Updates to the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction

Introducing the 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Literature

The 2015 Visual Guide to Translated Fiction is an interactive visual discovery tool we created in an attempt to bring more awareness to literary translations. Here you’ll learn more about the latest improvements and changes.

It’s been two weeks since our last update, but we’re been hard at work:

  • AND filtering is now in place. Want to view all the books being published in January AND February at the same time? You can. Want to look at all the books being published from Spanish, German, AND French all at once? Yup, you can do that as well. To clear your selected filtering and start again fresh simply click the “All” tag.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the page name of the submission form.
  • Speaking of which, the new submission form has been getting some pretty regular use, but please remember, only works that are being published in the US during this calendar year will be considered for inclusion in the guide.
  • As of today we’re up to 279 books that are being translated into English for the very first time from 32 different originating languages.

Development is winding down (unless you’ve got a great suggestion for a feature that we’re currently missing!), but we’ll be updating the guide with new titles throughout the year as we continue to stumble upon them.

Happy weekend!

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