The Killing: Season Two: Week Twelve


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Wow.  What else is there to say except that we’re glad that it’s finally over?  We’ve been critical of The Killing over its two season run, and even though it was a bit uneven in terms of storytelling and pacing at times, it still managed to pull off a somewhat satisfying ending.  While we were right about the big stuff, Aunt Terry was the ultimate murderer and Darren Richmond was corrupted, we were wrong about how the dots all connected together, or for that matter didn’t, and perhaps that’s where our biggest criticism of the show stems from.

Not from the fact that we were wrong, because hey, it’s actually much cooler when we are, but because The Killing promised us that if we patiently followed along week in and week out we’d have a shot at being able to figure out whodunit it as the case progressed, only to reveal in the end that Rosie met her fate because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.   It promised us smart TV and then took one character that had been completely sane for twenty-five hours of programming and then conveniently turned him into an insane madman in the final ninety minutes.  It billed itself as the anti-cop show and then devolved into the very thing it claimed to be rebelling against.

Still, for all its flaws there are things the show did do right.  Take for example the Marek women.  Terry is a prostitute; Mitch was a pregnant teenager and later a grieving mom who slept with a random man at a seedy motel.  They were Rosie’s role models and she followed the blueprint they provided when she decided to become a call girl.  We know we’ve waivered on this point before, but once and for all we believe that she was in fact involved in prostitution.  Why else would Janek destroy the servers when Stan asked for his help in finding Rosie’s killer?  Who would she be so afraid of in her voicemail to Alexi if not a John that treated her roughly in the past (perhaps it was even Drexler?)

In the end this was a fun a ride and we want to thank everyone who stopped by each and every week to weigh in with their thoughts and theories related to the case.  I doubt we’ll get a season three, but if we do look for more recaps to appear here.  In the meantime, enjoy Forbrydelsen III this September!

Let’s get to the final recap, shall we?

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The_KillingThe episode opens in flashback mode with Tommy and Denny chasing Rosie out of her room, tackling her to the floor, and tickling her. They’re begging her to come camping with them this weekend, but she refuses and promises that she will next time. Mitch and Terry are in the kitchen packing some things up.

Rosie runs into the kitchen and steals one of the sandwiches Mitch and Terry have prepared for the trip. Mitch starts talking to her about numbers where she can be reached in case of an emergency and how she should go straight to Sterling’s house after the dance tonight. Mitch asks Rosie if she’s listening to her and the girl replies “Yeah mom, whatever. I’m not an idiot.” Terry glances over at her.

Cut to Rosie going downstairs where she looks over at Stan on the phone arguing about an order he never received. The two share a look, and then Rosie opens the door and steps outside.

Cut to the opening credits.

The_KillingCut to what will very soon turn out to be the Richmond victory rally. Holder and Linden arrive and approach Gwen waiting to know where Jamie Wright is. Gwen says that she doesn’t know and that she saw him at the office before she got here. Holder asks what vehicle he was driving. Gwen tells him that it was a campaign car. She then tells Linden that both Jamie and Richmond should have arrived at the rally a half hour ago, but that neither is answering their cellphones. Holder calls in an ABP for the car. Linden alerts him that Jamie isn’t here. Gwen finally asks what’s going on.

Cut to Jamie’s “grandfather/uncle Ted’s” house. Jamie is asking “Ted” what’s going on. He tells Jamie that he’s telling his boss all about his grandson. Jamie tells Richmond that need to get to the rally because everyone is waiting for them and makes to wheel the man out of the house, but Richmond tells Jamie to let “Ted” finish speaking. “Ted” says “Your boss has been telling stories about me on the TV, all kinds of lies, wonder where he got’em?” Jamie asks “Ted” what’s wrong with him and Richmond starts to wheel himself away as he’s had enough of the family squabble for one night. “Ted” makes to stop Richmond from leaving and Jamie violently shoves the man back into his seat. Ted says to Jamie “You owe me. You think I didn’t figure out where you really were that night? The night that girl got herself killed!” Jamie points his dainty finger in “Ted’s” face and tells him to shut up. He then wheels Richmond out of the house as “Ted” screams “Don’t walk out on me Jaime boy!” Richmond tells Jamie that he’s got Jerry waiting to drive him, but Jamie insists that he has a car and that he’ll take him to the rally himself.

The_KillingCut to a parking lot where Gwen is telling the detectives that none of this makes any sense (ha!) and that the campaign is Jamie’s life and that he would never hurt Richmond. Gwen gets a call from Jerry. She hangs up and tells the detectives that Richmond left his phone in the back of the driver’s car and that Jerry had taken Richmond to Jamie’s grandfather/uncle’s place in Pigeon Point and left him there. The three hop in a car together, turn on the flashers, and screw off at high speed. Holder calls in backup.

