Updates to the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction

Introducing the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Literature

The 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction is an interactive visual discovery tool we created in an attempt to bring more awareness to literary translations. Here you’ll learn more about the latest improvements and changes.

Another week down, a blizzard survived, and more exciting updates to talk about:

  • We’ve streamlined the process for readers/authors/translators/publishers to contact us with additions/modifications/deletions to/from the guide. Check out our new Submit page (and feel free to alert us of anything we’re missing while you’re there!)
  • Space is starting to get tight, so we’ve removed all the “by” words from the menu in order to better accommodate all the new pages.  It was that or make the font even smaller.
  • We keep thinking that things are calming down, but the new books keep trickling in. As of today we have a whopping 265 titles identified. We’re also tracking a few more that we haven’t seen covers for just yet. Keep checking back. We’re doing our best to locate and add as much as we can.

It goes without saying at this point, but we’re still not done yet. Check back in next week to hear all about the latest round of improvements. Also, don’t forget to cast your vote for the best translation of 2014. There’s only three days left to vote in the first round! The top 8 titles will move on to the finals for a chance to win those coveted little typewriters of joy.

Happy weekend!

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