The Killing: Season Two: Week Six


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

This week AMC’s The Killing was all about the casino, butterflies, and Nicole Jackson.  We’ll spare you the details here and let you jump straight the action below.  Be forewarned though, most of what happens in this episode makes absolutely no sense.  We suppose that’s no different than any other week, but in this episode it becomes painfully apparent that the writers are forcing the story forward by placing characters in locations they should not be at and by having them making connections that would be next to impossible to figure out.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think by commenting below.

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The_KillingThe episode opens where the last one left off, with Jack and Linden prepared to spend the night at Holder’s dojo, which is of course a sanctuary of light. Linden swears the drawing from her old case was put away and that she most certainly did not hang it on her crappy motel fridge. She thinks someone wanted to send her a message. For his part Holder’s all like, old case, you mean the one Carlson was talking about? He acts like she never told him all of the details behind it on day elevenwhen Jack went missing and the two were working together in a desperate attempt to track him down. Jack and Holder play Monopoly. Jack cheats. Linden closes the blinds. Outside in his car one of Nicole Jackson’s flunkys can be seen smoking a cigarette.

Cut to the opening credits.

Cut to a shot of the Seattle skyline and the words Day Twenty appear across the bottom of the screen.

The_KillingCut to Holder’s apartment in the morning where Linden has just awoken to find her son Jack in the kitchen with Holder. She walks in on the two of them having a conversation about farmers who have sex with chickens while they make breakfast. Her reaction? She smiles at them. Linden goes over to Holder’s knowledge corner and pulls out a book about monarch butterflies. She flips through the pages as Holder explains that they’ve all migrated from this area by now. Linden’s cellphone rings and it’s good old Ray. He tells her that the sound on Rosie’s voicemail was made by a diesel generator, the type that is most commonly used on construction sites. She hangs up and tells Holder the news and that Ames must have been trying to hide his business at the casino. She asks Holder to go pull all of the construction records for the casino from the county clerk’s office. Linden then asks Jack if all his things are packed because there’s no way in hell she wants to spend another night at Holder’s place. Dejected, Jack replies in the affirmative and pleads to finish his breakfast before they have to depart. Holder holds out an open Pez dispenser to the boy and tells him to keep his head up.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room where much to the shock of Richmond, Gwen has arrived BEFORE his psychical therapy session. Turns out she told them to push it back so they could start early. Oh the drama! The police commissioner’s apology for the arrest of Richmond ran on page one, but that isn’t good enough for Gwen. She’s cooked up a plan to get the Larsen’s to read a statement absolving Richmond from any wrongdoing in the death of their daughter. She thinks she can convince them to do so by waving the promise of a lighter sentence for Stan in their faces (remember he’s facing jail time for beating Rosie’s teacher Bennett Ahmed to within an inch of his life.)  Jamie says that he’s all for it, but that the Larsen’s will have to come to the hospital to do so because it’s too difficult for Richmond to leave. Gwen then announces that the waiting room will have to be redressed so they can hold the event there. Remember these two facts. Gwen makes to leave and walks out towards the elevator. Jamie follows her and questions her about the supposed deal with the prosecutor tasked with Stan’s case. Gwen admits to fabricating the deal, but has no qualms about lying to the Larsen family and exploiting their grief for Richmond’s gain.

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where Sterling has arrived to drop off items from Rosie’s locker. She tells Stan that the principle said the locker was needed for another student, but that she thinks it was emptied maliciously because of the things the papers have been printing about Rosie. Stan asks Sterling if Rosie ever mentioned an old shoebox of her mother’s and she replies no. Stan asks if Rosie was happy and Sterling says yes. Stan then recounts the last time her saw his daughter and how incredibly sad she looked. Sterling and Stan hold hands for a moment and has he begins to cry she tells him that she has to leave because her mom is outside in the car waiting for her. Alone, Stan twirls a pencil with a butterfly topper on it.

Cut to Linden and Jack settling into their new hotel room. Linden tells Jack that this place has security cameras in all of the hallways and that she’ll be back in time for dinner, but that he should order lunch from room service. Also, because she’s feeling kind, just this once Linden decides that Jack can order a movie from pay per view. She tells Jack that she put the do not disturb sign on the door and that if there’s a fire he can escape through the bathroom window. This fact becomes important later, but for a different reason. Jack promises to stay put as Linden answers her cellphone. It’s Holder. He’s connected Ames with the casino. Linden tells him that she’s on her way to meet him and leaves Jack alone to watch television.