Cut to Richmond campaign headquarters. Jamie and Richmond have just arrived and Richmond wants to know what they are doing there when they should be at the rally. Jamie says that he wants to show him something. He wheels him to the window and gives him a history lesson on Seattle. He talks about how it used to be a small logging town, but then a fire burned everything down and out of the ashes rose a city. He tells Richmond that he got a text from his guy at the polls ten minutes ago and that the city now belongs to him because he won the election and that Adams will concede within the hour. Jamie says “We did it.” His phone rings. He looks at, but then says “It’s nothing.” Richmond asks Jamie “Why did you lie?” Jamie responds “Because you were going to give up Darren, you needed something to believe in.” Richmond then asks why Jamie lied to the police. Jamie yells that his grandfather is a drunk and a liar and that whatever he says is bullshit. Richmond then asks Jamie directly about where he was on the night Rosie was murdered. Jamie tells Richmond that the election was a stepping stone, but that first he had to win and that he had the perfect plan. He says “With Indian bones at the waterfront Adams was dead in the water.” Richmond yells “You planted those bones Jamie?” Jamie tells him to get off his soap box and that it was for his own good. He says that the Indians were looking for a way to expand off the island and that Ames was looking for a way out and that he saw an opportunity so he took it. Richmond asks what he promised in exchange. Jamie tells him that as mayor he promised that Richmond would approve a casino on the waterfront. Richmond babbles about fraud. Jamie says that he knows it goes against everything Richmond believes in, but that he also knows that he wanted to win and in order to do that he needed to make friends with the people who matter the most. Jamie says that he knew Richmond could never do it himself, but that it was okay, because that’s why he had him. Jamie tells him that once he approves the casino their coffers will be full for the next run and the one after that. Richmond asks repeatedly “What happened to the girl?” Jamie screams “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” They both stare at each other in stunned silence for a moment. Flashback time!

The_KillingCut to the tenth floor construction site at the casino hotel on the night of Rosie’s murder. Jackson, Michael Ames and Jamie are meeting in secret. Rosie is out on the balcony overhearing their conversation. They are talking about how Nowak was arrested for breaking into the waterfront. Jamie tells them to calm down and that it’s just a speed bump and nothing more. Jackson said that she held up her end of the bargain and Jamie assures her that Richmond will hold up his end as well. Ames says “If that’s it let’s go. I want off this damn island already.” Jamie suggests that they should all leave separately, like they always do. He waits a few moments then makes his way out of the room and down the corridor towards the elevator. He stops when he hears Rosie’s cellphone ringing back in the room. He turns around and discovers the girl standing there. He asks her who she is and what she’s doing there. Rosie says that she swears that she didn’t see anything. She moves her backpack and the super 8 camera falls out. DOH! Jamie asks what the hell it is. Rosie tries to run when he bends over to pick it up, but he grabs her. She starts screaming and he tells her to calm down. Finally he hits her several times and Gwen’s keycard (that he stole for what reason again?) goes flying across the floor. Jamie looks down at Rosie’s unconscious body and believes that he’s killed her.

The_KillingCut back to Richmond campaign headquarters. Jamie says that she wouldn’t stop screaming and that she wouldn’t listen. He says “I didn’t know what to do Darren. I tried to reason with her. I tried so hard to make her understand, but I panicked. I panicked. She was going to ruin everything. It was an accident.” Richmond counters with “She was alive when she went into that lake. Is that what you call an accident?” Jamie takes off his jacket, pulls out a gun, and places it on the table. Richmond says “What are you doing with my gun?”

Cut to Linden, Holder, and Gwen Eaton driving towards “grandpa/uncle Ted’s” house when they hear over the police radio that Jamie’s car has been spotted at city hall.

Cut to back to Richmond campaign headquarters where Jamie is telling Richmond that he thought Rosie was dead but that she wasn’t and that she got out of the car and ran into the woods. He says “We had come so far, too far. I couldn’t let her get away.” No mention is made of how he got Rosie’s unconscious body out of the casino hotel and into his car. No mention is made of how he was able to drive away from the gas station some distance after Rosie fled and then double back on foot after the girl had a sizable lead and could have gone in any direction, to pursue and track her through the woods in the pitch black darkness and easily catch up with her. Flashback time!

The_KillingCut to Jamie chasing Rosie through the woods on the night of her murder. Jamie has a flashlight. Rosie is screaming. He eventually catches up to her and beats her over the head a few times.

