. He’s not dead.

Cut to Richmond having a press conference outside the hospital. He’s finally going home. NO ONE CARES. One of the reporters ask him about where he was the night Rosie Larsen died. He deflects the question by once again using the tale of Jamie’s uncle Ted’s tragic life for his own benefit. Gwen thanks the crowd for their questions and assures them that they are using every available resource to help apprehend the real killer.

The_KillingCut to Linden outside of Holder’s room at the hospital. Holder’s nephew and sister are in the room. Linden asks a random orderly how Holder is and he replies that Holder has contusions and broken ribs and is suffering from exposure and needs time to rest. How much money do you want to bet that he’ll be out of bed and walking around the Seattle airport all on his own by the end of this day? The orderly tells Linden to come back later today. Linden then calls Jack and tells him that Holder is fine. Instead of being happy about the news Jack bitches about Holder’s music collection. Linden hangs up. She stares into Holder’s room…WHAT THE HELL IS UP IN SEATTLE? IS THERE NO PRIVACY ANYWHERE? The police station suspect interview rooms have WINDOWS facing into public hallways and the hospitals have LARGE windows facing into patient’s rooms. Anyone that walks by can look in and see Holder’s badly beaten body lying there. Linden and Holder’s sister stare at one another awkwardly through the glass. Whatever.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Stan is on the phone telling someone that the reward is real and he’s thanking them for their help. He’s about to ship the boys off to stay with their grandparents. Denny complains that his grandmother stinks. Stan replies that she wears a lot of perfume. We all know that Denny meant that she smells like cat pee. Tommy asks why Terry can’t just come and take care of them. There’s a knock on the door. Stan opens it to discover Mitch’s father. He’s arrived to pick up the boys. The boys get shuffled off to his car. He tells Stan that he understands why he’s doing this, but he wonders if it’s more attention than is good for the family. Stan gets a phone call and walks away up the stairs.

Cut back to the hospital where Holder’s sister comes out into the hallway and doesn’t introduce herself. Instead she asks Linden if she’s Linden. Linden replies that she is in fact Linden. Glad we got that out of the way, now what might your name be? Oh, we’re not going to bother with that? Okay. Nameless sister says that Holder shouldn’t be doing this job and that he almost got himself killed. Linden replies that she’s sorry and that he’s a good cop. Nameless sister says that he always wanted to be good at something. She gives Linden the matchbook that Holder received from the Indian girl working at the casino before he got beat up. She tells Linden that the first thing he said when he got here was to get the matchbook to her. Linden says thank you. Nameless sister tells Linden to go and to let Holder rest. Linden opens the matchbook, sees the time written inside, and then checks her watch.

Cut to Richmond’s campaign headquarters. WHY?! WHO CARES. Are they somehow going to reconnect this to the murder? Gwen is telling the room that Adams is up by seven points. Jamie tells Richmond that he needs to come clean with the voters about where he was the night of the murder. Gwen says that if he wants to win then they need a grand gesture, something that will remind people that he can lead the city. Richmond tells them to figure out what that something will be and then turns and stares out the window.