Cut to road to the Casino. Linden is driving. Holder is in the passenger seat. The two have a conversation that goes something like this:

Holder: Yo! I founds the missing link betweens the Casio and Ames, g.

Linden: What were they building?

Holder: Damn girl, you want everything? Who knows! What do I look like? A detective!? All the paperwork says is “Casino renovation project.” That could be anything!!!

Linden: Get out there, talk to customers, casino employees, find out something. Everyone hates Nicole Jackson, her own people think that she’s stealing from them yet she’s got this whole island under her control. She must up to something to evil. Seriously, an Indian named Nicole? That’s just not right.

Holder: Yo, what are you going to do? Hang out in the parking lot?

Linden: BUTTERFLIES!!!!!!!! I stole this book from your dojo! Rosie filmed butterflies on her state of the art super 8 camera. I know the exact spot where because I know everything. Point Yupec! The girl loved butterflies, she even smoked cigarettes out on her bedroom window ledge because she thought they were cool.

Holder: What? When I did I turn into the character that actually makes sense? Stop stealing things from my apartment and drop the ghost whisperer act. You all talking to dead girls and shit. Damn, why don’t you ask Rosie who killed her and make our jobs easier? Oh, and Jack wants you to get some sleep. Don’t go all looney toons, for his sake yo.

Linden: Sorry I’m a shitty mom. I hear there’s a 12 step program for that.

Holder: I own my addiction. Want some Pez? Eating it is a new signature character trait that I’ve just developed because the producers think I need to have a gimmick. (Exits car, closes door, Linden drives off.)

Cut to Linden driving around the island and witnessing firsthand the plight of the Indians who are being forced to suffer under the tyrannical rule of Nicole Jackson. Weren’t we originally led to believe that the casino was the only thing on the island? Maybe I just assumed that.

The_KillingCut to Holder in the casino walking around aimlessly while smoking a cigarette. A maid sees him and instantly knows that he’s an undercover detective assigned to investigate the murder of Rosie Larson. Indians are magic like that. Well, some of them. Holder gets in an elevator.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Gwen and Jamie have popped by to pitch their evil plan to exploit Rosie’s death and Richmond’s injury to save the campaign. Stan isn’t buying it. He says he wants to see a deal in writing before he’ll commit to anything. Gwen lies and says that she’ll work on it, but in the meantime there’s a press conference tonight and Stan should come. Stan still resists stating that this isn’t the first time people have tried to use his daughter’s death for their own personal gain. Gwen throws in a parting shot about how the councilman is innocent and she was sorry to hear about what happened to Belko and that it’s a shame how the media can mislead people. They leave their card behind in case Stan changes his mind.

The_KillingCut back to Linden, she still driving around, but she’s finally reached Point Yupec where the butterflies were supposedly at. Interestingly enough the first hit returned by Google when searching for “Point Yupec” is “How Tupac Became a Hologram (Is Elvis Next?) – BusinessWeek.” Linden parks the car, turns on the alarm, and then continues her journey on foot.

Cut to a five second shot of scary trees.

Cut back to shot of Linden’s scary face as she walks down a lonesome road. She comes across a sign that says “KEEP OUT” and an totem pole. Either she can’t read and thinks the sign says “ENTER HERE” or once again some higher power, like perhaps a professional script writer, is guiding her to exactly where she needs to go. I mean seriously, if you were going to go to Point Yupec wouldn’t you follow the road there? Why get out and suddenly decide to walk when there’s a perfectly good ROAD that you can still drive on?

The_KillingCut to Holder at the casino leaving Linden a message about how while she’s chasing butterflies he’s busting his ass. We’ve seen him talk to exactly zero people, yet he tells her that no one is talking to him. Perhaps he doesn’t understand that he needs to initiate the conversations.  He’s worried that security will grab him if he keeps walking around randomly. Suddenly his phone beeps and he has no service. Sad. He spies a shift change over at the black jack table, sits down and works over the dealer. The man gives Holder a chip to give to the bartender in exchange for some information about scoring some prostitutes. Holder asks the man if there are any renovations going on because the last time he was here he got crabs from staying in one of the skanky rooms. The man replies that the girls know the rooms and that he should ask them.

