The Killing: Season Two: Week Ten


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Last week we floated our in-depth theory about how Terry killed Rosie. Based on this week’s episode we’ve added an update. You can read the whole thing here.

This week’s episode was pretty damn good and served as a reminder that the show can be decent when the writer’s pull their heads out of their asses. Also this week, showrunner Veena Sud came out and said that she was disappointed in the fan reaction to the way season one ended and that it was always intended to be a two season story. Really? Then maybe TELLING people that would have been helpful. In any event, we’re almost there. Eleven episodes down, only two more to go.

Let’s get recappin’!

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The_KillingThe episode opens with Linden waking up slumped against the window of the passenger seat of a car that’s parked across the street from a coffee shop.  A cardboard box presumably containing her belongings that were confiscated when she was committed to the psych ward can be seen in the back seat.  Holder walks into the coffee shop as Linden listens to a Mayor Adams reelection truck bleating the good word about their candidate for all in the vicinity to hear.  When Holder returns to the car Linden isn’t there.  He walks down a ways and finds her sitting.  He tells her to eat something and she ravenously sinks her teeth into some sort of glazed doughnut.  She tells Holder that it doesn’t make sense, why would the Mayor sink his own waterfront project?  She says that they know Adams, Ames and Jackson are all involved and that they need to get back in the casino to recover the keycard.  Holder asks her if they wiped her brain while she was on the ward and reminds her that the Kulamesh don’t mess around.  Linden walks back to the car, Holder follows.  In the car Holder asks Linden if she should slow down a bit, take a break, maybe a shower.  She accuses him of being against her now.  He looks offended.  He tells her the only way that they’re going to get back in to the casino is with a federal warrant.  She tells him they better get one.  Cut to the opening credits.

Cut to the Seattle skyline and the words Day Twenty Four appear across the screen.

The_KillingCut to Richmond’s campaign headquarters where Jamie, Gwen, Richmond and their staff of loyal supporters are having yet another useless conversation that doesn’t relate in any way to solving the murder.  Gwen receives information that they’re only down two points in the polls.  The room erupts with whoops of joy.  Jamie tells the entire room that “prematurely” is his middle name.   AKWARD.  Richmond doesn’t want to get too excited.  The three look at video Gwen paid to have made that went viral.  It now has 10,723 views.  Jamie theorizes that if 2% of the people who watched the video online show up at the polls that makes up the two point deficit.  Ever heard of bad math?  First the number 10,723 isn’t unique views.  For all we know Gwen also doctored the number and has it playing in a loop on her home computer.  Secondly, just because they show up at the polls after seeing the video doesn’t guarantee that they’ll vote Richmond, unless Gwen had subliminal messaging implanted in the video.  Lastly, 2% is somewhere in the range of 214 people, so again, you’d need all of those who saw the video to actually place a vote for Richmond and that’s not guaranteed.  Gwen says “we might win this” so we don’t forget she’s still in the room.

Cut to the Mayor’s office where Benjamin Abani walks in to discover the Mayor watching the Richmond video!  See!  He watched it and I bet he’s not voting Richmond!  The counter is now up to 10,817 views.  The Mayor thinks the video is a disaster.  Abani says that he has good news and that he’s tracked down the source of the leak of the doctored toll booth photo which got Richmond wrongly arrested.  He tells the Mayor that Jamie has an ex-girlfriend at the DA’s office and that he’s going to talk with her today.  The mayor tells him that he should have taken care of it already.  Abani makes to leave and then says “So what if the guy can play basketball in a chair?  Half of Seattle still thinks he’s a killer.”

The_KillingCut to a staircase leading to the entrance to city hall.  Gwen, Jamie, and a bunch of random aids are descending where they will find Holder and Linden waiting for them.  Not for nothing, but this place doesn’t look all that wheelchair accessible.  The detectives tell the pair (who are lovingly referenced as “Donnie & Marie” in the title of next week’s episode) that they need to get back into the casino.  Jamie tells them that it is out of their jurisdiction.  Linden says that Gwen’s father could help.  Gwen says that she doesn’t have time for this with an election coming up in two days.  Linden says that this isn’t about an election anymore.  She says it’s about what the mayor did to all of them and if they really want to change things that this is their big chance.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Stan is feeding the newest member of the Larsen family, a big dog named Otis.  The boys run over all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, Denny a pirate and Tommy a ninja.  Aunt Terry trails behind and tells them that they need to hurry up and get to school.  She tells Stan that she told the boys that they could wear their costumes to school and that they understand that they won’t be trick or treating tonight.  The phone rings and Terry answers it.  She says “whoa, I’m not Mitch.”  She passes the phone to Stan telling him that he got an offer on the house.  He says “No shit, for real?”  He tells them to fax the information over and then asks Terry to run downstairs and make sure that there is paper in the machine.  Terry goes through Stan’s draws in search of paper and comes across a photo of Rosie’s dead body that was given to Stan by Janek (we’re gonna spell it right from now on!) when he asked the mobster for help.  She is literally floored.  This is the first time she’s actually seen the extent of what she did to her niece the night she killed her.

