Uninstalling Cyanogen Android Alpha 2.1 from your HP TouchPad

Ah the HP TouchPad. The device nobody wanted, but everybody bought anyway because it was too cheap to pass up on. This series of posts will help you get the most out the device and out of its current operating system, WebOS.

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CyanogenModSo you’re sick of Android already, eh?  You want to return your HP TouchPad to its glorious WebOS only state?  No problem!  Just follow the step-by-step instructions detailed below to wipe out the Android partitioning and reclaim the precious space it was using for WebOS.

The instructions assume that you’re using a Windows PC for the computer portions of the uninstallation process. If you’re using a different operating system you’ll need to adjust the steps slightly.

Note that CyanogenMod’s Android is still considered an alpha release. I take no responsibility for the quality of their product or any harm that may come to your TouchPad as it relates to the uninstallation and use of this solution as detailed below. Use at your own risk and enjoy.

How to Uninstall CyanogenMod Android Alpha 2.1 (the “Don’t Link Directly to the Files” edition):

  1. On your computer, if you haven’t already or you unistalled it, download and install the HP WebOS 3.0.4 SDK.
  2. On your computer, if you haven’t already or you deleted it, create a new directory on the root of your c:\ drive and name it “Android” (no quotes.)
  3. On your computer, download the following file from the rootzwiki website and save it into the “Android” directory you created in the previous step:
    a. ACMEUninstaller (Uninstaller)
  4. Reboot the TouchPad.
  5. Once the TouchPad begins rebooting, press and hold the volume up button on the device until a large USB icon is displayed in the center of the screen.
  6. On your computer, click the “Windows Start Button.”
  7. On your computer, click “Run.”
  8. On your computer, type “cmd” into the “Run” window and click the “OK” button.
  9. On your computer, in the “Command Prompt” window that opens type “cd \” (no quotes.)
  10. On your computer, in the “Command Prompt” window type “cd Android” (no quotes.)
  11. On your computer, In the “Command Prompt” window type “novacom boot mem:// < ACMEUninstaller” (no quotes.)
  12. Nothing visible will happen on your computer. On the TouchPad, the uninstallation process should begin and the activity should be quite visible on screen. Wait for this process to complete and the device to automatically reboot into WebOS 3.0.4.


Welcome back to the world of WebOS only!  Why did you remove Android?  Comment below!

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  • randy robinson

    haven’t installed android yet. just checking to make sure I can uninstall it if it causes problems. Actually I like webos, but not being supported; I want some of the android apps that will never be ported to webos.

  • rexb

    thanks for sharing this! after a couple weeks with android, i started to appreciate webos a lot more and do i really need android! i already have the basic stuff i needed (surf net,e-mail,watch streaming sites-go flash!, stream movies from my media server, pdf ebook reader and music and video) with webos, don’t really need all the 200,000 apps or so out there.

  • Bmack

    I’m thinking I am just gonna wait till the final build of 4.0 Is finishied.