Cut Richmond’s hospital room where Gwen and Jamie break the news to Richmond that Larsen wants no part of them. Richmond says even with the deal? Gwen confesses that she lied to them and takes full responsibility. Richmond looks less than pleased. With the press conference already set for tonight the three agree that it would look bad to cancel at this point. They agree to press on and decide that in the absence of the Larsen family they should instead talk about Richmond’s health and all of the progress that he’s making. Jamie leaves. Gwen tells Richmond that the press will still ask him where he was on the night of Rosie’s murder. He responds that he’ll tell them the truth, that he was in Tacoma, with her.

Cut back to Linden in the woods on her quest to locate butterflies that have already migrated for the season. Linden admires some mounds of dirt on the ground when suddenly Nicole Jackson speaks from behind her. What the heck is she doing out here? Just waiting for Linden to arrive? Apparently yes. Not only did she know that Linden was searching for butterflies that aren’t in the area any longer, but she also knew that Linden would ignore a “KEEP OUT” sign and end up at the sacred burial ground at this exact date and time. How did Nicole get there? Her car wasn’t parked anywhere nearby. The two have a useless conversation. Linden tells Nicole that she knows Rosie Larsen was out here at the burial ground and also in the casino. In response Nicole tells an Indian folk tale about a girl who was supposedly swallowed up by the ocean, but in reality was beat and tortured by white men. Indian thugs appear behind Linden when the story concludes. Linden reminds Nicole that she’s a cop. Nicole replies that anything can happen on this land. She then says “You’ve been warned.” Scary!!!

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where all on his own, with no help in sight, Richmond has arrived to talk to Stan. He tells Stan that he had nothing to do with his daughter’s murder and that Stan doesn’t have to do anything to help him. He also admits that his people promised something that they couldn’t deliver and that they were wrong to do so. Stan tells him that he’s sorry for what happened to him. He then tells him that the papers are printing lies about Rosie and that the principle at her school gave her locker away to another kid. I’m sorry, what? Gave her locker away? We’re expecting her back in class when? He says that no one cares about his daughter anymore. Richmond tells him to make them care and then rolls away.

Cut to Holder at the casino bar. An old skanky ho of Indian descent sits her tired old busted ass down next to him. The two talk business. Holder asks her if they ever finished the hotel renovations. She replies in the negative. She gives him some pricing options and he responds that he’ll pay more if they can do it at the construction site. She says no. He flashes some extra cash. She gets nervous and bolts. He tries to talk sexy to lure her back, but can’t keep a straight face. He looks to his right and sees an male Indian giving him looks at the other end of the bar. The man gets up and Holder follows him to a parking garage where…

The_KillingCut to the parking garage where Benny the Indian gigolo is pleading with Holder to ride him bareback. Holder says he won’t do anything until they get to the construction site. Benny asks for the money, Holder tells him he can have it when he tells him where it is that they’re going. Benny grabs the money tells him the construction is on the tenth floor of the hotel. He tells Holder not to worry and that it’s the best money he ever spent. Holder tells him that he just blew his wad and walks away. He calls him Freddy which really pisses off Benny, more so than being rejected.

Cut to Holder in the hotel elevator. He’s pushing the button for the tenth floor, which appears to be the top floor of the hotel, but it won’t respond. Instead he pushes the one for nine. He gets off on the ninth floor and tries to take the stairs up to ten, but the entrance to the tenth floor is locked. He kicks it a few times.

Cut to Linden being escorted back to her car by the Nicole Jackson’s Indian thugs. She asks a random woman for her badge and her gun. Apparently they were taken from her at some point that we did not see. She hops in her car and Nicole tells her to have a safe trip back.

The_KillingCut back to Holder in the hotel he gets back in the elevator and the maid from earlier hands him a matchbook. She gets off the elevator, turns and says “I hope Rosie’s family got her backpack okay.” Stunned, Holder tries to open the doors, but they’ve closed too far. He opens the matchbook from B.B.’s Hair Emporium to discover a message written inside that says “11AM Tomorrow.” When he reaches the lobby the elevator doors open and several security guards are standing by to take him into holding.