Cut back to Richmond campaign headquarters where Jamie is telling Richmond that he didn’t want to do it, but that when he has to do something he always does it. He says “Everything I’ve always done has been for you!” Richmond says “I’m leaving now Jamie.” Jamie makes to stop him. He grabs Richmond’s wheelchairs and spins the man around so they are facing one another. Jamie is holding the gun. He says “You want to be an idealist, go plant a tree, but if you want to be a leader you have to be willing to get blood on your hands. I can’t keep doing it for you Darren.” Richmond says “You killed a young girl, you son of a bitch! You put me in this chair!” Jamie screams back “You’re weakness put you in that wheelchair! You know the greatest thing we did on this campaign? It was tricking the voters into believing you’re something that you’re not. You surround yourself with people like Gwen and Lily because you want to believe that you’re a good man. You cheated on Gwen with whores you son of a bitch! You let your wife drive alone that night, so she could DIE because you like the limelight. Stop pretending. That’s the man you are Darren.” Well, we’re glad someone is finally calling Richmond on his shit. We’ve been saying he’d be corrupt be the end for weeks now.

The_KillingCut to Linden, Holder, and Gwen racing up the un-wheelchair friendly steps to the Richmond office.

Cut back to Richmond campaign headquarters where Jamie is telling Richmond that this is just the beginning. Next is Olympia, then the senate seat, and then DC. Jamie tells him that he can go the whole way as long as he realizes who he really is. Jamie’s says “You know I’m right.” Holder, Linden, and Gwen enter the room and see Jamie with the gun. Gwen says “Oh God Jamie.” Holder tells him to put the gun down. Twice. Linden asks him to put the gun down. She uses the word “please.” Richmond asks him to put the gun down. Gwen asks him to put the gun down. Jamie says “I know you’ll do the right thing Mr. Mayor.” Linden tells Jamie that they can help him. Holder tells him to put down the gun. Richmond tells him to put down the gun. Jamie turns and aims the gun at Holder. Holder shoots him dead, shattering a glass window in the process. Linden ducks. Linden gets up, consoles a sobbing Gwen and then goes back to stand next to Holder.

Cut to the Seattle skyline and the words Day Twenty Six appear across the bottom of the screen.

The_KillingCut to Richmond campaign headquarters where what used to be Jamie is being zipped up in a body bag by members of the coroner’s team. A douche bag officer at the scene goes up to Holder and gleefully tells him that the shooter’s weapon was empty. Shouldn’t he keep his mouth shut and let Internal Affairs handle the investigation into the shooting? Holder and Linden look at one another and then away from one another.

Cut to the Larsen residence where Stan has awoken only to find that Mitch has left again. He gets out of bed and finds her in Rosie’s room. It turns out that she’s finally decided to pack the girl’s things away. Stan sits on the floor and begins to help her.

Cut to police headquarters where Linden is watching behind the glass as Michael Ames and Nicole Jackson are brought in for questioning. In walks Holder who shuts the door and throws some things on the table including Jamie’s employee record and the missing Super 8 tape from Rosie’s camera which Jamie had stashed at “Ted’s” place. Linden asks what is on it. Holder says that it has to be sent to the lab. Linden says that Jackson will be charged with obstruction of justice and that Ames’ lawyer is on his way. The two theorize that both will walk. Carlson walks into the room as Linden picks up Jamie’s cell phone records and starts to look through them. Carlson says “IA will be investigating, but I read the witness statements. It was a good shooting Holder.” Linden jumps up and points out that Jamie made a call to Ames at 3:37AM on the night (morning) of the killing. Carlson says that it doesn’t prove collusion because they have no way of knowing what the two spoke about. Linden speculates that Ames could have gone to the lake and helped Jamie kill Rosie. She brings up the taxi with the broken taillight again. Carlson says that they already checked all cab company manifests and that there were no pickups at Discovery Park or drop offs at Ames’ address. Holder says “What about the busted taillight?” Carlson responds that half the cabs in the city have broken lights. Carlson tells Linden that it’s over and that he and the DA will be addressing the media today. Linden tells him that they need to talk to the Larsen family first. Carlson tells the detectives that they both did good work on this case. Holder goes over to the table and slaps the files to the ground in anger and disgust.

The_KillingCut to the new Larsen home that Stan bought behind Mitch’s back before Rosie got murdered. He and Mitch and the boys all pile out of his truck to look at the place. Denny wants to know which window is their bedroom and Stan tells them that in this house they each get their own room. He then tells them that there is also a swing set in the back yard and the two excitedly run off to check it out. Stan then tells Mitch that they’ll have to move in a couple of weeks if they want to do this and asks her if she’s sure. She responds in the affirmative. Stan says “This is the house she was going to come back to from college.” Mitch takes his arm and suggests that they go inside.