The_KillingCut to B.B.’s Hair Emporium just as Linden is arriving. An Indian man tells her that he was expecting someone taller, blonde, and male. Linden tells him that Holder wasn’t able to make it. A girl comes out from the back and tells her uncle that it’s okay. The girl asks Linden if she’s Holder’s partner. Linden says yes and asks the girl who she is. The girl replies that she’s the one that found Rosie’s backpack. Doesn’t anyone ever give a first name? IMDB has her listed as “Maid.” Doesn’t seem very police like to not even get a suspect’s name, especially one that found such a crucial piece of evidence. She tells Linden that she found the backpack in the dumpster out behind the casino when she was emptying the trash. Fine, but that still doesn’t explain the FRESH BLOOD that was on it. She tells Linden that she saw Holder for the first time when he showed up to take the bag into evidence after she dropped it on the Larsen’s doorstep. She then tells Linden that Rosie was not a prostitute and that the two of them worked together as maids. She tells Linden that Chief Jackson gets cheap cleaning products. Linden asks about Rosie’s hair and makeup and the girl tells her that sometimes Rosie would also work the floors as a waitress. The girl complains that Chief Jackson makes them look older and work under the table so that she can make more money. Linden says that Jackson sounds like a ballbuster. The girl says that Jackson controls everyone and that no one will cross her. Linden asks the girl about the night of Rosie’s murder. She replies that Rosie wasn’t on the schedule and that she thought it was weird that she was there. Linden is surprised to hear that she actually saw her. The girl says that she was going to say hi, but Rosie got in the elevator. She speculates that Rosie was headed to the tenth floor for a smoke break. Linden asks “Why would she go up there Mary?” The girl has a name! She tells Linden that the girls were supposed to clean up the area before they shut it down. Linden asks if it was a construction site. Maid Mary says yes and asks Linden not to tell her uncle about her smoking. Neither asks what a construction site is doing on the tenth floor of a hotel or what was being built. I guess we’re to assume that room renovations are happening, but if that’s the case why not just say that? Why specifically go out of your way to call it a construction site? Linden asks Mary if she’s been back up there since that night, but she tells Linden that all of their access keys to the floor were taken away the day after Rosie’s death. Linden asks what the key looks like. She does not ask why Chief Jackson, a woman who despises white people, would hire a young white girl to work at her casino. This fact seems especially strange considering that every other casino employee we’ve seen has been Indian.

The_KillingCut to Bud Adams at a City of Seattle meeting that is just finishing up. Ben Abani is lurking in the background. Adams tells Richmond he’s about to finalize a deal with Chief Jackson for the waterfront project which makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever because on day twelve a construction crew unearthed bodies while working on the site and Adams flipped out because he knew the project would grind to a halt while the police investigated. No mention has been made of the bodies since. I guess we’re just supposed to forget about them and believe that no one cares and that Adams was never despondent over it. Richmond tells Adams he knows about the photo and then tells Adams that it was good to see him and wheels away. Abani tells Adams that there’s no way Richmond could have found out about the photo. Angry, Adams tells responds that someone obviously told him about the photo and he politely asks Abani to find out who talked and to make sure to shut them up.

Cut to outside police headquarters where Linden has just gotten out of her car. A voice off camera says “detective!” It’s CPS agents, they’ve finally come to get Linden. No, wait, it’s just Stan Larsen. He tries to show her his leads, but she tells him that with all respect that she thinks they are useless and that people are just trying to take advantage of his grief. She then tells him that she has to go and walks into the station where CPS agents are waiting to question her. Nope. She walks into her office where Carlson is cleaning up. He fires her, asking for her badge and her gun. He tells her that she disobeyed orders going to the casino, that he doesn’t like her, and that it’s her fault that Holder almost got killed. Linden looks over in an evidence box and sees the key to the tenth floor sitting on top. How convenient! Linden threatens to go to the Seattle Times with the information about the Richmond photo. Carlson reminds her that her badge number is attached to the requisition for the photo. Linden hands over her badge and gun. Carlson get a dig in about it being Linden’s wedding day today and how Sonoma is a nice place to raise a family. Linden then turns and leaves without anyone detaining her to ask about the CPS investigation. There’s a MISSING CHILD for Christ’s sake! One whose mother ABDUCTED him out from under child protective services agents. Doesn’t anyone care? Apparently they will only if Jack turns up dead.

Cut to Richmond campaign headquarters where Jamie and Gwen are cooking up big ideas. Like anyone cares. They see the mayor on TV talking about his deal with Nicole Jackson and the waterfront venture. RIGHT. The one where the dead bodies that we’re supposed to forget about were found. Gwen and Jamie cook up a scheme to have Richmond steal the waterfront deal from him.

