Updates to the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction

Introducing the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Literature

The 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction is an interactive visual discovery tool we created in an attempt to bring more awareness to literary translations. Here you’ll learn more about the latest improvements and changes.

Another week, another exciting round of changes to announce.:

  • We’ve cleaned up author and translator sorting so that individuals with the same last name are now clearly differentiated from one another.
  • We’ve cleaned up and streamlined the publisher tracking to make to easier for us to input the information in a uniform way.
  • We’ve replaced some covers with their newer, hopefully more final versions.
  • Our first pass at a real-time stats page is now active! Taking into account all we know about 2015, you can quickly peek at which authors have more than one book coming out, which translators have multiple translations coming out, what the top genres are, what the top months are, what the top translated languages are, and which publishing houses are putting out the most translated titles.  Check it out!  Remember, it’s updated in real-time, so whenever we add or delete a title the stats will automatically adjust accordingly.
  • As of today we’re up to 246 books that are being translated into English for the very first time from 32 different originating languages.

Of course we’re not done yet.  Be sure to check back in next week to get clued in on all the latest developments.  Please keep your feedback coming as well, we’re doing our best to read and respond to all of your comments, emails, and tweets.

Happy weekend!

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