Cut to Richmond campaign headquarters which should now be a taped off crime scene so that IA can investigate the shooting of Jamie Wright by Detective Stephen Holder, but instead we find Richmond and Gwen gleefully contaminating the scene with their presence. Richmond is writing something. Gwen tells him that he needs to get some rest. Richmond tells Gwen he wants the glass and the carpet replaced by the afternoon. Ain’t gonna happen Darren, you’re sitting in a crime scene. Gwen tells him that she’ll take care of it and that he needs to go home. He continues to write. Gwen stops him. He tells her that he needs to finish the press release (since when does he write his own?) because they need to spin this before the press have a field day with it. He says that he doesn’t want Jamie defining his legacy before it even gets started. Gwen tells him that he won the election because of himself and that they don’t need to spin anything, and that oh, by the way, he’s got some blood on his face. The two hug.

The_KillingCut to a meeting chamber at City Hall where Richmond has wheeled himself to take a look around. Leslie Adams walks in and congratulates him on the victory and tells a story about his first year on city council and how he thought he could change things, but that that only thing the place changes are the people in it.” Richmond says “Things will change.” Adams says that he’s sorry about Jamie and tells Richmond that he has the makings of a great leader.

Cut to the current Larsen residence where Stan and the boys are packing up and cracking jokes. Stan asks Tom to take a box to Mitch and threatens to seal Denny in another with the dog. After the boys run upstairs Stan pats Belko’s locker lovingly and then continues packing.

Cut to Mitch packing upstairs. She touches the door where they recorded Rosie’s height at an early age in pencil. In walks Terry who asks if she needs help and says that she figured that they weren’t going to move all this crap by themselves. Mitch says thanks and then reminisces about the last time she saw Rosie and how she didn’t really “see” her daughter. Terry reassures her that she always did.

The_KillingCut to the cemetery where Richmond is visiting his dead wife’s grave. His cellphone rings. It’s Gwen wanting to know where he is. She tells him that she can hold the press off for a few hours. He tells her that he thinks it’s time to move on and that he’ll be in soon. As he starts to wheel himself away towards the grass we’re left to wonder if his chair is all-terrain and why someone with as much money as he’s got doesn’t invest in an electric one.

Cut to Linden and Holder out where Rosie’s body was discovered. Linden brings up the point that no one ever said exactly what happened to Rosie at the lake. Linden says “I wanted to get him.” Holder responds “We got him.” Holder says that they should let the Larsen’s know and the two leave.

Cut to the current Larsen residence where the detectives have arrived to break the news to Mitch and Stan. Damn that car is fast! They find that Terry is the only one home. She tells them that Stan and Mitch are out and asks if the detectives ever bother to knock before they walk in. Linden tells her that they need to speak to Mitch and Stan about the case. Terry tells them that it’s the last thing her sister needs right now. Holder in turn tells her that they got the killer. Terry says “You did? Who is it?” Linden insists that they should wait for the Larsen’s. Terry tells them that their timing sucks because they are moving into a new house. She makes to go upstairs and tells the detectives to wait for a few minutes until she returns. Linden then looks at Terry’s car and notices it has a broken taillight that is covered with red tape. DUN-DUN-DUN!

The_KillingCut to Rosie’s mostly empty room where Terry is sitting on a mattress. Linden and Holder enter ask Terry if she was there at the lake. Linden tells Terry that she picked Ames up at the ferry that night and that they were going to the airport to the flight to Vegas when Jamie called and needed help with a girl in the woods. Terry says that Rosie was nine when she first read her the story of the Monarch butterfly and that the girl believed it and believed that the world could be hers. Linden says “And you did too. He was going to leave his wife for you, wasn’t he? You both had plans, hopes. You were going to have everything.” Terry says “Michael did it. You should arrest him.” Linden counters with “He would have never left you. He couldn’t have. You would have had that over him. Forever. He didn’t do it Terry.” In walk Stan and Mitch. Mitch wants to know what’s going on. Linden tells them that they need to leave now. Holder asks them to go downstairs. Mitch says “Terry?” Terry says “You wouldn’t understand. I’m sorry.” Linden asks Terry not to do this here. Terry breaks down and says “Don’t be mad at me.” Holder tells Stan that he doesn’t need to be there. Terry says that she didn’t know it was Rosie and that she didn’t know what to do. Flashback time!