The_KillingCut to a random location, possibly outside of city hall or another government building where Gwen is meeting with her father.  Her father tells her not to bother wasting her breath trying to apologize for DC.  She tells him that she wants him to call the Attorney General and as a personal favor get a federal warrant issued for the casino.  He reminds Gwen that Nicole Jackson and the tribe have always been supporters of his.  She reminds him that Mayor Adams kissed her when she was fourteen (was it really only a kiss??  I say only, but still…) and how he wouldn’t want that to get out.  He calls Gwen a drunken floosy.  She says a thing like that could ruin his political career if she talks to the press.  He asks what happened to her.  She tells him that nothing happened and that she learned from the best.

Cut to Linden in the passenger seat of a car.  She’s listening to a voice mail from Jack.  She looks at the display and see’s that she’s got at least six missed calls from her son dating as far back as yesterday afternoon.  She calls him, but he’s at school and can’t really talk.  He asks about her and she tells him that he was resting.  Holder gets in the car.  She asks Jack about getting into honors math.  He says he has to go and hangs up.   Holder tells Linden to tell Jack that he says hi.  Linden fakes a conversation with Jack and then hangs up.  Linden asks Holder about the warrant and he tells her that they’re in.  Pan out and we see a bunch of FBI agents getting out of vehicles and approaching the casino.

The_KillingCut to the top of an escalator where HOLY SHIT the Indians are holding SHOTGUNS!  The FBI shows up and instead of hiding the weapons they brandish them?  WTF?  The head of security asks Holder if they’re going to do this again and he says “not today we ain’t.”  Linden smiles her messed up psycho smile.

Cut back to the conference room at the Richmond campaign headquarters for more useless banter about muffins and Birkenstocks when Mayor Adams walks in.  Richmond wheels out of the room to talk to him.  Adams tells Richmond that he knows where he was the night Rosie Larsen died and that he had no idea Richmond felt so low.  Richmond says that the testimony was sealed and Adams promises to press for a thorough investigation, after he wins presumably.  Richmond calls him a son of a bitch.  Adams says he’s only playing back the hand he’s been dealt and he tells Richmond he has until 9PM tonight to resign or the entire country will find out about how much of a coward he is.  There is no mention made of how many more hits the video has received.

The_KillingCut to the Larsen residence where Stan is signing the paperwork to sell the house he bought behind his wife’s back with all of their life savings.  Otis starts growling as Janek and Alexi and another heavy enter the garage.  Janek says it stinks in here and asks if Stan has a leash.  Stan hands him a leash and asks him what he’s doing here.  Janek tells his boys to take the dog for a walk.  Janek then ask Stan how his family is doing and then tells him that he needs him to put down a man who was talking to the police about his business.  Stan says no.  Janek tells him he’s not asking.  Stan says “I took care of Pieter for you.  That was it.  That was our deal.”  Alexi hears Stan finally admit to murdering his father as he just happened to reenter the room at that precise moment.  Janek tells Stan to make sure the boys walk their dog on a leash because people drive crazy these days and the dog could get hit or even Tommy or Denny could get hit.  You just never know.  Alexi comes over and hands Janek a phone and tells him that it’s his brother.  Janek tells Stan that he’s not doing this for him, that he’s doing this to protect what’s his.

Cut to tenth floor of the casino hotel where Nicole Jackson is leading federal agents, along with Linden and Holder, to the room where Linden originally spotted the keycard.  The agents are telling Jackson that they need the security footage from all of the cameras in the building from October 1st to the moment they walked into the door.  Jackson tells them that it won’t be a problem, but informs them that because of the construction and rewiring that a few cameras may be down.  Linden asks if the elevator cameras are down.  Jackson says that she thought Linden was no longer a cop.  The feds inform Jackson that she’s there only as an observer.  They enter the room and Linden tells them to tear up the floor.  She goes from observer to team lead in 0.7 seconds.

