The Killing: Season Two: Week Two


We’re baaaack! With AMC’s recent announcement that they’ve rescued The Killing from the land of the cancelled and have decided to push ahead with shooting a brand new third season, we thought it only fair that we should rescue these old posts from our archives as well.

Over the next few weeks we’ll try to get them all back into circulation. They start off slow, but three or four weeks into it, you’ll see that we get uber obsessed and start jotting down all of the details from both versions, detective style.

Episode three wasn’t nearly as bad as people want you to believe. The really big shocker is that either the producers totally botched the placement of Rosie’s backpack in Holder’s trunk from episode to episode or someone else got to it before Linden did (scroll all the way to the end of this post to see visual proof.)

Don’t want to cheat and skip to the end? Let’s jump right in at the start then…

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The_KillingIn a nice nod to the Seattle music scene of the late 80s the episode opens with Mudhoney’s Running Loaded cranking on the stereo of a car that’s speeding down the highway. Who is driving? It’s Mitch! She’s smoking. Remember that only bad people smoke on television. On the passenger seat of her car she’s got a map that looks a lot like the one Linden and Holder had in the season finale when they circled Desolation Bridge, as well as a picture of her family pre Tom and Denny. OUCH! At least Stan’s looking a lot trimmer. As Mitch drives down the street she passes a strange girl hitchhiking on the side of the road that bears a striking resemblance to Rosie. She doesn’t pull over. Instead she drives to the Motel Olympic (which one would assume is located in Olympia) and wastes no time getting a room where she unpacks a strange looking box from her suitcase (maybe it belonged to Rosie), but doesn’t peek inside it.

Cut to the opening credits which inform us that Sophie Grabol will not be appearing in this week’s episode, but that Charles Widmore will. Boo.

Cut to a morning shot of the Seattle skyline and the words “Day Sixteen” appear across the bottom of the screen.


The_KillingCut to Linden walking through police headquarters while talking to an unknown person on her cellphone about getting a warrant for the Indian casino where Rosie was photographed by surveillance cameras on the night of her death. She enters the office of a random tech that we assume she knows and asks him about the blown up tattoo photo from Rosie’s super 8 film. He tells her that Holder asked him to run it and that it isn’t a gang tattoo. It is however from Japanese manga and the character is named Ogi Jun. She asks if Holder is there, but the tech replies that he hasn’t seen him. Linden comments that the tattoo doesn’t look like a Beau Soleil type then in the very next breath asks the random tech (who is busy soldering something by the way!) if they got the client list off of the Beau Soleil servers yet. WTF? How can you speculate that the tattoo doesn’t belong to a Beau Soleil type if you haven’t even seen the client list? Maybe they cater specifically to Japanese manga freaks and politicians with dead wives! The tech responds with “servers?” Linden then complains that she filed the warrant for the Beau Soleil servers two days ago. That would be day fourteen, when her old boss Lt. Oakes still had a job. The tech speculates that Lt. Carlson must have held them up because he’s anal about paperwork. Linden rushes into the hallway and happens to find Carlson immediately. She confronts him about the warrant. He replies that he saw the paperwork, but that next time she should just ask. WTF? He didn’t even work there two days ago when she submitted the paperwork! Not even in a small guest starring role!  She was supposed to know to ask him before he was ever even hired?

The_KillingCut (finally) to Holder outside the shadiest looking building an NA meeting has ever taken place in. He’s having a conversation with a woman named Claire while he smokes a cigarette. Is everyone on this show bad? Claire starts bitching about how her kid had an asthma attack and that a hospital is a great place to score. She’s been clean for three days now though! He lights her cigarette (evil!) and then they chit chat about Gil Sloane and cravings. She eventually asks him if he’s going inside, he says he’ll catch up with her, and then as soon as she enters the building he gets in his car and drives away. Class act that Holder yo.

Cut to the Larsen garage where one of Yannick’s thugs is dropping off one of Stan’s company vehicles. He drops the keys on the ground and tells Stan it needs gas. Terry sees the exchange and comes over to talk with Stan as he picks up the keys. She wants to bring the boys to the pumpkin patch today, but Stan says that it’s high time they get back to school and that everything is under control now and they don’t have to worry because he’s worked it out. He’s super excited that the press are no longer hanging around the house. Terry goes to get the kids up and Linden strolls in unannounced. Stan tells her that he’s done talking to the police and that he doesn’t need their help. She asks him to look at the picture of the tattoo and he declines, asking instead if it belongs to the guy who killed his daughter, not, you know, the one they arrested. Stan then goes on a rant about how his best friend is dead and his kids are scared and his youngest son saw his own sister’s blood on her backpack. Is he stupid? How would Rosie’s blood stay WET for fourteen days? It would be dried and crusty if it was her blood. It wouldn’t have slickly covered his fingers. Stan tells Linden that he wants the backpack and all of Rosie’s stuff back. Linden asks him what was in the backpack and he explodes again asking her if the detectives ever bother to actually talk to one another and then he instructs her to leave. Angry, and with no lockers in sight to beat up, Stan instead throws the coffee in his mug to the ground disgustedly.