Cut to Linden being chased off the island by Nicole Jackson’s thugs. She leaves Holder a message to get out of the casino ASAP.

Cut to the Larsen residence where the boys are carving pumpkins with Aunt Terry. Stan walks in and Terry tells him that she moved a bunch of stuff off the table and wasn’t sure if this business card was important. Stan says that it’s just more people who want something. Denny then speaks up and asks if it was the cops again and freely volunteers the information that two detectives questioned Terry outside of school yesterday. Stunned, Stan asks Terry what is was all about and when she fails to give an adequate answer he asks the boys to leave the room. Once they do Terry tells Stan that they were asking her about her boyfriend Michael, the one that kicked her out. Stan asks what her boyfriend has to do with Rosie. She replies that he’s Jasper’s father. Stan again asks what her boyfriend has to do with Rosie, only this time louder for effect. She replies that they met through Beau Soleil and that Rosie only looked at the website once and that she would never do anything like that. She admits that she was afraid to tell Stan. Stan tells her to get out of his house and when she stammers on about how it doesn’t make sense he screams at her to get out of his house at which point she finally does do just that. Stan then picks up a chair…and…gently puts it down.

The_KillingCut to Linden in the motel lobby yelling into her phone at Ray to gather information about the sacred burial ground out at the fictional Point Yupec. She arrives at her room and discovers two gentlemen from Child Protective Services waiting to inspect her residence and interview Jack. Turns out that someone ratted her out for being a bad moms.

Cut to Holder being roughed up by security at the casino. He tells them to go easy and that he’s a cop, but they respond that out here he ain’t. He tells them to call their boss. They listen to him about this point for some reason and after getting off the phone they tell him that the chief wants to see him. He’s excited about this and jokes about firing up the peace pipe.

Cut back to Linden being interviewed by CPS agents at her motel room. Jack is standing against the wall. They ask her how long she left him alone unsupervised. Linden replies that he’s thirteen years old, not a child. They ask her how long the room has been in its disheveled state. She responds that she told her son not to let housekeeping in and when the agents press as to why she has no response. Jack speaks up and says that he has to go to the bathroom. Linden tells him no. He tells her that he really has to go and the agents tell him to go. They tell Linden that they need to do a formal interview with her back at headquarters and then they’ll take her statement and Jack’s into consideration at the hearing to determine if he will in fact remain in her care. She fakes getting a phone call, exits the room, runs outside, meets Jack at the car (he climbed out the window….fire drill!), and the two drive off into the night. Linden tells Jack that he shouldn’t have done that. Slumped against the window and feeling defeated Jack yells at her to leave him alone. Linden apologizes several times.

Cut to the waiting room at the hospital where Richmond is holding his press conference. He starts by talking about his health, but then Gwen walks in with Stan and whispers in his ear that Mr. Larson has agreed to read a statement. Richmond then shifts gears and addresses the unsolved murder of Rosie and introduces Stan. Stan starts reading from a prepared statement, but then goes off script. He tells the people watching that they should care about his daughter and that he doesn’t have much, only about $12,000 dollars, but that he’ll gladly give it to the person who finds Rosie’s killer or helps the police find her killer. He then gets up and leaves. The press erupts with questions. Richmond sits in silence. Does Stan have $12k? I thought the bank called and told Mitch that they only had $2.13 left in their savings account back on day ten! What about the house that Stan bought behind Mitch’s back? Does that still exist or are we supposed to forget about it?

The_KillingCut to Holder in the back seat of a car, security officers from the casino are driving. When Holder notices that they speed right past tribal police headquarters he tells them that they missed their destination. The men don’t reply.

Cut to Linden at train tracks leaving Holder yet another message to call her.

Cut to Holder in the woods surrounded by Indians. Nicole Jackson is there. She tells Holder that he and his partner are both too curious for their own good and that unfortunately for him she already got the warning. The Indians then proceed to beat the shit out of Holder while Nicole grabs his phone and calls Linden. She answers immediately expecting to talk with Holder but instead gets to listen to him grunt and groan as the Indians deliver their beat down.

Fade to black. Fin.

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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