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The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013 – Animation will not be made available via iTunes this year.  Here’s the official announcement which went up on ShortsHD’s Facebook page a few hours ago:

We are very excited about this years Oscar® Shorts Film release. As we do every year, we invite all the nominated films to participate in this incredible release. This year, the Animated nominee films are all available on iTunes individually. However, the Animated theatrical release as a compilation will not be available on iTunes due to standing contractual obligations which limited inclusion in the release.

A confusing and disappointing turn of events to say the least.  I won’t pretend to understand how or why it’s possible for all of them to be sold individually, but not as a full package.  All are priced at $2.99 (High Definition) and $1.99 (Standard Definition) which is a complete rip-off.

You can get all 5 live action nominees in HD in 2+ hour bundle  for $7.99, but all five of the animation nominees will run you roughly $15 for 40 minutes of content AND you don’t get the bonus shorts that are showing with the theatrical run.  No Kubla Khan.  No Lost and Found.  No Dripped. No The Gruffalo’s Child.

I’d love to hear an explanation ShortsHD.  I’m waiting.

In any event, we went ahead and watched the five nominees.  Below you’ll find our thoughts on each.

Adam and Dog
Short Film-Animated (Minkyu Lee)
United States / 2011 / 15 Minutes

Adam_And_DogYou’ll either love or loathe this one.  There is no way to occupy the space in between.  Sloppily animated by former Disney artist Minkyu Lee, Adam and Dog starts out with Dog being lonely in the Garden of Eden.  So Dog finds Adam.  The two become friends.  Then Adam discovers the joys of Eve and gets cast out of the Garden.  Forever loyal, Dog travels the ends of the earth to reunite with his friend.  Bleck.


Fresh Guacamole
Short Film-Animated (PES)
United States / 2012 / 2 Minutes

Fresh_GuacamoleFresh Guacamole the follow-up to PES’ critically acclaimed stop-motion short titled Western Spaghetti.  Here he makes a bowl of fresh guacamole out of odd items.  A grenade becomes an avocado, dice become tomatoes, etc.  It’s a cute and well executed short, but does something that’s barely 2 minutes in length really stand a chance of winning it all?


Head Over Heels
Short Film-Animated (Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly)
United Kingdom / 2012 / 11 Minutes

Head_Over_HeelsAfter years of the living through the same old boring routine, poor Madge and Walter have grown apart.  He lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling.  Literally.  It seems as though they no longer possess any common ground.  When the house finally comes crashing down – again literally – Madge will be forced to make a choice: abandon ship, or accept gift that her husband is offering her as the first small step towards reconciliation.


Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare”
Short Film-Animated (David Silverman)
United States / 2012 / 5 Minutes

Maggie_SimpsonI guess I missed the point of this one.  Is Fox trying to say “hey, remember when all y’all voice actors demanded a raise in pay, well, we can make the show without all y’all, k?”  If The Longest Daycare was an actual episode of The Simpsons it would be the easily be the most unfunny in the show’s 20+ year run.  Maggie gets dropped off at daycare and cutely thwarts a butterfly killing baby.  Yawn.  Give us more of the rest of the family please.  You know, the ones that actually say funny things.


Short Film-Animated (John Kahrs)
United States / 2012 / 7 Minutes

PapermanClearly the best of an uneven bunch, Disney’s Paperman (which had the good fortune of running theatrically before showings of Wreck-It Ralph) is an eye-popping combination of hand drawn 2D animations that were plopped into a 3D world.  Oh, and there’s with a heartwarming story attached.  Boy meets girl.  Boy loses girl.  Boy makes paper airplanes to try to capture girl’s attention.  Love conquers all.


Paperman should easily win come awards night.  In fact, we’d be shocked if it doesn’t.

Have you seen any of this year’s Short Film – Animation nominees? Which was your favorite?

Oscar_Animated_Short_Films ★★★½☆
The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013: Animation
Directed by Various
United States
40 Minutes

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