The_KillingCut to Linden in her car talking to Jeff on her cellphone. She’s asking about the backpack and if Holder ever submitted it into evidence. She tells Jeff she wants to come sign off on it, but he informs her that it’s gone. She asks who took it and then hangs up without saying goodbye. Rude!

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room. He stares at his legs and breaths really heavy. Then there’s a time lapse and his doctor and Jamie are in the room and he’s asking about starting rehab. He tells the doctor that he felt a burning in his right foot and that he felt the sun on his legs. The doctor assures him that he’s experiencing phantom pain, but Richmond will hear none of it. The doctor promises to pass the message on to Richmond’s neurologist who will be stopping by later in the day. Richmond tells Jamie he’s going to wean himself off the morphine so he can feel again. Jamie tells him that he needs it. Richmond and a pretty nurse exchange smiles at one another.

Cut to Holder pulling up outside his young (six year old?) nephew’s school. The two have the following exchange:

Holder: What’s up little man?
Nephew: Uncle Steve! (high fives through the car window)
Holder: How you been bawler? You keepin’ it real?
Nephew: For shure!
Holder: You slayin’ them ladies with your ill lady skillz?
Nephew: Hellz yeah!

Holder than asks about his sister, but the boy doesn’t want to talk about his mother. He tells the kid to hop in the car and that he’ll give him a ride home, but the boy tells Holder that he’s not supposed to. The boy asks Holder if he’s mad at him and Holder responds “never little man.”

The_KillingCut to Terry walking Denny and Tom to school. They tell bad jokes about clocks. Terry then tells the boys that their father will be picking them up today because “Aunt Terry’s got to make some monnnnay!” She then kisses Denny’s gross boy hands. Denny then takes said hands and places them on his cheeks. Right. Now I see why the boys need protection. Obviously they must get beat up a lot. Luckily one of Yannick’s thugs is on the scene to ensure that no violence breaks out on school grounds. Terry asks Tom if he wants some hand kisses too, but he tells her to beat it.

Cut to Larsen at Lt. Oakes house boat. WTF? He’s got a house and a house boat? Nice. She doesn’t say even say hello to him, instead, in her best man voice, she proclaims “I’m here for Rosie’s backpack.” Oakes lies about having it and tells her she needs to think about what she wants when her career is finished. How about a house and a house boat? That seems like a good start. He tells Linden that he needs to do what he’s told because he needs his pension (to pay for the upkeep of both his house and house boat one would imagine.) She says she still needs the bag. He tells her that he’s watching her back, but she says thanks but no thanks. Finally he retrieves the backpack from inside the boat and hands it over. As Linden makes to leave Oakes tells her that he hopes that she remembers that they had a good run.

The_KillingCut to outside of Linden’s car. She’s wearing gloves and she’s thrown the backpack up on the trunk. She unzips it and pulls out a book, a coat, and one high heeled shoe.

Cut back to the hospital where we find Jamie carrying flowers with a Richmond campaign button pinned to them. Jamie walks into Richmond’s room and finds him grunting like he’s having a bowel movement. Jamie turns on the TV and flips past the mayor giving a speech. Richmond tells him to flip back. The mayor says “the waterfront project is still a viable option for Seattle’s economic growth and as you know I have eight years of experience in resolving this type of bureaucratic dispute.” RIGHT! Sure! No one remembers the DEAD BODIES they dug up at the construction site on night eleven?!?! Jamie gets in a shot about Ben’s busted up face (he’s standing behind the Mayor at the press conference) and Richmond responds that he didn’t think Jamie had it in him. On the television Adams refuses to answer questions about Richmond and where he thinks he was on the night of Rosie’s murder. Jamie goes to fin the neurologist and Richmond resumes trying to poop.

Cut to the bar of the Olympic Motel where Mitch is boozing it up alone as Gerry Rafferty’s Right Down the Line plays softly in the background. She looks over longingly at a gentleman across the way, but then her cellphone rings. Damn that Terry! She’s always getting in her way! She ignores the call.


The_KillingCut to Terry folding laundry at the Larsen residence. She hangs up her phone and Stan walks in. The two have a discussion about Mitch not being there and how she could do such a thing to the boys. Stan says she needed to leave because she wasn’t happy. Terry asks who is happy, because she knows Stan isn’t and she sure as hell isn’t. He tells her to get away with some friends for a few days, but she refuses. She says that she’d never do that to the boys. She knows that Tom and Denny need her there to kiss their boy hands.