The_KillingCut to Richmond campaign headquarters where Richmond breaks the news to Gwen and Jamie that he’s withdrawing from the race.  He tells him that he wants all the campaign workers present at the rally tonight where he intends to break the news.  Gwen wants to know what Adams said to him.  Richmond tells her nothing, that it was for personal reasons.  Jamie says that they busted their asses for him and not to use personal bullshit.  Richmond finally admits that he tried to kill himself the night Rosie was murdered.  Jamie starts thinking of ways to spin things, saying he can pay a doctor to back date prescriptions for depression medication.  Gwen tells Jamie to back off, that the voters would never support him, and that if he quits now Richmond will still have a political future.  Jamie tells them that their both right and leaves the room.  Richmond starts explaining to Gwen about what happened that weekend.  Gwen tells him that he has nothing to be ashamed of and that we’ve all been there at one time or another.  Strange that SHE feels that way, but believes that the rest of Seattle does not.  She’s so obviously full of shit.

Cut to a park where Denny and Tommy are playing with Otis and Stan is explaining to Terry about buying the house so that Rosie and the boys would have a back yard.  Terry tells Stan that she and Michael were looking at houses and that they were planning to start a family together and that he thought that she’d make a good mother.  Damn, this woman is psycho-city.  Is this all in her head or what?  Terry says “I guess that’s why they say, you know, you want to marry your already married boyfriend, just kill your niece!  if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans!”  Stan laughs at her pain and says “Look at that dog.”  Stan then tells Terry that if anything happens to him he wants her to take care of the boys.  She looks shocked and says “Why would you say that!  Don’t say things like that!”  He tells her that she’s good with them and that she’s a natural and that she loves them.  Little does he know that he’s been asking his daughter’s murderer to look after his sons for nearly a month now.  Stan says he has to be somewhere and makes to leave and then turns around and tells Terry to let the boys go trick or treating tonight after all.  Terry makes a face like someone farted.

The_KillingCut back to the 10th floor of the casino hotel where the feds are ripping up the floor and Nicole Jackson is bitching that the warrant runs out in ten minutes.  Linden puts on gloves and goes from observer to team leader, to active participant in the search without anyone even batting an eye.  She leans down and then peers into the floor and turns and shakes her head in the negative to Holder.  Jackson makes a comment about how she’s sorry to disappoint the detectives.

Cut to Holder and Linden in a car, Holder is driving.  He’s saying so that’s it, our last hope is gone?  Linden pulls out the keycard.  You’ve got to give her credit for this one, but in about TEN SECONDS we’re going to take it away for another reason, but still, right now, girl done good.  You can’t let the feds take it into evidence or you’ll never see it again or get to test what doors it opens, you can’t let county have it as it will disappear like the rest of the case evidence did, and you certainly can’t leave it there either.  There’s one other thing you CAN’T do with it, and it’s a big no-no, but crazy Linden does it anyway.  We’ll get to that and what it means in just a bit.  Holder asks about chain of evidence and Linden gives a shorter version of what I just said and talks about how they’d just get kicked off the force for the trouble.  Holder wants to have it tested.  Linden asks what for.  She says they already know it’s Rosie’s blood on the keycard.  Holder says “if we’re not gonna use the card…”  Linden responds “we’re gonna use it…”  Holder asks where they are going with it.  DUH.

The_KillingCut back to casino hotel security room where the security officer is showing Nicole Jackson footage of Linden and Holder in the casino elevator after the search.  Linden is holding up the bloody keycard purposefully to the camera and gloating.  HUGE mistake, no matter how good it feels.  If she’s not going to risk the card in other ways, why the hell did she do that?  Jackson flips out when she understands what she’s seeing.  She pushes the head of security out the door and slams the door shut on the poor woman’s fingers as she calls her a “moronic little bitch.”  Jackson then calls the Mayor to tell him the Linden has the keycard and the Mayor in turn then changes the access on the card so that it no longer opens his office and instead opens Richmond’s.  Linden, you truly are a dumb ass.

Cut to the Mayor’s office where the Mayor is on the phone saying “I thought you said this couldn’t come back to me.  No, NO, I’m already on it.”  In walks Abani and the Mayor asks him where the lieutenant on the Larsen case is.  Right on cue in walks Carlson.  Adams start talking about Linden and he says he wants her off the streets.  Carlson says that she was suspended, hospitalized, and then released into her doctor’s care and that there isn’t much he can do.  Abani suggests that he could arrest her for impersonating an officer.  The Mayor then tells Carlson that the Deputy Commissioner is retiring early and that they could use a man of his judgment.

The_KillingCut to the exterior of Nowak’s house.  Who?  The guy who Holder tracked down while Linden was in the psych ward that’s who.  The one who broke into the waterfront on the night of Rosie’s murder to plant the bodies?  The one who spilled the beans to Holder that he worked for Janek?  Keep up!  Stan pulls up near the house and takes a gun out of his glove compartment.  Could this be the weapon that Mitch will use to kill Terry in the finale?  We shall see!