The_KillingFINALLY! Cut to police officers ransacking Holder’s apartment. They must be looking for Jack, right? WRONG. They never say what they’re doing there, but it’s clear that Jack left and none of them care. Linden flips out when they tell her that she can’t be there, but they let her go. No one cares that by this point, half a day after fleeing the motel with her son, that she’s wanted for kidnapping. She then steals evidence (Jack’s cellphone) from the apartment and the police don’t care. She exits the apartment and gets into her car.

Cut to Stan Larsen meeting with folks at a coffee shop to follow up on all the leads he’s been receiving about Rosie’s murder. An Indian woman named Naomi sits down and tells Stan how much Rosie loved him and how she also lost a daughter. Stan replies “How old was he?” HE? WTF? Turns out she’s a psychic and she wants money from Stan in exchange for her contacting the spirit of his dead daughter. Frustrated, Stan doesn’t fall for her act and he pulls away.

Cut to the docks where Jack is sitting alone where Reggie’s boat isn’t. Turns out she’s off on another lesbian booze cruise or something! Linden walks up and Jack explains that he saw the cops pull up outside Holder’s place so he bolted and came here looking for Reggie. CPS agents, who put out a description of the car Linden fled in last night, along with the license plate number have tracked her here. Nope. They haven’t. But we know there is no way that this episode can end well for Linden. She’s facing jail time, right?

The_KillingCut back to Richmond. WHY? Gwen walks in and tells him that she set up a meeting between him and Jackson. Richmond is PISSED. Gwen tells him the waterfront is the key to the election. Gwen makes things personal, telling Richmond that he lied and that he never let her in. Swear to GOD Gwen then says “I’m late <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> <pause> (OMFG she’s pregnant!) <pause> <pause> <pause> for a meeting with the ad agency…” OH JESUS PLEASE!

Cut to Holder’s hospital room. His nephew Dylan is there staring at him from the end of the bed. Holder’s cellphone is ringing, he doesn’t answer. Holder wants to know where the kid’s mom is. He replies that she’s smoking. He wants to know if Holder is going to come over more now. Holder tells him to get his jacket and that he has something for him. Turns out it’s the coin Holder stole to buy drugs. He’s returning it. Holder’s sister is now standing in the doorway. She hears Holder tell Dylan that his mom is the best and that he’s going to be there for him now always. His phone rings again. He ignores it and asks the boy to show him some Bruce Lee moves. His sister smiles and leaves. Holder’s phone rings again and he finally answers it.

The_KillingCut to the Seattle airport where Linden is putting Jack on a plane to go stay with his father. WHATEVER! I’M DONE. Wait, CPS are cutting her off at the pass. They’re arresting her and taking Jack into protective custody. Nope, they’re not. I’m really done. This show is officially stupid (as if it wasn’t already.) Jack wants to know why Linden won’t come with him. She says that they’ll see each other soon. Jack is the only passenger getting on the plane bound for Chicago. Linden stops Jack as he’s boarding and tells him that he’s strong and that he can do this. Do what? Board a plane? Scary! She hugs him and then he boards the plane. There’s no one else even close to boarding with him. Linden then walks over to the windows to watch the plane take off and Holder hobbles up beside her. Guess he made a miraculous recovery. Those drug addicts and their super, fast healing bodies! He tells Linden that little man called to say goodbye. Wait, isn’t Dylan little man?

Cut to the Larsen residence where Stan has arrived home to a blinking answering machine. He doesn’t press the button.

Cut to Richmond at night in his apartment with Jamie. He’s watching the mayor who is on TV yet again (does the guy have his own station?) while Jamie is rifling through his desk and discovers a gun.

Cut to Linden and Holder driving from the airport. Linden tells Holder that Rosie’s key will get them to the tenth floor construction site where Rosie was abducted (with five episodes to go you know that thing is disappearing next week) and that they need to get it.

Cut to the back of the car driving down the street. Fade to black. Fin.

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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