Cut to Linden watching Rosie’s super 8 movie at police headquarters. It looks just as uninteresting as the last nine times she watched it. She calls Holder and leaves him a message detailing the fact that she knows about the backpack and why he came by her place last night. She asks him to call her back. She even says please! She runs the footage back and forth for a bit and pretends to stare at the screen like she’s interested in what’s being projected until finally another police officer walks in and tells her that he went to serve the warrant at the Beau Soleil shoe place and that there was a fire there early this morning which torched the entire building. Linden picks up her stuff and rushes out of the room.

Cut to the burned out shoe place. Linden asks a fireman if the computers are damaged. He says they didn’t find any computers, just sneakers. She asks if the fire was the result of arson. He responds that it was most likely an electrical fire caused by faulty wiring. Linden looks dejectedly towards the sky where she notices that traffic cameras are posted up and down the street. She yells over to Duncan that she needs him to pull the footage from every camera within a four block radius of the store for the last 24 hours. He protests, but she tells him to just do it and that she’ll deal with the paper work.

Cut to Stan picking up his kids after school. Denny is carrying a box of polish pastry! Stan asks where it came from. Tom replies that he told him not to take it. Denny finally fesses up that it was given to him by “the big guy…your friend.” Stan, looking horrified replies “what friend?”

Cut to Yannick’s restaurant. Some random three year old boy named Damien is sitting on Yannick’s lap. Yannick tells him to say hi to Stan and the boy acts shy. Stan tells Yannick to stay away from his boys and to keep them out of everything. He tells him that they’re good kids. Yannick replies that Stan was a good boy once and that after all these years he just wanted to meet them once and see what they looked like. WTF? Is Yannick Stan’s dad? Stan proceeds to tell Yannick about the police theory that Rosie worked for Beau Soleil. Yannick promises to look into it.

The_KillingCut to a trailer in a trailer park where Holder is banging loudly on a door. An old lady answers. She lets Holder in and tells her son Logic (Tyler) that he’s got company. Logic turns out to be Holder’s old meth dealer. Logic says that he hasn’t seen Holder around lately and Holder tells him that he got clean. Logic wants to know if Holder is buying or if he came to make amends. He wants to know if Holder is there to apologize for not paying for a gram he took and for banging Ashley. Holder tells him that he’s a cop and that he was just playing him the whole time. Logic tells him that even junkie cops need dealers. Holder then proceeds to beat up both Logic and his moms (“yo, you hit my moms fool??”) and then steals a bag of meth on his way out the door. He’s a speedy G, that Holder.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room where his neurologist is testing for feeling in his legs and Jamie stands by watching. Richmond feels nothing, but fakes feeling something in his foot when the doctor isn’t even touching him. Oops. The neurologist tells Richmond that he needs to review his case with Dr. Madigan before he can make a recommendation and leaves. Richmond tells Jamie that they need to start rehab ASAP so they can continue the campaign. Jamie tells him that it’s a bad idea to rush things. The black church coalition is having a fund raiser on Friday that Richmond simply must attend (what day of the week is it now anyway?) and he tells Jamie to make sure to get his blue pinstriped suit from his condo. Who has a key to the place? Gwen does!

The_KillingCut to campaign headquarters where Gwen is packing up. Charles Widmore walks in only I guess he’s supposed to be her father and not Penny’s father from Lost. Gwen tells him that she thinks that it’s time for her to move on…to Washington DC. She tells her dad that she wants to work for Senator Farrelly and asks if he’s going to make her beg for the endorsement. Widmore, err, dad, makes the call immediately to the senator and tells Gwen that he hopes that she’s packed her bags because the senator has wanted her for years and he’s going to want her to start immediately. Why then did he have to make the call on her behalf? Couldn’t she have just as easily called his offices herself if she’s in such high demand? Is this thirty second scene really the best use of Alan Dale’s talents?

Cut to a room at the Olympia motel where Mitch and her random gentleman stranger have retired to have a nightcap and talk about chemistry books. He tells Mitch that she’s beautiful. He leans in for the kiss but Mitch (who is calling herself Annie these days) just isn’t all that into it. He asks her if she’s okay and says he can go. Mitch then grabs his arm and tells him that she doesn’t want him to go and that she wants him to stay. The two then suck face and as the camera pans away we can see that damn crazy box again!

Cut to Holder in his car holding the bag of meth. He shoves it in his ashtray compartment as Claire walks up the car smoking a cigarette.