Cut to the detectives driving down the road when suddenly Linden’s psycho–sense starts tingling and she realizes that they’re being followed.  She asks Holder to turn up the police radio and to scan the channels.  Turns out she was right!  Holder ditches the tail in a daring display of driving dexterity as he deftly dodges traffic after running a red light and speeds off.

Cut to Carlson’s officer where he’s informed by a uni that Linden and Holder avoided the tail, but they pinged Linden’s cell phone and that she’s on the downtown tower.  Carlson tells the uni to get him his car.

Cut back to Nowak’s place.  He’s leaving the house and getting in his car.  Stan steps off the curb as he tries to start the engine and is surprised when he looks in the back window and sees a baby.  Nowak looks up and sees the gun in his rear view mirror.  He tries to open the door, but Stan slams it shut and then bounces Nowak’s head off the steering wheel a few times.  He tells the man that Janek knows and that he needs to leave town and never come back to Seattle.  Stan then point the gun in Nowak’s face as the baby cries in the backseat and promises that if Nowak does come back he will kill him.

The_KillingSpeaking of killing, cut to Janek at a random location getting back into his town car.  He sits and a gun is pointed at the back of his head.  He says “if you wanted to do this I’d be dead already.”  He then says that he can admit his mistakes and that “I was wrong about you Stan.”  DUN-DUN-DUN!  The gun is cocked and Alexi says “I’m not Stan.  This is for my father.”  He pulls the trigger ending Janek’s life.

Cut to the Richmond rally where people are chanting something.  “We want rice!?”  “Wheelchairs rule?!?!”  “Who needs PT?!”  It’s hard to make out exactly what they’re saying.  Richmond starts to make a speech by saying it’s a beautiful night in Seattle and that Adams’ time is up.

Cut to Linden and Holder out front of City Hall.  Carlson pulls up in his car and says that it’s over and that he’s trying to make things easy on them.  Linden makes to pull out the keycard and Carlson thinks she’s going for a gun.  She finally gets the keycard out and Carlson asks her where she got it.  She tells him. Holder says that whoever killed Rosie works here.  Linden starts going off about the election being tomorrow and that maybe Adams will win or maybe Richmond will win. She tells Carlson that Richmond got them into the casino and that he might want to clean house of the Mayor’s people if he wins. Holder tells Carlson that it’s time to decide if he wants a boot on his ass.  Carlson says even if they’re right he can’t call off the manhunt.  Linden says “then get out of our way.”

The_KillingCut back to Richmond’s speech.  He starts talking about the night Rosie died and tells the whole room, including the guy from the mosque about how he tried to kill himself that night.  Jamie tells Gwen that she’s got to stop him.  She says that it’s his choice.

Cut to Linden and Holder opening doors at City Hall with the key card.

Cut back to Richmond explaining about his wife’s death and his suicide attempt.

Cut back to Linden and Holder easily evading security at City Hall.

Cut back to Richmond, OMG, once again exploiting the pain Jamie’s uncle went through for his own personal gain.

Cut to Carlson in the parking lot outside City Hall as hears on the police radio that officers have spotted Linden and Holder’s vehicle.

Cut to Richmond droning on about the will to live.  He finally drops the microphone on the ground and wheels away.

The_KillingCut back to Linden and Holder trying the keycard on the Mayor’s door and looking shocked that it doesn’t work.  IDIOTS.  Or more specifically IDIOT.  If Linden didn’t wave the keycard in Jackson’s face then the Mayor never would have had the chance to reprogram the access on it.  They walk over to Richmond’s door and of course it works there.  SHOCKING.  They’re dumb enough to now believe that Gwen and Jamie helped them get into the casino just so they could then be arrested.  Riiiiight.

Cut to Stan driving around and seeing all the trick or treaters.  He passes Terry and the boys and smiles.

Cut to Alexi being put in a holding cell at jail.  EDIT:  Thanks Car: This scene is actual Linden and Holder entering Richmond’s campaign office.  We only see their feet.

Cut to Stan returning home to find Mitch waiting for him in the dark.

Cut to Richmond campaign headquarters where Linden and Holder stare in disbelief.

Cut back to the Richmond campaign rally where he’s wheeling himself through the crowd.  Zoom in close on Gwen and Jamie making it look like they are the killers which in turn means that they are obviously not.  Fin.

As the credits play the voice over says “On part one of the two night season finale IN WHICH ROSIE LARSEN’S KILLER WILL BE REVEALED.”  Glad we cleared that up, but generally a two-night finale is like Sunday-Monday back to back.  Not this.  This is Sunday, wait a week, Sunday.  Why call it a two night season finale?  It’s the penultimate episode followed by the finale.

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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