The_KillingMichael Ames and Jamie are arguing at the lake. Jamie is insisting that they need to off Rosie. She’s already in the trunk, though none of them are aware of her actual identity at this point. Michael tells Jamie no way, that this isn’t what he signed up for, that the deal is off, and that he’ll simply stay with his wife. Terry is in her busted-ass car and overhears all this. She goes to the campaign car while the two are arguing and puts it in drive and watches go down a small hill and into the lake. Rosie can be heard screaming in the trunk as the car sinks under the water.

Cut back to Rosie’s bedroom at the current Larsen residence where Terry is insisting that she didn’t know it was Rosie in the trunk. Stan makes to attack her, but Holder restrains him (ha!) It’s at this point that we’d expect Mitch, who all but told Stan to kill Bennet when they believed that he had hurt Rosie, to go grab Stan’s gun and off Terry, but instead the two hug? WTF!?!? Not even a slap? In Forbrydelsen Theis (Stan) got justice for his daughter by murdering her killer. Here AMC really dropped the ball, especially after putting Mitch through so much grief and building towards this moment all season. Was the network too afraid to air such a controversial ending? Whatever the reason, they really blew the best opportunity they had to clearly establish this show as the “something different” they always claimed it would be.

Cut to police headquarters where Linden is sitting in the dark. In walks Holder who flips on the lights and then just as quickly flips them off again. Linden asks him for a smoke, but he hasn’t got any. He tells her that she should quit and save him some money. Holder then tells Linden that they’re transporting Terry to county in a couple of hours and that she didn’t want a lawyer. Holder then says “Wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes it just comes down to that I guess.” Gee thanks Veena Sud and thanks AMC for making all of your viewers wrongly assume that they could follow along and solve the case when the entire time you knew that it hinged on the randomness of life. Nice. Holder then says “Carlson said to give you this,” and slaps Linden’s badge on the desk. Good one! So AFTER the arrest she was reinstated as a detective? I’m sure this will all hold up in court no problem! In walks a uni who flicks on the lights and hands Holder the missing Super 8 film that was found at Jamie’s placed and processed as evidence. He says that it’s some kind of student film. Linden takes the bag from him and leaves the room.

The_KillingCut to Linden watching the film.

Cut to Richmond’s office at city hall where lo and behold, the glass and the carpet actually HAVE been replaced. I guess there is no investigation into the shooting of Jamie Wright? Less than 24 hours after the shooting occurred Holder was acquitted of any wrong doing? Awesome! Richmond is preparing for a meeting when Gwen walks in. She’s surprised there is a meeting. Richmond tells her that he wanted to get a jump start. Gwen says “On what? The staff won’t be here for a while. We don’t have anything on the books.” In walks Nicole Jackson, Michael Ames and some other suits. Jackson congratulates Richmond on his victory and thanks him for helping her take care of those ridiculous charges that were leveled against her. Richmond tells her that the police have a habit of arresting the wrong man or woman. Richmond greets Ames and finally wheels over and shuts the conference room door in Gwen’s face. Looks we’re building a casino people! Told you Richmond would end up corrupted. Gwen looks stunned.

The_KillingCut to the current Larsen residence where Denny and Tommy are waking Stan and Mitch up and telling them that they need to hurry. When the pair arrives in the living room they see Rosie’s face playing on the TV. The boys tell them that someone left it in the mailbox. WTF? First, have they never heard of the pause button? Second, what kids get up in the morning and check the mail box first thing?? Anyway, it’s an INXS style tape of a movie Rosie made titled “What I Know” and it’s meant as a goodbye to her family. She’s planning on seeing the world. She tells them that she loves them and that she will most definitely be in touch. What’s strange is that she’s doing this on the ferry to the casino so someone else is obviously holding the camera for her. Why didn’t this person come forward to the police and let them know that the girl was planning to leave?

Cut to Linden and Holder parked outside the current Larsen residence. I guess after dropping off the tape then decided to sit around awhile? Holder gets a call and says “What?? You’ve got to be kidding me. Yeah we’ll be there.” He’s shocked to learn that a dead body turned up! I guess no other homicides were committed in Seattle during the twenty six days it took to solve the Larsen murder? Did he think that once he solved a case he wouldn’t be assigned another? He tells Linden about the body and she gets out of the car. Holder says “Linden, we got the bad guy.” YEAH OKAY. Way to destroy every smart thing this character has said or done over past twenty odd days. Linden replies “Yeah? Who’s that?” Holder tells her to keep in touch. Linden then walks down the street alone and music resembling that from the original Incredible Hulk TV program plays in the background.


It’s all over!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by during both seasons to lend a hand at cracking the case!

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