The Killing: Season Two: Week Three


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

We offer up our sincere apologies for being late with this week’s recap. We were watching the premiere of The Bridge, which so far seems to be pretty awesome, and because of that Rosie’s murder took a backseat for a bit. We’re back now though, and we’re ready to complain about our favorite pair of bumbling idiot detectives, the incompetent Linden and the strung out Holder.

Episode four of this season of The Killing was easily the worst yet. Michelle Forbes was nominated for an Emmy for her performance as grieving mother Mitch Larsen last season, so what does AMC decide to do? They have her appear in all of ten minutes worth of the first four episodes of the second go round. It’s a decision that is mind bogglingly frustrating and the show is suffering as a direct result.

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The_KillingThe episode opens with Linden and Holder in a car parked outside the Larsen residence. Linden is in the driver’s seat and she’s pulling evidence bags out of Rosie’s backpack. When she pulled the unbagged backpack from Holder’s trunk she was not wearing any gloves, but now that she’s handling evidence bags, pieces of evidence that have already been sealed, she somehow thinks that it is a good idea to slap some on her manly mitts. She starts tossing things up on the dash and asks Holder “Why drop the bag now?” She says they need to get the bag tested and Holder says he knows a lab rat that can do it for them on the side without getting Carlson involved. Linden asks for his name, but Holder won’t give it. Holder then goes off about how Gil saved his life and how he thought the Richmond photo was the real deal. Linden tells him that she doesn’t care and blames him for the position they’re in today. Holder says that he trusted the wrong guy. Linden agrees. A car pulls up, some men jump out, and they drive away in Larsen moving vans. Linden and Holder follow them to a location where they find them moving boxes of House brand cigarettes. Oh that crazy Polish mob! Mysterious tattoo person is not one of the men there. Cut to the opening credits.

Cut to a view of the Seattle skyline and the words Day Seventeen appear at the bottom of the screen.

Cut to Rosie’s bedroom where Stan is on the phone with the morgue. They want to cremate Belko, but he refuses to allow that to happen and says that he’ll be down to claim the body. Denny is in the doorway and overhears the conversation. As Stan gets off the phone he asks him what’s wrong.

The_KillingCut to Terry and Tom in the kitchen. Terry is trying to get Tom ready for school so he won’t be late and in return Tom is giving Terry everything she deserves. Stan walks in and tells Tommy to get his shoes on and get out of the house, which is weird, because he’s wearing pajamas. Shouldn’t he get dressed properly as well? The phone rings and it’s the cops. Stan tells them not to bother sending a car by because he’s made other arrangements. Terry tells Stan she’s worried about Tommy’s behavior, but Stan tells her that Belko’s dead body is more important. The boys come out of their rooms (it looks like Tommy wisely changed out of his pajamas) and Terry tells them to go downstairs and wait for her. Tommy gives her more lip, the two make to leave, but then Denny turns and asks them where Belko is. Stan replies that he’s been sick and to go downstairs and wait for Terry. Terry tells Stan that they should tell the boys about Belko, but before he can answer Stan gets distracted by a local news broadcast which is covering the blaze at Beau Soleil WHICH MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE since it was a SHOE STORE that burnt to the ground and only the police knew that there were computer servers in the basement (which weren’t even there when the place went up in smoke!) Stan tells Terry that the cops think Rosie was connected to Beau Soleil and she quickly bolts.

Cut to downstairs where Terry finds Denny locked in the car trunk screaming for help! Terry lets him out and Denny tells her that she hates Tommy. Denny tells Tommy that he sucks. Terry shakes Tommy and asks him why he would do such a thing. Tommy yells at her that he’s not her mom and that he hates her and that she should go home.  We agree.  Terry needs to leave.  Mitch needs to return.  End of story.

The_KillingCut to FBI headquarters where we find Linden and Holder meeting with Linden’s mob expert friend Cory. They show him the Ogi Jun tattoo, but he’s never seen it before. He tells them that arson is a Yannick specialty and that it’s impossible to trace….then how do you know that it’s Yannick burning places down? The agent then confirms that Stan used to work for Yannick in the early 90s and the detectives find out that the FBI thinks that Stan murdered a man for Yannick in order to get out of the mob. Pioter Michalsky was supposedly skimming off the top of Yannick’s business so Stan whacked him. Nothing was ever proven. Pioter’s body was found in the truck of his car with his hands bound and a single gunshot wound to the head by his wife Monica.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room. He reaches for a cup of water and spills it. An occupational therapist walks in with a wheelchair and introduces himself. Richmond insults him, says he needs to have more empathy for the disabled and then tells him to leave.