The_KillingCut to Linden driving, Jack in the passenger seat. She’s on her cellphone. Jack tells her to hang up and drops the knowledge that driving while talking on the phone is totally illegal. She agrees with him, but carries on anyway. She talking to Ray about the fact that she needs the footage from outside of Beau Soleil ASAP and that Carlson doesn’t need to know. Linden gets off the phone and tells Jack that she’s thinking of cooking something tonight. Jack informs her that toasting is not cooking. Jack picks up the photo of the tattoo from between the seats and comments about how Ogi Jun is rad. Linden is surprised that he knows the manga until Jack reminds her that she bought it for him. Jack tells Linden that the book is violent with tons of sex and tells the story of a guy who battles 200,000 armies to avenge the death of his father. Ogi Jun apparently knows all these bad ass ninja moves that his sensei taught him, but then his sensei turns out to be evil (a smoker perhaps?) but Ogi Jun takes him out because he’s learned all he needs to know.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room. The cute nurse with the winning smile walks into his room and chats seductively with him about how she voted for him for city council because she liked his stance on health care. While they’re chatting she’s doing a bunch of stuff to him, but we can’t quite see what. She finishes up and he asks her what she was doing. Turns out she was changing his catheter and he didn’t even feel it. YIKES. She tells him not to worry about it, that the first week is the worst, and that he’ll get used to it, then promptly leaves the room.

The_KillingCut to Holder banging Claire in his car which is parked in what looks like a parking garage structure. She asks him if he’s got any meth and he stares back at her.

Cut to Linden’s motel room where she pulls Jack’s copy of the Ogi Jun manga out of a box and starts flipping through it.

Cut to the Larsen garage. Stan is working on a van when Yannick walks in with Rosie’s autopsy report. He tells Stan that he looked into Beau Soleil and that the cops were wrong. He also tells him that the cops lied to him about the way Rosie died.  He tells Stan that Rosie was alive when the car hit the water and that she tore off her own fingernails trying to claw her way to freedom. He then suggests that Stan should be the one to kill whoever murdered his daughter and leaves him with the report which is contained in a sealed inter-office envelope.

Cut to Linden’s motel room where she’s making mac and cheese for dinner. Her cellphone rings and its Ray. While she’s on the phone Jack finishes making dinner. Ray tells Linden that he’s emailing her the footage now. She then bitches that she got the email but that she can’t open the attachment. He tells her that she needs to install the xvid codec, no wait. He tells her to click on the huge button that is clearly labeled “DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENT” with a large arrow pointing downward. She does and the motel’s blazingly fast internet connection delivers the pristine 1080p HD traffic camera video to her laptop in mere seconds. How the video, which contains at least 10 minutes worth of footage from one camera was compressed to a mere 3.9meg we’ll never know. She fast forward’s the footage to 2:34 A.M. at which time one of the Larsen vans arrives near the scene and the man with the tattoo is driving. Linden tells Ray to hang on because she has another call. It turns out to be a panicked Claire who didn’t know who else to call. Holder is like totally freaking out and Linden needs to go get him.

The_KillingCut to Holder standing on the freeway as traffic swerves around him. Linden talks him over to sidewalk by telling him that she knows he switched the backpack and the two walk away together.

Cut to Richmond’s hospital room. He grabs the campaign pin from the flowers Jamie brought earlier and jabs it into his leg. He feels nothing as blood pours down his leg.

Cut to Mitch staring out her motel window. She sees the strange hitchhiking girl that resembles Rosie outside smoking (!) at the pool!

Cut to Yannck’s restaurant where in a backroom an unidentified man works feverishly at deleting files from the Beau Soleil servers. Yeah right. Wouldn’t you smash those hard drives into microscopic pieces that could never be put back together again?

Cut to the Larsen residence where Yannick’s thugs, including the man with the tattoo are once again borrowing his van for something that will no doubt be nefarious in nature.

Cut to Linden and Holder at Holder’s car. Holder pops the trunk to reveal Rosie’s backpack, right where he left it, in a box full of other random evidence…except for the fact that it was in an evidence bag when Holder originally placed it in the trunk and now it’s not and it’s also facing the opposite direction! Linden doesn’t bother putting gloves on, she just reaches her bare hands into the trunk, pulls the backpack out by the handle and slams the lid. Way to contaminate the evidence Linden, but who messed with it and put it back before you got there? That’s the real question.

Fade to black. FIN.

Here’s how Rosie’s backpack looked when Holder placed it in the trunk of his car on day fifteen (note that it is in an evidence bag and the direction it is facing):

Here’s how Rosie’s backpack looked when Linden pulled it out of Holder’s trunk at the end of day sixteen (note that it has been removed from the evidence bag and is facing the opposite direction):

Once again we ask, who do you think killed Rosie Larsen? Was it an already established character who did the deed or is it someone we’ve yet to meet? Do you even care anymore?

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