Cut to Monica’s house where Linden and Holder have arrived to interview her. Monica wants to know why the cops suddenly care about a murder that took place seventeen years ago when they wouldn’t arrest Stan and Linden tells her that they’re investigating his daughter’s murder now. Monica is unsympathetic to their cause to say the least. The cops ask Monica if Pioter has any family and she tells them that his ma died young and that he was an only child. She then goes on, unprompted, to describe how he hooked up with Yannick. She does however conveniently neglect to mention to the officers that they had a son together.

Cut to police headquarters where Linden and Holder have just returned with breakfast. Holder says there’s no way Monica killed Rosie and Linden agrees. Linden wants to know why Holder is eating meat and he says he’s finally ready to embrace it. Linden tells Holder that Cory told them that Yannick was connected to city contracting and she thinks that they might be able to connect him to the mayor. Holder has a better idea (for once!) and thinks that Rosie’s best friend Sterling might know about the man with the strange tattoo. Linden gets a cellphone call from Jack’s father’s lawyer informing her that he’s suing for joint custody.

The_KillingCut to the high school where Linden and Holder question Sterling in the middle of a busy hallway about a potential suspect where anyone can overhear their conversation. She tells them that tattoo guy was hanging around outside Rosie’s house staring at her. Sterling didn’t know who he was, but she says that Rosie talked to him once and told him to get lost and that he creeped her out because he had been in prison. Sterling tells the officers that she doesn’t know much else because Rosie wasn’t really talking to her at that point. She then asks the officers how Mitch is doing and asks them to say for her. Sterling walks away and Japser can be seen standing off in the distance sneering at Linden and Holder.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room. Jamie calls Gwen because he needs to fill out a questionnaire about Richmond’s morning routine. Gwen is in DC now! We know this because she’s wearing pearls. She’s about to go into a meeting, but she decides to answer some of Jamie’s questions. She gets emotional when talking about Richmond and says that he always sleeps in the opposite direction of the way she faces. Oh snap! Jaime can tell she’s getting worked up so he lets her off the hook and says that he can figure the rest out on his own.

Cut to a juvenile detention center where Linden is buying a candy bar and Holder is asking her if it will become Jack’s dinner. They finally get buzzed in to see the kid responsible for giving out most of the tattoos in juvenile hall. They show him the Ogi Jun picture and Linden passes him the candy bar under the table and he responds that he did in fact do the tattoo for a kid known only as “Giffs” in the family unit. Linden is dismayed to learn that tattoo boy is a foster kid.

The_KillingCut to Richmond’s hospital room. Jamie walks in with some coffee and cream puffs. Richmond tells Jamie that he needs to get some air and asks him to lift him into the wheelchair without getting assistance. Jaime tells Richmond that he’ll try and that his no-show sister sent what is considered the Cadillac of wheelchairs for him. Jamie then picks up Richmond and attempts to move him to the wheelchair; they both end up on the floor.

Cut to the police station where Holder walks in and hands Linden a file on Alexi Giffords, AKA “Giffs.” Turns out he’s twenty years old, white, and a foster kid. Oh yeah, and his DMV photo reveals that he’s Danny from Less Than Kind! Really? DANNY? On The Killing? C’mon! Horrible casting! Holder tells Linden that Alexi has been in five homes in ten years. She does some math without the aid of a calculator and comes up with the fact that he spent two years in each home. Holder concurs. Linden says that if you catch a bad home two years can be a lifetime. Looking through the file Linden sees that Alexi was busted for petty stuff until he hooked up with Yannick and began robbing and shaking people down. Holder tells Linden to check out the address. It turns out that Alexi currently lives three blocks from the Larson residence.

Cut to Stan at the morgue. He’s there to claim Belko’s body, but instead he’s told that it’s all been taken care of already.

The_KillingCut to a mostly empty church interior. Stan walks into to find Yannick sitting by a casket which we assume contains the remains of Belko. The two have a conversation about how wonderful Stan was back in the day and how Yannick’s son has no discipline to take over the business. Yannick tells Stan that it should have been him, but that he wanted something different. Stan replies he’s good with what he’s got. Yannick throws it in his face that his daughter has died and that he paid for the funeral and is providing protection for the Larson family. Let’s not forget about the house Stan bought behind Mitch’s back. Oh wait, yes, let’s forget about it, because no one has mentioned it in ages. It becomes important in Forbrydelsen, perhaps it will become important again in this version as well? Yannick says that Belko went out like a man and then tells Stan that one of his heavies saw some kids at school beating on Tommy and teasing him about Rosie.

Cut to 224 Hanson Road where Alexi supposedly lives. Linden is on the phone with Jack having a meaningless conversation. Holder returns to the car to report that Alexi is not home. Holder suggests they try to get ahold of Alexi’s foster records to see if he has any family, but Linden replies that they can’t because foster records are sealed and that the only way they can look is if Alexi lets them. Holder tells Linden he has to pee. Linden tells Holder that she doesn’t think that Rosie knew about Stan’s past and the two talk about O magazine. Linden says that Alexi is a planner not a runner. A runner doesn’t stay for two years in a bad foster home.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room where Mayor Bud Adams has decided to pay a visit while Jamie snoozes in the waiting lounge. He tells Richmond he didn’t want to win this way and that he won’t waste time feeling sorry for him. He also tells Richmond that his offer still stands and that four years from now Richmond still has his full support. Richmond says that he’s been wondering what made the police so certain that he killed Rosie because they won’t tell him, but he vows to find out. Adams stands to leave and a tired Jamie walks in and tells him that he’s got a lot of nerve coming to the hospital. Adams tells him not to be rude and that he’s leaving. As he’s walking out the door he says that Jamie ran a solid campaign and that he’ll land on his feet just like Gwen did. Abani lurks in the background.

The_KillingCut back to the unmarked car at 224 Hanson Road. Holder questions Linden about the FBI agent they went to for help earlier and discovers that she had a sexual relationship with him. He says “Dial 1-900-Linden” to which she responds “That’s not even enough numbers.” Holder tells her the candy bar move with the tattoo artist was slick and Linden responds that her first job was at a juvenile detention center and that they trade candy in there like money. Holder tells Linden that she said she was a runner from foster homes back in the day, she denies it, but he brings up details of the conversation. Then he throws Sonoma in her face and angry, she kicks him out of the car and drives off.

Cut to Tommy’s school where Stan sees some boys picking on Tommy at recess. He calls Tommy over to him and asks him if the boys are saying stuff about Rosie. Tommy shakes his head no. Stan tells Tommy that those kids are stupid and that they don’t know what they’re saying. Stan asks Tommy what he’s going to do the next time one of them picks on him and Tommy replies that he’s going to walk away. Wrong answer! Stan tells him that the only way that they’ll learn is if Tommy hits them. He tells him to find the biggest guy and hit him hard, aiming for the bridge of the nose. Tommy looks stunned.

Cut to Terry in her car making a cell phone call to Jasper’s dad. His wife answers and Terry hangs up.

Cut to Richmond’s hotel room where Jamie is trying to cheer him up with get well cards. Richmond fires him, stating that he’s withdrawing from the race and Jamie calls him a coward and son of a bitch.

Cut to Reggie at the docks! I guess she’s conveniently back from her vacation cruise just when Linden needs her help. The two chat and catch up and Linden asks her if she has a friend who can get her Alexi’s file. Reggie tells Linden that she knows she can’t do that and how would she feel if someone asked her for Linden’s file and she gave it up. Linden says she’d be fine with it if it helped solve a murder.

The_KillingCut to Stan outside his house cleaning one of the moving trucks where he finds some frayed wire left over from the arson job on the shoe store that Yannick’s men pulled.

Cut to Stan walking into Yannick’s restaurant. Alexi is there, but he quickly bolts. Stan slaps down the wires from his truck on Yannick’s table. Yannick tells him that he cleaned up Beau Soleil, so what. Stan leaps at him, but Yannick’s men restrain him. Stan asks Yannick what he did to Rosie and Yannick tells him to forget this whole business with his daughter and focus on what’s important now, like the children he still has. Freed from the grasp of Yannick’s men, Stan departs.

Cut to Holder taking the world’s longest piss outside of Alexi’s place. Alexi walks up, spots Holder, and bolts. Holder chases him, but can’t keep up. He then calls in a 320 (request to locate) to dispatch.

Cut to Linden in her car outside of a children’s administration building. Reggie’s friend who works there gets in the car and gives Linden Alexi’s file. Linden comments on the color of the balloons now. The woman fills Linden in on what little she knows about the boy. Linden opens the file and discovers that Alexi is the son of Monica and Pioter at almost exactly the same time that Holder does when he has Alexi’s landlord let him into his apartment and discovers a photograph. So Linden’s breaking the law basically amounts to nothing, because they would have found out the information anyway. Great. What a waste of time.

The_KillingCut to Richmond in the wheelchair staring at himself in the bathroom mirror.

Cut to a distraught Stan sitting at his work desk when Monica enters! The two stare each other down. She asks Stan if he knows who she is and tells him that he got what he deserves.

Cut to Linden at Alexi’s apartment. She flips through some manga that’s lying around and finds a drawing of Rosie with her face scratched out.

Fade to black.

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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